Monday, February 8, 2016

SWEDEN WEEK 45: Mycket Service and Miracle Contact

Hello friends and family far and wide! Good to be writing to you all once again on this Monday afternoon! This week was slightly slow, but things are still moving ahead little by little. Line upon line over here in Umeå. 

On Tuesday we took a good little walk from Liljansberget back home in the morning and got to contact lots of people. We met a elderly gentleman who explained for us the traffic policy for walking on swedish sidewalks, because apparently we weren't following them hahaha. In the evening we taught Fredrik again with Erica Bussmann at the church, and clarified some things about the Plan of Salvation and Pre-earth life. He committed to reading from the Book of Mormon and praying daily, and gave the closing prayer to our lesson, so that was awesome to see! We had dinner with Magnus and the Zone Leaders that night as well and we all shared our different reasons for going on missions. Great to hear from each other and to hear our testimonies about missionary work. 

We did some more walking and contacting over by where Mattias lives and contacted one guy as we walked past the church. He said he know a member in the branch and that the member had invited him to church in the past and had seen missionaries before. He was hurriedly on his way to lunch, but we briefly mentioned that church starts at 11 every Sunday and we went our ways (more on this man later). We had waffles over with Niels and Zezka, the Zone Leaders less-active and investigator respectively, and helped assemble their new kitchen table and other furniture. Zezka is really becoming more open with us and the idea of becoming a member and now has a baptismal date for the 27th of this month! Super exciting!! Apparently she has had a dream about getting married in the Salt Lake temple, so her and Niels have a goal of getting sealed there as soon as they get the chance! 

We did splits with the Zone Leaders on Thursday so I went with Elder Bradshaw into his area. We had some good teaching appointments together and taught a couple solid Restoration lessons. We really just think similarly and work well together (which means we probably will never be comps haha). The two of us went back over to Niels and Zezka's and taught her the first lesson, and the Spirit was definitely there. She really has shown a change of heart from the time I first met her. At first she thought talking about Church and religion was awkward but now she is all ears and listens intently and has a sincere desire to become a member and to receive the Gospel. The doctrine of changing our hearts as taught by Alma is true, that I can testify of. Also that day, the four of us missionaries helped Lovis Kohlström and her boyfriend Hugo move into their new apartment, so lots of fun lifting things and moving beds and so forth. They thanked us by buying pizza :) 

I got back together with my son on Friday after we had District meeting. We did some weekly planning that day and had dinner over with the Carlssons. 

Guess what happened Saturday? That's right, Innebandy! Still sucking at it and easily the worst missionary out of the four of us, but at least its a fun game. The four of us also visited Sister Kaarina and had a fika with her, then shoveled snow from her driveway so she could get to her car. 

Alright, so now to Sunday. Remember that contact from Wednesday? Well, HE CAME TO CHURCH!! That is the first time that has ever happened on my mission! The guy's name is Erik, and he is a music teacher and likes learning about history. He sang along to all the hymns, said amen to every testimony that was bared in fast and testimony meeting, and was over-all super respectful and listened intently to everything! We had a lesson with him and Bro. Erik Carlsson and basically went over the Restoration and what makes this church different. He gladly accepted a Book of Mormon and is excited to read it, and said that he really appreciated all the testimonies and that he would come back again. We took his number and are looking forward to working with him! Definitely a huge blessing and a testimony to me of fasting. Plus, the branch has just begun its twenty-one day fast, and I have no doubt Erik is the first fruit of that fast. As for the rest of Sunday, we broke our fast with the Zone Leaders at Sister Wirtala's over potatoes and reindeer meat (soooooo gooood). 

Well, I hope you all have a wonderful week. Things are progressing here slowly but surely; it is a constant roller coaster over here with bug climbs and low drops, but that is how it is. I am so very grateful for the many blessings I have received and seen and am happy to be serving.

Mycket Kärlek!


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