Wednesday, March 11, 2015

MTC Week 3

Greetings one and all!

Another underbart week here at the Grand Ol' Provo MTC! Not too much to say this time around, but mostly some humorous stories.

So last Friday, Elder Hainsworth, myself, and Elder Castleton-Rudolph, our district leader, were jogging to gym, getting all pumped as usual. Sometimes we pretend to do parkour, and jump over cracks in the sidewalk and what not. On the way to Gym is a small black ramp covering up construction work (so much construction goes on here, always renovating and adding onto). Hainsworth got excited and did a Mario jump right at the peak of the ramp, banging his head against the overhead light. Of course we are all thinking everythings fine because he got up fine after slipping on the down end of the ramp. Suddenly he's holding his head and says he needs to check it out in a bathroom. As we get into the nearest building, I notice blood slowly making its way down the side of his head. We rush to the bathroom inside (he only got one drop of blood on the carpet) and we put what seems to be a hundred paper towels over his head for pressure. He soaked straight through 'em. Eventually the bleeding stopped enough, so we got Elder Richards and made a doctors appointment for him later that day; interesting that head wounds don't warrant immediate attention haha. In the end, he had to get a few stitches, but all is well. 

Lessons are going well, we learn something different we could have done better everytime. My companionship is focusing on teaching in unity and flowing the doctrine across each other. We've made a goal to read a chapter of the Book of Mormon in Swedish every morning, and that has been going great. Its nice to learn fun words like "abominations" in Swedish. 

Another funny story: We got pranked by the Nordes and Elder Bringhurst (Dutch Elder, flying solo right now) yesterday morning. Lets just say we learned a valuable lesson about making sure our door is completely shut. Pictures will follow.

Temple work is great, can't wait to do some more today. Last week we decided to do some initiatory work, which was great, excepted it seemed that every LDS member in the world was doing initiatories also, so we ended up waiting longer than the time it took to actually do the work. We ended up missing dinner completely that night, but at least we had a good excuse. Probably the best excuse you could ever give, even haha.

Devotionals continue to be great. Last night we heard from Elder Cook of the Twelve. Such a neat experience; the Spirit seems to fill the room, and filled myself as well. I learned from he and his wife's words to always make invitations, because they are never unsuccessful. You can never know the impact behind what you say and do, and how it influences others. 

I've really learned a lot about the Holy Ghost this past week aswell. I am thankful for His constant companionship as I strive to be obedient and righteous. He can witness to us knowledge and truth if we are willing to listen. He truly is a God, and bears witness of Christ and Father. Some scriptures that have benefitted me are 2 Nephi 3,31, and 32, as well as several chapters in Alma. Its always interesting to me how I can read the same scriptures over again and gain new knowledge.

Well, I guess that's about for this week! My companions and District continue to grow in humor and love together. I hope everything is well in the outside world! Oh, I also just got a haircut today! Feels much better! Plus its free! The MTC really is a mini city!

Jag älskar ni! Gud hjälpar er på alla ni göra!

Jettä kärlek!

Äldste Reed

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