Monday, April 13, 2015

SWEDEN WEEK 2 (Turns out Elder Downing is a bust...not really, he's an awesome District Leader)

Hey Hey!

Work is picking up! We have been blåsted many times though. That's Swedish missionary slang for being blown-off. Last Monday we spent the rest of P-Day walking around Gamla Stan and checking out shops. That place is always packed with tourists. I also was Kebab-tized! Kebab is a lamb based meat that is super popular here, and they usually put it over pizzas. Kebab pizza is THE BEST! Apparently Stockholm Kebab isnt the best, but the more South you go the better it gets. I already sense an addicition to it.

Tuesday was interesting. We initially were planning to swing by an apartment complex where some less-actives were, but they didn't answer so we decided to just tract the whole nine floors of the place. Its important to note that its hard to tract in Stockholm because most all buildings are locked by 4-digit port codes, so you can't get in unless you know the code. So we tracted and ran into two potientals and set up some teaching appointments. 

Wednesday was planned to be a three lesson day, but two canceled on us and we had to reschedule the other. Nice...We did end up meeting this one older lady, Monica, with Elders Sweat and Downing at her small cottage in the woods. She was a little strange, and refused to read from the Book of Mormon because she believes that God talks to us all in specific ways. At least she was nice and welcoming. Probably going to be an eternal investigator.

Thursday, more lessons fell through. One of the potentials we met at the Golden Apartment just didnt answer the door. Bummer. We did some more tracting in the building and came across Walter, a man from Bolivia who speaks Spanish and Swedish. Tried to set something up with him. Later that night we went to Sports Night at the Gubbängen Chapel. Another potiental, Tim, was going to meet us there, because we went last week with him, but he ended up having to call it off after we were already there. It was still fun, we played Soccer and basketball. Of course, I'm awful at all sports, but its fun to play anyway and fellowship YSA's and non-members that are there. A group of Spanish guys always show up; they're super chill.

Friday we had Zone Training. Our zone leaders, Floyd and Rassmusen, are crazy guys. They know how to put on a show. We were taught some good thoughts about effectively using companionship study and teaching simply. Later that night we taught a potential at the Apartment building we've been tracting. We took a member with us, a returned missionary, convert, and native Swede. We taught Jasmin, a single Muslim lady who was super accepting of everything we talked about. We talked a lot about the Holy Ghost and praying. Even though Elder Kapp speaks way more than I do, I was still able to simply bear my testimony about how we can receive answers from the Holy Ghost when we pray. I felt really happy coming out of the lesson.

Saturday we went and played Soccer with the American families in our ward. These were the same families who invited us over to watch conference last week: The Strauss and Wimmer family. Their kids are all super good, and show us up everytime. I totally stink haha. Bro. Strauss bought us pizza afterwards, including some Kebab pizza. YESSSS!! This soccer thing is turning out to be a weekly event for the Elders in the Stockholm ward. Kapp and I also finished organizing and calling people in our Area book. Finally! 

Sunday was cool! We attended church for the first time! Buildings here are very small in comparison to American chapels. That goes along with the wards also. Everyone was nice and greeted us. Elder Kapp translated the talks in Sacrament for all the American families. He got a little lost on the last talk. Everyone speaks so fast! He has the experience of 15 months in the field, and has served around Linköping, Alingsås, Hägersten. He is from Clinton, UT and is Lacrosse player and cyclist. He reminds me a lot of my good friend Elder Brett Carr. Similar humor and personality. Sunday I also met my "Grandfather", or Elder Kapp's trainer. He is a native Swede and has been home for almost a year. Nice guy. We were even invited to a members house for dinner that night. It was a very traditional meal, of meat, golden boiled potatoes, and lingon berries. Very tasty.

Everything else is going swimmingly. We continue to go contacting and are trying to hunt down less actives. We have set good goals for ourselves and plan on checking them more throughout the day. I've been studying in Alma now, and Alma and Amulek are awesome examples of missionaries. We can truly have Priesthood power if we have faith and teach in unity. I hope all of you are doing well!

Vi ses!

Äldste Reed

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