Monday, April 20, 2015


Hello once again from Stockholm!

Interesting week for sure. Last P-Day I did some shopping at H&M and picked up some very Swedish sweat pants and a simple hoodie that was on sale. Definitely somewhere I would not have gone before for clothes, but its the cheapest place here. Plus, H&M is originally Swedish. Cool, huh? Later that night we taught FHE at the Institute Center to the YSA's. The YSA's here are awesome. They really rely on each other and are super strong in their testimonies. 

Tuesday we had district meeting, then went to Pizza Hut afterwards. I know I know, why there, right? Its actually very fancy here, and they have a Pizza Buffet for a reasonable price. Rest of the day we did some contacting, then went to do a less active swing by in another apartment building. Of course, they didnt answer, so we went decided to start at the top and tract. First door we knock, an african woman answers, we say we're missionaries from the church, and she says "Come in!" Her son was there too, so we were fine. Turns out she is a less active member and is being seen by the Täby sisters. Her name is Nadia, she loves church and how welcoming members are, but she has a clinical memory problem and forgets things. She was super nice and invited us back for dinner next week. Hopefully she doesn't forget :)

Wednesday we taught the first lesson to Walter. He is super receptive and willing to read the Book of Mormon. He even said baptism might be a possibility, but he needs to learn more, he said. That night we took our chill, single, Ukrainian investigator Tim to the Center for institute and dinner. Poor Tim was so tired from work, he was falling asleep during Elder Wood's lesson. We had to nudge him so he wouldn't snore. Oops! Haha

Thursday we found a potential investigator from street contracting. Her name is Matillda, she's 18, and super interested in religion, but doesn't have any beliefs herself. Sports night at the Gubbängen Chapel was fun, as usual, we took Tim again and played B-Ball and Soccer with the usual missionary/YSA/Non-member Hispanic dudes in the area. 

Friday was fairly busy. We met up with Hampus, an 18 year guy who is ready to be baptized, believes everything, pretty much already a member, he just has to wait till October because his dad wont let him be baptized. He is from another area, and was taught by Elder Kapp, so they are good friends. We talked and showed him around Stockholm, and had lunch at Max, a Swedish Burger joint. SUPER GOOD. That night we taught the potential, Matillda, and her mom came too(not surprising, two guys wanting to meet her daughter at a random mom), at the center with our YSA friend Jonathan. It was a good lesson, we really ended up talking about faith and knowing things. She had so many questions! Super inquisitive. She was so excited when we gave her a Book of Mormon and asked her to read it; she probably has the whole thing read by now. 

We didn't have Soccer with the members this Saturday. It ended up being just an off day. Elder Kapp and I both just felt weird. Just contacting mainly and trying to swing by some people. 

Sunday was very good. We ended up teaching the English Gospel Principles class at the last minute, but the lesson was about the Atonement and went well. Then we had FHE at the Strauss family house (one of the american families) with our buddy Tim. We had a lesson on prayer and the Spirit was super strong as we sang together and talked about experiences with prayer. The Strauss' are just awesome. Did I mention they lived in Spokane for a time? They were in the Central Valley HS area. Tim loved meeting them and seemed to have a great time with us. Plus, they served us Taco Soup for dinner, with Doritos too! Those are unheard of here in Sweden. A great evening to close the week with. 

This morning we taught Walter again, and showed him the Restoration film (20 minute one). He said he believes the Book of Mormon is from God, Joseph was a prophet, and he could feel the Spirit as we watched the film, but he is satisfied with his existing faith and says he is too old now to change his life in alignment with the church. He is still accepting our commitments though and is happy to meet with us, but somehow we got to help him see the blessings of baptism and becoming a member. All in time I suppose, with lots of patience. 

I have been reading a lot in Alma, and Ammon is the perfect missionary! What an awesome guy. He understood the joy that the Gospel brings and had so much charity for the Lamanites. I loved reading chapter 26 of Alma; probably one of my new favorite passages of scripture. Good stuff throughout that chapter.

May Heavenly Father Bless you all with a renewed sense of joy and gratitude for your lives. We have lots to be happy for when we simply look around and have good attitudes. Father is always looking out for us with his hand extended, just waiting for us to take it.

Jag älskar er!

Äldste Reed

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