Monday, April 27, 2015

SWEDEN WEEK 4 (Elder Downing gave himself an awful haircut this morning and has to have Sister Hong fix it)

Alright everybody, here's what happened last week.

Starting with Tuesday, we had District meeting as usual, and my and Elder Kapp went with the other two Elder companionships to China Wang, for a lunch buffet; there I had sushi for the first time. Later we tried to do some less-active swing by's and then did some street contacting. We happened to run into a less active member from Uganda named Maria, who has lived here in Sweden for about 10 years. She is super nice and we can't wait to get her back to church and meet with her.

Wednesday we met an investigator from Västerhaninge, Idee, who is moving to our area and went to Institute and dinner at the Center. Got to talk to my "Grandpa" about tips on learning the language there, and had some good laughs with one of the YSA guys, Danny. This guy needs to be a stand-up comedian.

Thursday, more contacting (can you see a pattern yet?), found some potentials, then had Sports Night at the Gubbängen Chapel again with our new guy Idee. Lots of people that night, one of the biggest groups yet. 

Friday we made cookies for our investigators and less-actives, but when we went to deliver them, no one was home. We just left the plates on the doorstep with a little note on the back of our pass-along cards haha. We had some extra plates, so we handed the extras out to some of the homeless Romanian folks. We ended the night with contacting, and found another potential who hails from Tanzania and speaks Swahili. She got super interested when we told her we had the Book of Mormon in Swahili, so she looks very positive.

Saturday, you guessed it, Soccer over at Lidingö again. We have had to change fields because they are getting booked by local Swedish clubs, so we played Sandlot style soccer that day. More contacting later that day.

Sunday was a big day for me. I gave my first talk in Swedish in Sacrament meeting. The pressure was on too; the whole Stake Presidency was there, and President and Sister Beckstrand were there too. It was a nice missionary-focused sacrament meeting; My companion and Sister Bolton from the Sister companionship in our ward gave talks also. I have to mention that we have three missionary companionships in our ward. We did a musical number in the middle, and our Ward mission leader, Bro. Wimmer (American, awesome guy) closed the meeting. Everyone was complimenting me on how well I spoke for only being out three weeks, so now I have set high expectations for my future. Great hahaha. We had lunch at a members home after Church, then correlation meeting at the Wimmer's house to close the day. 

I meet lots of people who don't believe in God because there are so many bad things going on in the world. Live is hard, but we have so many blessings as well. It all depends on our perspective and what attitude we choose to have. We have to remember that everyone has their agency as well. Though bad things will always have, we know in the end that Good will win. Its going to work out. I love the account of the Anti-Lehi-Nephi's in Alma, and how they were so converted to the Gospel and to keeping their covenants with God, that they literally laid down to be killed. In chapter 24 of Alma we read in verses 27 that "not a wicked man [was] slain among them; but there were more than a thousand brought to the knowledge of the truth; thus we see that the Lord worketh in many ways to the salvation of his people." Though the bad will happen, sometimes it is necessary so that we come closer to Christ and to God. As long as we hold on to our testimonies and do our best to help others receive the Gospel, we will be blessed and "have no reason to doubt but what [we will be] saved."

Stay strong and seek the help of our Savior. All my love,

Äldste Reed  

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