Monday, May 4, 2015


Happy Star Wars Day everyone! May the Fourth be with You! Had a super fun week, lots of stuff happened, so sorry if I leave out some details....

MONDAY: We taught Matillda and her mom again with our stud-of-a-member Jonathan, and cleared up some questions about what she wanted to gain from us. She and her mom are reading from the Book of Mormon, but are having a hard time praying. We read through the Articles of Faith with them and they understood everything well. After that lesson we swung by an old investigator, Henrik, and walked and talked with him as he went to the Tunnelbana. He has read through the entire Doctrine and Covenants (Wow, I haven't even done that yet), and is happy to meet with missionaries. He had some deep doctrine questions too. Like, really deep. 

TUESDAY: Really good district meeting, followed by lunch at China Wang again. We ended up having a Wasabi challenge, and took some funny videos. Many laughs were had and memories captured. Later, Elder Kapp and I went with the Täby Sisters to visit Nadia, and we talked about the importance of families. We set up a time this week to have a family home evening with her and her son. We need to get that kid baptized! Haha Oh, and I finally got my residency card! Now I'm not illegal anymore!

WEDNESDAY: We did a work-over with the Zone Leaders that day. Basically where you and your comp go on a temporary exchange with Elders from a different area to divide and conquer and find people faster. We weren't super successful, on my end with Elder Floyd, or Kapp's end with Elder Rasmussen. Still, it was cool to get to know Floyd better and we had fun teaching a small lesson with a member, then did some contacting around town. I also went by the Immigration office with my residency card and finished up some paperwork there, so I could be Officialy official as a resident in Sweden. We finished the night by going to institute at the Center with an investigator.

THURSDAY: My first Swedish Holiday, Valborg! Before I get to that, we had a great lunch with Elder and Sister Wood and got to know them better. Then we swung by Deborah and gave her a copy of the Book of Mormon in Swahili for her. So now the good stuff. First off, on Swedish Holidays, we stop proselyting after a certain time, so for Thursday, we ended at 5 p.m. So after 5, we went to a member family for a huge dinner, then went down to watch the bonfire. On Valborg, huge bonfires are made to symbolize the coming of Spring and getting rid of the dead stuff from Winter. Basically, people just burn stuff and sing traditional songs ; better than Boy Scouts! 

FRIDAY: Elder Kapp and I went to a service project at the Bishop of our sister ward Friday morning. Huge turnout from members and missionaries from both Täby and Stockholm ward. We just did tons of landscaping work; digging and such. After that, the rest of the day was spent weekly planning.

SATURDAY: Helped clean the Chapel with the members in the morning, inside and the grounds, then taught a member practice lesson with a couple in our ward. We spent almost 3 hours over there haha. We taught the Restoration and had Bro. Heidenberg role-play as a neighbor he and his wife has talked to. Definitely could feel the Spirit and got closer to some more members. 

SUNDAY: Great fast and testimony meeting at church. Lots of great testimonies born by the members; they are catching on to missionary work, I can feel it. Elder Kapp and I can't get over how awesome our ward is; we really have been blessed. After church, we went to the Guerra's with Elder Downing and Elder Sweat for lunch/dinner. They are an awesome member couple as well. We finished the day with correlation meeting at the Wimmer's again. 

Today, we went to the Vasa Museum! Probably the most famous museum in Sweden. Lots of great pictures were taken (that's for you mom), and there is just so much cool history and information there. I even ran into one of my old MTC comps, Elder Richards and his trainer! 

As a closing thought, I encourage you all to read the last chapter of John. Remember to Feed His Sheep. I am witnessing first hand the power and Spirit that is brought when members and missionaries work together to bring forth the Gospel and serve others. Never forget how powerful simple service and invitations can be.

Love you all, and I know Heavenly Father and Jesus do, too!

Äldste Reed 

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