Monday, May 11, 2015

SWEDEN WEEK 6 (RIP District Leader Downing; See you in Malmö!)

I hope everyone had a wonderful Mother's Day yesterday! I know I did! What started as a slow week turned out to be AMAZING in the end!

Picking up from last Monday, we spent our proselyting hours tracting in a new apartment complex in Danderyd. At first we weren't finding any success, but then Elder Kapp and I said a prayer and we found two potentials! Prayer is real folks, Heavenly Father listens!

Tuesday was one of those roller coaster days. District meeting in the morning as usual; we went around and each missionary shared a scripture that we could replace our own names in to better "liken the scriptures" unto ourselves. Great activity and very spiritual. After that, we did some contacting, which I felt super good about. I just had lots of energy and was really enjoying approaching people. It wasn't until the end of the day that things took a turn. One of our investigators, Matillda, texted us saying she wasn't sure if she still wanted to meet with us. Needless to say it was a quiet night. 

Then the miracle day: Wednesday. Elder Kapp and I decided to fast for the work. At first the day was slow. We did some swing-bys with Walter and others, but no answers there. We did some contacting in Kungsträgården, and talked with a religious maverick for about an hour, but to no avail in the end. Then we did some tracting in the same area as Monday. We found another potential! Plus, Matillda texted us back and said she still wants to meet, set up a teaching appointment, and said she would bring a friend, too! Since Wednesday, things have picked up dramatically. 

Thursday, we met up with a member, a guy named Johan Rune, and had lunch at a REAL sushi bar (this stuff was goooooddd). He is a convert of about two years, and received the Melchizedek Priesthood at Stake Conference yesterday (more on that in a sec). Later, Elder Kapp and I made some flyers for an upcoming fireside our Ward mission leader is hosting on the 24th, then we contacted the rest of the day, and got four potentials! 

We had three lessons scheduled on Friday, but two bailed on us. Still a good day though! We taught Nadia, a less active we have been working with, and shared a good lesson about commandments. 

Saturday was started with Soccer as usual, but we didn't play for very long this time. Transfer calls went in today, and we learned that both Elder Downing and Elder Sweat are headed for Malmö. The funny thing is they aren't being replaced, so basically its going to be Elder Kapp and I with the Sister missionaries (same companionship there). Basically, we are going to be working two areas (possibly). Talk about being busy! We taught a lesson to a new investigator, Melinda, who is from Iran and didn't know anything about the church or a whole lot about Christianity in general. We taught the Restoration and gave her a Persian BoM to read. She is very nice and willing to learn more and keep commitments; very positive! The evening ended by going to the Adult session of Stake Conference held in the Gubbängen chapel. Awesome talks were given about temple work, and keeping the Sabbath holy. 

Sunday, we went to the general session of Stake Conference, which was held in a Conference Center downtown. A very cool experience! We got four investigators to come with us!! Matillda and her mom, and two muslim guys! Super awesome! The spirit was there and I know it touched their hearts as they listened to the words spoken. Since it was Mother's Day, we got to Skype home! We went to a member's house, had dinner, and then skyped home. It was a great experience; it was great to see my family and know that everything is going well for them. 1 Skype call down, three more to go. 

This week strengthened my testimony of fasting and prayer more than anything. Miracles can happen when we have faith and are diligently serving the Lord. It is so evident as I look back at what has happened in just a few days. I have been reading about Moroni a lot lately and love the scripture found in Alma Chapter 48, verse 17. I encourage you all to read that, and imagine your name replaced with Moroni's. If it isn't true for you already, live your life in a way where those words become a reality for you. I know it is possible. 

Lots of love to all those Mothers out there, especially those with missionaries! Have a wonderful week!

Äldste Reed   

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