Monday, June 22, 2015


A fun week here in Sweden!! I have now completed my 12 week training!! Transfer calls went out Saturday morning, and I will be staying here in Stockholm for another six weeks!! Sadly, Elder Kapp is leaving to become a first-class Zone Leader up North in Umeå, and I will be getting a Norwegian Elder by the name of Aabo. He has actually been companions with Elder Kapp before, so I have been given all the insight on this guy haha. I'm excited, but also very anxious and nervous as now I will have to lead a little bit and make sure the work Elder Kapp and I have done keeps going forward. Hopefully I can take care of all our investigators and the transition will go smooth. But, now lets take a look at last week, shall we?

Last P-Day, Kapp and I hung out with a big group of missionaries over in Handen, where we had a little BBQ and played Volleyball, Frisbee, and other stuff! Very fun, and I got to meet some more missionaries I hadn't seen before. 

Tuesday opened with District meeting in the morning, where we had a great meeting about helping investigators understand the importance of the Sabbath. Afterwards, Kapp and I were meeting with a potential investigator, who, to make a long story short, lives in Karlstad, on the other side of Sweden...we spent an hour and a half trying to find a place to meet this guy, communicating over our phones. Basically it was a big misunderstanding; we apologized after we realized where he was and he realized we were in Stockholm, and we kindly referred him to the Karlstad missionaries. That night, we had a lovely dinner with Anna and her family; they were the non-members who we helped move a couple weeks back. Very nice people, and super good lasagna!

Wednesday was a fairly busy day; we helped teach a lesson to a less-active with the Sister missionaries, met with our shining-star-of-a-convert Fumi over at Tom and Eija Heidenberg's place, had a small message/lesson with our bro dog member Jonathan Prentell at the center, then taught our Pakistani Seeker of truth, Javid, at a member's house. All were great lessons; Javid came with lots of questions, having read more in the Book of Mormon and now reading in the Gospel Principles book. We watched the Restoration film with him, and he really liked it. I think it helped him understand the Restoration and Joseph Smith a lot better. 

Thursday, we tried to swing by some of our investigators who we hadn't met with in a while, and then met with David and talked about the many blessings of the church. That night, we went to the Strauss' to celebrate a going away party for the Wimmer Family. They will be missed; lots of ward members were there and I got to say goodbye to Bro. Wimmer. Great guy. Great family. 

Friday was MIDSOMMAR!!! Basically, the most popular and celebrated Holiday in Scandinavia after Christmas. Its so big that we don't proselyte at all that day, and we didn't proselyte on Saturday until 3 o'clock. The weather wasn't so great, it rained all day, but we went to a a place called Tyresta By where there is an annual celebration hosted by the Church. Lots of tents are set up, and basically people grill, sell candy and things, then we raise the May Pole and dance around it to traditional songs. Fun time, lots of missionaries were there as well as lots of other people. Fun event, despite the weather. After the festivities there, we spent the rest of the day at the Pence's house. 

Saturday, we played soccer over in Täby, headed over to the Pence's for a little bit, taught a lesson to an investigator and his friend at the Center, and took Javid to a baptism that was happening for a convert over in Gubbängen. Great baptismal service, and was definitely a good experience for Javid to witness. Javid is going to go far, he is so positive. 

Sunday, we had church as usual, then afterwards we celebrated Father's Day over at the Pence's for a couple hours, then visited our buddy Karim. 

As a closing thought, Happy Father's Day to all you Dads out there! Don't forget to thank your Father in Heaven also for all the many blessings he gives you. 'Father' is a sacred title, and it is such a blessing that our Heavenly Father has allowed us to share that title here on earth and raise families. Remember that Heavenly Father is always there for you!

Best wishes to everyone! 

Äldste Reed

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