Monday, June 29, 2015

SWEDEN WEEK 13 (Aabo says Hi!)

How's it going everybody? Hopefully well! I was asked to clarify how one pronounces my new companions name, Elder Aabo; its pronounced the same as the musical instrument, Oboe. He is a super happy, fun-loving guy, and we have already had lots of laughs. He's been out for 18 months and is winding down his mission. We're getting along great and enjoying our time here. 

Last Monday we spent the day with the Pence's and Sisters Bolton and DeMille by first going to Skansen (A very famous Scandinavian zoo and park), where we saw Wolverines, Lemurs, and Reindeer, OH MY! Afterwards, Kapp and I spent family home evening with them, and taught a short lesson at a nearby park. 

Tuesday was very crazy as most of it was spent getting everything ready for transfers. Kapp of course had to pack up his stuff, but I did as well, because the new Sisters coming in are getting our apartment, and me and Aabo are now living in Sisters Bolton and DeMille's place; a step down to be sure, but hey, everything for the Sisters right? :) We formed a Tripan with Elder Smith (one of our Zone Leaders whose comp just became an Assistant) and visited a less active member, then Kapp and I spent the rest of the day packing and running around doing some last minute things. 

TRANSFER DAY ON WEDNESDAY!! We went to Stockholm Central, and I parted ways with my dad (mission speaking). It was a weird feeling, seeing him leave. He's going to have an awesome time in Umeå though. I then waited with the other missionaries who were transferring and getting in, until Elder Aabo came in at around 12. We took our luggage to the new apartment, then went back to Stockholm Central and met up with Sister Stettler and her greenie, Sister Jackson, who are the new Stockholm Sisters (AKA Apartment Stealers...). I passed along the keys and some other miscellaneous information to them, then we helped them with their luggage and I led the way to their place. After helping them out, Aabo and I unpacked then had a great lesson with Fumi! We watched the Restoration movie and answered a lot of questions Fumi had. Aabo has a great way of being friendly and getting to know people, and already has formed a great relationship with her.  

Thursday morning we helped with some spring cleaning at the Institute Center, moving books and other random things from the basement upstairs to be dunged out. The Woods then took us out for lunch and got to know Elder Aabo better. Later, we had a lesson with Karim, and tried helping him get into a habit of reading the Book of Mormon everyday. We then went downtown and did some old fashioned street contacting to end the day.

Friday we had district meeting with the new district, and we talked about "raising the bar" and setting companionship visions. We then had weekly planning back home, and I gave Aabo the run down on our area and all our investigators we are working with. We ended the day with another lesson with Javid, who is still progressing well and super interested in the Church. We invited him to be baptized once he knows the Gospel is true, and he gladly agreed. Now to keep teaching him and hopefully set a date. 

Saturday was a little rough for Aabo. He felt sick in the morning, and even though we went to Soccer in Lidingö, he sat out and didn't play. Brother Strauss took us out to lunch at the usual pizza place, and unfortunately, Aabo, lost his pizza :( We got him back home, and he got some good rest. I took the time to make cookies for our Ward FIKA break on Sunday while he regained his strength. 

Sunday was good! I thought I would give a whirl with the whole translating sacrament thing, but once it began I realized how hard it actually was. Thankfully, our bro-dawg YSA member Jonathan came in late and took over for me, saving my tail. Plus, Javid also came to church! He missed the administering of the sacrament, but he was able to arrive and catch the last talk. He stayed for the other meetings, and he asked some good question in Sunday school. We ended church a little early, at like 12:30, and had a FIKA, where we ate food and mixed and mingled with the ward. Good time for Javid to talk to ward members and meet others. After Church, us and the new sisters went to the Guerra's and had an awesome dinner/lunch and practiced giving lessons with them role-playing as investigators. After spending time over there, Aabo and I swung by a potential investigator in the area, a guy named Alex, and ended up getting in! We sat down and talked for a couple hours, just having normal conversation with some Gospel thrown in. Alex is super interested in religion, and asked us a lot of questions about our church. We told him the Restoration story and talked about the things we do as missionaries. It was great! Unfortunately, the guy is moving tomorrow, so we probably won't see him again. We tried to get his number so he could get in contact with other missionaries where he was going, but sadly we didn't get it. Hopefully he can meet with other missionaries again; he is super open and receptive, something unusual in most Swedes. Just a really good, knowledgeable guy.

I've started re-reading through the Book of Mormon again, and Nephi is just awesome. He always knew the Lord would bless him and his family as long as they were faithful and diligent. We can always turn to his example if we need a faith pick-me-up. No matter what happens, the Lord will provide a way for us to accomplish our hard tasks or overcome our trials. 

Take care everyone, and have a great week!!

Äldste Reed

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