Monday, June 1, 2015


This was a somewhat slower week than last, but still very good! The theme of this week was service and physical exertion :)

Monday, we chilled at the Center for a few hours and played some Foosball and games with other missionaries, then in the evening, we went to Bishops house for a delicious shish-kebab dinner. We shared a cute little message with their family related to D&C 14:7, then helped Honest (the Nigerian member who is friends with Fumi) move to Handen. He didn't have a whole lot, just some speakers, his bed, and some bags, and that was it, so a fairly easy move. 

Tuesday, we had our first official meeting as a newly organized district! Afterwards, Elder Kapp and I and Elder Dickson and Silvennoinen went on a search through 3 different Lidl's (common European supermarket) for a special cereal called "Milk Pillows". At the third and final Lidl, we found it. Elder Kapp and I quickly got home, and had some for lunch. Elder Kapp downed 5 bowls of that stuff!! Needless to say, the box was gone in a day. Later, we swung by our man, Tiki, but we weren't able to stay and teach a lesson because he had guests over. The evening was ended by going to Ward Council. 

We helped an investigator from Trollhättan, named Parshanth, who came into Stockholm on Wednesday. He is originally from India, has met with missionaries for a couple years, loves the church, and is studying for his degree in robotics. We had been texting him a few days earlier and he told us he needed help finding the US Embassy, where he was having an interview and applying to get his Student Visa so that he can go to school in the States. We met him at Stockholm Central in the late afternoon, and took him to the Center for dinner. We then showed him how to get to the Embassy, and dropped him off at the Hostel he was staying at for the night. Fun guy, and appreciated our help!

Next morning, we got up and took our Indian friend to the bus stop he needed to take (he was worried he would get lost), and sent him on his way to the Embassy. We learned later that day that he ended getting accepted, and got his Visa! Super Cool! Right after helping Parshanth, we headed out to help a non-member sister of a member in Vendelsö, move to a new apartment complex. Let me tell you, apartment moving is a totally different experience then your run-of-the-mill house moving; lots of cramming boxes and things into the elevator and running up and down stairs to load and unload. We rode in the van to the new apartment, and helped unload everything into the new place. It just so happened that this was the first day that tenants could move into this new building, so there were lots of others moving in as well. It was very hectic, and people and boxes were everywhere. Tenants took turns using the elevator to run loads up to their rooms. After helping the non-member family, Elder Kapp suggested that we stay and see if we couldn't help the other tenants. That was the best decision ever. We ended up helping four different groups of people, including a mom and her college-aged daughter, who were planning on doing everything themselves. It was a great finding experience, and we definitely left a great impression for the Church to all those people. 

Friday, we helped a less-active member, with the help of the Sisters, move boxes from her storage in the basement of her apartment building. That afternoon, we coordinated a finding activity with the Täby Sisters, our Sisters, the Gubbängen Elders and Sisters, and the Jakobsberg Elders, and made a big chalk drawing in Sergels Torg in downtown Stockholm. It turned out to be AWESOME! We drew the Earth with a banner around it that asked the question, "What is the meaning of life?" (Meningen med Livet) We got lots of people to stop and look and talk to us, and I personally talked to a lot of different people! Great opportunity with lots of success. That evening, we taught a commandment lesson with Fumi and Anna, and Fumi is progressing well. We scheduled more for her baptism and future teaches also. She wants everyone to be there on her special day. So happy for her and her willingness to follow Christ. Our day was concluded with a lesson/discussion with our friend David. We left him with the invitation to pray about getting baptized on June 20th. 

Saturday didn't have a huge turnout for Soccer, but it was still fun nonetheless. Nothing too special the rest of the day, just studies and a quick meeting with Sister Bolton and DeMille to coordinate our Fifth Sunday lesson. 

Sunday was very spiritual. We had a great fast and testimony meeting, and our fifth Sunday lesson in third hour went very well. We really are pushing the ward to invite specific friends or acquaintances to church and get them to be taught by us. After church, we and the Sisters had a break the fast with a member family, and played with their ball-of-energy three year old son. 

It felt great to do so much service this week. The Lord gives us so many opportunities to serve each other, and so many chances to introduce the Gospel in a casual, friendly setting. My thought for the week stems from a very hilarious language mistake that I made in Church during our lesson. I was reading the scripture Alma 26:11-12, and accidentally mispronounced the word "skryta" (boast) as the Swedish equivalent of the S-word, "skita" (it isn't as vulgar in Swedish; basically equals "crap"). So if you want to know what the members of the ward heard me say, just read that scripture and replace the word "boast" with "crap"...But on a serious note, the Lord's strength is the only way we can expect to do his work. We need his power and strength in all we do. The best thing is, he will give it to us, as long as we have faith and diligence. 

I love you all and wish you the best. Don't "[crap] in your strength"!

Äldste Reed

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