Monday, July 6, 2015


Tjenna, tjenna allihopa! This may be a short letter, not a whole lot crazy happened, but there were some good things in any case! 

Last P-day we went to the mission office and threw a surprise party for some of the recent birthdays in the zone! It was very fun, lots of missionaries enjoying the outdoors and playing games like Kubb! 

Tuesday, Elder Aabo joked that night and said we spent the day playing Waterboy. We ran around picking up things like baptismal clothes at the Täby chapel, giving some mis-addressed letters to Sister Bolton, and unlocking the Institute Center for a YSA who forgot some items for her work there. We did get to do some tracting though, and knocked some doors in an unlocked apartment building over in Lidingö. We also hosted some Elders from Umeå last night in our apartment, since one of them had to get his Visa renewed in Stockholm.  

På Onsdag, we had a pretty normal missionary day; we ran by our good friend Tiki, who is now back from his vacation in Spain, who told us to swing by him on Friday evening. We did some more contacting in tracting in the Danderyd/Sollentuna area, and met with Javid in the evening at the center. We had an awesome lesson on Faith and read Alma 32 together. Solid ending to Wednesday.

Thursday was a super warm day. We tried to do some swing-bys in the morning, then decided to go to Lidingö and swing by some less-active members. As we were walking, we got spotted by the Guerras, who picked us up and bought us lunch, then took us back to their place and we helped them translate some Swedish letters into English for them. Elder Aabo and I had made a goal to get some one to Sports Night at Gubbängen that night, so we called the younger people/investigators we knew would normally go, but no luck. We took a shot in the dark and called Javid, and we ended up going with him and playing Ping-pong, or table tennis, as he calls it. We three had a good time, and Javid showed us his secret Ping-pong side, teaching us how to be better and improve our technique. 

Friday we had our transfer-lly Zone training, where we discussed using the Book of Mormon more in our work. The Zone has changed a lot since I started here, so it was cool to meet some more missionaries and get to know others better. After leaving lunch at the infamous 'China Wang' restaurant, Elder Aabo and I ended up running into no other than Javid at T-Central! We talked to him as we made our way home, and it super ironic to see him for the third day in a row. There are no coincidences in this world, I can tell you that. Later that day, Aabo and I went on Splits with the Zone leaders, and I stayed in Stockholm with fellow Trekkie and nerd, Elder Dahle. We went and taught Tiki, who had a neighbor friend over and we ended up teaching him and getting his number afterwards! His name is Shariff, and he is a teenager from Uganda. Super nice kid! Elder Dahle and I ended the night by doing some tracting and contacting.

Saturday, Dahle and I went to play soccer in Lidingö, then we went out around Karlaplan and did some street contacting. We ended the splits at around 4, then Elder Aabo and I went back to our place and I quickly baked some more cookies for the Pence's Fourth of July Party, which they had invited us to. The party was great, lots of good America food, and good company from ward members and some relatives of the Pence's who came to visit. 

Sunday was interesting! Tried my hand at translating some more in fast and testimony meeting, and traded off with Jonathan. Hopefully I can get better at translating, its a stressful job. Elder Aabo and I taught a baptism lesson in Sunday School, which went well. After church, we went over to the Pence's and had a very traditional Swedish dinner, then we stopped by at Karim's place and shared a short message about the Godhead. Elder Aabo used a good object lesson about balancing a spoon and a fork with a match stick on a glass. Super cool trick that I'll have to remember when I get home. After Karim's, we went into Stan, and ended up talking to some Jehovah Witnesses. Turns out there was a three-day conference that happened starting from Friday, and 50 thousand members from all over Scandinavia and other countries came to the meeting. All of the attendees had little name badges on, and everywhere Aabo and I went we saw armies of Jehovah Witnesses in transit on public transportation. We decided we had to talk to some, so we did, and we had a cool, civil conversation with two middle-aged guys. Interesting way to end the Sabbath, but it was neat to hear another religions perspective.

So that was my week! Hope you all take care and are having a wonderful summer where ever you may be. I sign off with a powerful yet simple scripture about praying to the Lord and always turning to him whenever we have concerns, doubts, questions, or are troubled. 1 Nephi 15:8: "And I said unto them: Have ye inquired of the Lord?"

Best Wishes, Vi ses!

Äldste Reed  

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