Monday, July 20, 2015


Whoa, another week just flew by folks. Time is always moving, whether you want it to or not. So since I talked about last Monday in my previous letter, I will go ahead and start with Tuesday and go from there.

Tuesday we saw some tender mercies of the Lord. As we were out and about in downtown, a random guy came up to us and asked if we were Mormons, then told us that he lost his copy of the Book of Mormon and asked us for another. Of course, we always have a couple copies on us so we gladly gave him one as well as our card with our Chapels address on the back. He was very grateful and said goodbye to us with many "God bless you"'s as he walked away. Other things that happened, we took a wrong bus to get to Tiki, ended up late, but he didn't answer the door anyway. Blåst. However, we did have a good lesson with Karim later that day and talked about the Gospel of Jesus Christ and focused on getting him to come to Church. Plus we got 15% discount cards for the Subway in Stockholm Central Station. WINNING!! 

Wednesday wasn't too exciting; we swung by a potential investigator in Gåshaga who said he had read a little in the Book of Mormon and said we could come back next week for a sit down lesson. We spent a lot of the day at the center, organizing the Google Drive map so we could organize some less active swing bys, and teaching Javid in the evening there also. We had a very good lesson and reviewed some points in the Restoration. We were so close to setting a baptismal date with him, but he isn't ready to set a date yet. For now, we are helping him read and pray daily. 

Thursday was a little bizarre. We did some more area organizing at the Institute Center, where we got a call from the Stockholm Sisters saying that they needed us to come with them on a lesson with two guys from Malmö (Southern Sweden). Turns out the guys heard them speaking English on the tunnelbana, got interested, and lets just say were probably interested more in investigating the Sisters rather then the Gospel. The Sisters didn't tell the guys that we would be there, so they were thinking they were going to be having a double date night. When we all met up together that night, needless to say they were a little taken aback to see me and Elder Aabo there. Hahaha We went and got some drinks at a local place (alcohol free, don't worry everyone), and sat down and chatted. We ended up talking about the Book of Mormon and a lot about how we missionaries live. One of the Malmö guys was extremely outgoing and did most if not all the talking, while his friend sat back and listened. I believe he was silently absorbing it all in. After an hour, the Sisters and Elder Aabo and I left, leaving the two guys by themselves wondering what to do. Definitely went against there plans; no party night with the Sisters like they had wanted. :) 

On Friday, we had District meeting in the morning where we got to hear a "lecture" on Obedience from our district leaders Elder Silvennoinen and Elder Milne. Then, we and the Stockholm Sisters (again) went to have lunch with a less active woman and then helped her with some service in her basement. Unfortunately, we weren't successful in finding what she was looking for, but we helped none the less and had a great lunch were Elder Aabo and I shared a message about taking upon us the name of Christ. After spending a couple hours over there, we went back home and did some weekly planning, making tons of phone calls, etc. 

Saturday, we spent the day trying to do some less active swing-bys around Stockholm and Lidingö. As we did one, we were able to help a lady and her brother move some breakable things into their place, so that was a nice bit of unplanned service. That was pretty much Saturday ya.

Very great theme of families and eternal marriage in Church on Sunday; I did translating in Sacrament meeting again, even translating one English talk into Swedish. Thankfully it was a youth speaker and not an adult, or that would have been extremely difficult. The other classes were good as well, and I helped do some translating again in combined priesthood during third hour. After Church, Elder Aabo and I went home and made ourselves some food while listening to MOTAB, then we had a lesson with the Södertälje Elders who passed an investigator off to us. His name is Kashif, and he is a Pakistani man (like Javid) who has strong faith in Jesus Christ. He is having a hard time finding work right now, and he may be moving back to Pakistan to reclaim an old teaching job at the University there. Very good lesson, felt the Spirit strongly as Kashif gave the closing prayer. After that meeting, we went to the Center and taught Javid again, going through the Ten Commandments and committing him to follow them. 

This last week I learned some good personal lessons. I learned how important it is to focus on others as the Savior did, and to loose ourselves in this work. I had been so caught up recently about myself; was I doing my best, was I speaking the language well, me, me, me. I prayed about some personal questions this week and prayed to receive an answer to them, and in church as I took the Sacrament, I felt an overwhelming feeling of love, that the Savior knew me and knew my situation. That's something that we can always do, take questions to the Lord, and I can promise that he WILL answer them. Of course, its in his own time and way, but I can promise that he DOES answer. Prove him, if you think otherwise. 

I send love and support here from Sweden to all you guys, where ever you guys may be. I hope that you all have a wonderful week! Vi ses nästa vecka!

Äldste Reed

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