Monday, July 27, 2015


Yo yo yo! What is going on everyone? Sending my e-mail a little late today due to an awesome P-Day filled with Volleyball Tournaments and Pizza! It was a load of fun, lots of missionaries from the Stockholm and Stockholm South Zone. Unfortunately, my team didn't win, but we had great team spirit, so that is all that matters! 

Last Monday, Elder Aabo and I hung out the with Täby Sister missionaries and walked around Gamla Stan. We actually ran into two people that Kapp and I had met, named Johan and Cecilia, who are practitioners of Falun Gong. They were helping out with a booth that was set up in a street square, petitioning against human organ pillaging in China; apparently it is a huge problem over there. I said hi to them and we chatted a bit, then we checked out a little museum of paintings that were done by people of this same Falun Gong group. Later that night we had a lesson with Tiki and his family, as well as his young neighbor friend Sharif. We just watched the Restoration together, and they gave us delicious African bread as we left. 

Tuesday, we helped out the Södertälje Elders' investigator by helping him find a travel agency so he could buy a plane ticket. That night we taught another of our investigators, Yafet, and got to know him better and tried to help him recognize the Spirit as he studies and prays. Very cool guy, has been taught a lot, now time to apply it to his life so that he can progress further in the Gospel. 

Wednesday was super fun, because we did another Chalk drawing over in Sergel's Torg; this time it was a picture of the iron rod leading to the Tree of Life, as described in Lehi's vision (pictures to follow). I got to talk to lots of cool people while Aabo helped with the coloring in; I wasn't gonna get my nice clothes all chalky haha. Besides, my job was the real dirty work anyway, right? :) That was a big success, and lots of Books of Mormon were handed out. We got invited for dinner at a member's house that evening, the Stenkrona family, and we had a wonderful time over there with them and the Stockholm Sisters, as well as a senior missionary couple, the Brittons. 

We had our weekly District meeting on Thursday, talked about following the light of Christ, and afterwards got lunch at a Mongolian buffet. After that, we tried to do some less active swing bys, did a little calling session, then went to Sports Night in Gubbängen. Yafet showed up and we had some good basketball/soccer fun there. 

Friday was decent; did a bit of walking around and contacting people, then had our weekly-planning session. After making a million calls, we went to Karim's and just re-emphasized our purpose as missionaries, trying to help him progress by doing the basic things like scripture study, praying, and coming to church. After visiting with him, we went into Sergel's Torg, tried to contact around, ended up sitting down to take a break, and got like 5 people come up to us and talk to us! One guy had been an exchange student and had been hosted by a Mormon family in the States, and another guy and his buddy recognized us as Mormons and talked for us with a bit. It was super unusual too, because Swedes almost never will come up and talk to strangers. Little blessings here and there.

The main things that happened Saturday were soccer in the morning over in Lidingö, and teaching Javid the Plan of Salvation that evening. As usual, Javid had many questions, but he was overall pleased with the concept and understood it all. 

Sunday consisted of Church (I translated once again; only had to do one talk though, the other 4 were in English), having an awesome dinner at the Pence's house, who just returned from Utah and brought back with them their RM son, Riley, celebrating Thai Strauss' birthday, and teaching our investigator David. David is doing well, and making a good effort to read the Book of Mormon daily. Hopefully we can get him to get into the baptismal waters soon. Aabo and I both feel he is starting to progress more. 

And that was the week! As I have been thinking about our progress in this area, it has stemmed from following the Spirit and doing our best to make the most of our time. The Lord prepares his children, in his own time, in his own way. This next week will be the last one before transfers. I have the feeling that I will probably be leaving Stockholm, and going to who knows where. It will be a sad day; I have done a lot here. It really has become my home. But you never know with these things; I'll be sure to fill you guys in next Monday. Stay tuned! The Gospel is true, and Jesus Christ is the way towards exaltation. 


Äldste Reed      

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