Tuesday, August 4, 2015


Hello True-Believers!! Its the news you have all been waiting for: Transfers!! Go ahead and read on to see where I will be going...

Tuesday was very exciting for Elder Aabo, who received a Trainer's packet in the mail that morning. He is pregnant! And it's a boy!! Haha. The rest of the day, we went over to Gåshaga and tried to swing by a potential, but ended up doing some tracting since he didn't answer. People were less than nice that day, but hey that happens. You can't always have it good over in Lidingö.

Wednesday made up for the rejection the day before. We swung by our man Tiki, who didn't answer at first, but we ended up meeting with his friend Sharif outside their apartment building, when who comes down the elevator but Tiki! He invited the three of us up to his place, and we spent a couple hours there, watching Mormon messages with Sharif and teaching about the Plan of Salvation. Shoot, we even got a delicious dinner while we were over there! That night we had a interesting experience. Elder Aabo and I were at the center, when a random number calls and says that a friend referred our number to him. He was interested in what we do, so I told him, and told him we had a place to meet in Stockholm; he then says, "Okay, see you in about half an hour". I am completely shocked, one, that this was a middle-aged Swedish guy, two, that he randomly called us, and three, that he said he and his friends were coming. We waited, and sure enough, a dad and his three teenage kids show up. We sat down and were about ready to teach the Plan of Salvation to these guys, when we learn....they are members. Turns out they are a family from Karlskrona and they like to go around pranking missionaries. We had a good laugh, and chatted together for a while. Definitely made my night

We had district meeting on Thursday, then later we just walked around and did some street contacting and swing-bys. We were headed home that evening to change and go to Sports Night in Gubbängen, when we hear a guy shout "Hey Elders!", in English. Long story short, we ended up getting a free Subway dinner from a less-active family who live in the Väster Haninge area (near the Temple). The Father is a native Swede who served his mission in Scotland, and now owns three different Subways in the Stockholm area. Super cool unexpected meeting! We finished the night off with Sports Night, and had two Elders spend the night at our place due to the trainer's meeting the following the day.

As mentioned previously, there was a trainer's meeting on Friday where all the new trainers came and received some instruction. This coming group of missionaries is rather large, 13 brand new Elders, amd this meeting was the first of its kind. Usually, trainers have a little meeting right before they meet their Greenies, but starting now, there will be a longer training meeting a couple days prior to the arrival of new missionaries. So, while Elder Aabo attended that, I went on exchanges with an Elder Larson for a few hours and we went around doing some contacting. Later that evening, we taught Javid about some other commandments, specifically the Word of Wisdom and Tithing and Fast offerings. I will miss that guy alot; its been great teaching him, and being one of the first missionaries who established contact with him. 

Sooooo then comes Saturday, the long awaited Transfer call day. I had been anxiously wondering where I would be going, knowing that I would definitely be leaving my greenie area after being here for 4 months, and also that Aabo would be training here. I got the call from the ZL's while we were playing Soccer in Lidingö, and I will be transferring to Örnsköldsvik, up in Norrland! Its a small town located between Umeå and Sundsvall on the Eastern coast of Sweden. That's right, I said Umeå, where Elder Kapp is. Turns out he will be in my District, where I will be District Leader! Talk about spreading my wings and growing up. My new comp will be Elder Thacker, someone I have met before but don't know too well. I am super excited and looking forward to traveling up there!! I'll be taking an 8 hour bus ride on Wednesday morning and will arrive there at about 4 pm. So, that's the news! Pretty exciting, huh? Other things we did on Saturday were visit Karim, and weekly planning. 

Sunday was a little sad for me, knowing that it was my last Sunday in the Stockholm ward. I bore my testimony in sacrament, and said some "See you later"'s to a lot of members. This ward is truly a blessed one, full of kind, loving people who have shown me charity and care while I've been here. I've formed close relationships with many here, and I hope the Lord will continue to take care of them. Our Sunday after church was also very good too; I enjoyed a final visit at the Awesome Pence Clan's house, and had a delicious dinner with them. They have done a LOT for me, and I am eternally grateful for each member of that family. Elder Aabo and I had a very successful lesson with a brand new investigator Sunday night as well. This guy is named Nabeel, and he was a referral from our other friend, Kashif. We taught him the Restoration, and set up a baptism date with him right there for August 29th. What a great ending to an awesome transfer, and the ending of the first chapter of my mission. 

I have truly been blessed during my stay here. I have seen God's hand blessing me even when I felt like I didn't deserve it. I have gained a stronger testimony of so many principles of the Gospel while I have been here. It just goes to show that Heavenly Father IS there, and loves us very much.

To all my friends and family, I wish you the best! You'll hear from me next in the beautiful town of Ö-vik (official abbreviation). I am very excited, and can't wait to see what the Lord has in store for me there. Shoot, I'm just happy I'm going to a place that I know most of you don't know how to correctly pronounce :D hahaha Jag skojar bara, jag älskar er så hemska mycket!


Äldste Reed

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