Monday, August 31, 2015


Hello again!! 

This week has gone by super fast for me and lots of traveling has been done!! More to come as well. Elder Thacker and I are driving down with the Delgados to Stokcholm today due to a zone conference tomorrow. Super excited to come back to the big city and see some missionary friends and others! But anyway, here's what has been going on!

Last Monday we did the normal P-Day things and just kind of hung out at home and did a little more recreational shopping. The Iguarans had us over for family home evening as usual, fed us, and we watched a talk from the late Elder Perry, then a movie called "The Work and the Glory" in Spanish. Hahaha that was fun; Bro. Iguaran just laughed at us and joked about how we didn't understand what anybody was saying. 

Tuesday was a highlight of the week. We spent a day out with Bro. and Sis. Karlsson, who live an hour or so away in a small farm town community. They have their own farm, but it is one like none other. Extremely clean, very effeciently run, and powered from heat below the earth. It is very large, with several buildings built centuries ago. The Karlssons are completely self-sustaining and have cows and other animals, plenty of equipment, plants, vegetables, everything! They make their own food, including dairy products, meats, just awesome. I can't really put in words the amount of work they do, and yet they are so happy with their lives and are so loving. They really know how to live. Elder Thacker and I got a tour as well as did some service by picking rubarb, berries, and pulling up plants. Sister Karlsson is actually American, from Utah, and Bro. Karlsson is a native Swede. They both had previous marriages and children before they met, and by chance they met online and knew it was meant to be. They have been happily married for the last 8 years. They both are getting up there in their years, but they are very loving, kind people. Sis. Karlsson is so nice and loves when missionarys get to come and spend a day helping out on the farm. We had a delicious fresh dinner at the end of the day with the Delgados as well before going back home. Two words. Home-made ice-cream....

Wednesday was also rather eventful; after a district meeting in the morning in Umeå, I went on splits with Elder Nelson and stayed there for the day. We had a good time, doing some tracting and contacting, and had a good lesson with one of their investigators. Elder Nelson is from McAllen, TX, so we had a good time talking about Whataburger and HEB's. 

I got back into Ö-vik with Elder Thacker Thursday morning, and we went with the Delgados to Kramfors. They visited Eddy and Basara, and we had another lesson with Kliti. He is doing alright, still isn't ready to live the Word of Wisdom yet, but we talked about the Sabbath and committed him to pray together with his family. After our teaches, we and the Delgados headed back to Ö-vik, we dropped them off at an appointment with a less-active, and we trracted some farming homes out from the city. After an hour, we picked the Delgados back up and they took us home.

Friday was rather simple, just weekly planning as usual and english class. Elder Thacker and I did do a couple hours of contacting around the city, and we got a few phone numbers from that and some BoM's handed out. English class was fun, played some games, and then the Delgados treated us to Subway for dinner to close the night. 

Saturday and Sunday was the big District Conference for all the branches in the Umeå (Norrland) District. We drove up with the Delgados Saturday afternoon and basically were at the Umeå chapel for the whole day. President and Sister Beckstrand came up, did some missionary interviews, and we attended a couple of the meetings. An Italian Elder from the Seventy came and spoke at the general meetings and shared some good words about reaching out to the one and always inviting others. Elder Thacker and I and some other missionaries spent the night at the Zone Leaders's place Saturday night, and we went back to the chapel Sunday for some more meetings. Eddy and Basara came on Sunday to the general meeting, and then Basara was able to get interviewed by Pres. Beckstrand so that she could get her temple recommend! Yay! We drove back into Ö-vik early Sunday evening, then Elder Thacker and I got packed up for our trip today. 

Looking back this week, I think we were in a car at least for an hour everyday except Friday and Monday. It was a good week though, and I learned some good things from the Area Seventy at the Conference. I enjoyed feeling the unity and strength of the Umeå District as members from all over Norrland traveled up with their families to attend the conference. It will be a great day when a full stake is created up here in Northern Sweden. It can and will happen in the Lord's time. As members, its important that we always do our part, hold fast to our testimonies, and reach out to those around us. 

I hope you all have a fabulous week and remember that the Savior is always there to bear your burdens. Until next week!

Vänliga Hälsningar!

Äldste Reed

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