Monday, September 21, 2015


This has been another great week here in Örnsköldsvik! Lots of things have been done and the branch is getting stronger by every Sunday. I am loving my new companion, Elder Workman; quirkiest companion yet, and also one of the most dedicated. When have had a blast already this week, getting to know each other and setting up some worthy goals for our transfer together. Here's the low-down on this fellow
  • Hails from Draper, UT
  • Two older silbings
  • Plays the violin and piano
  • Been out on the Mish for 21 months (in the same MTC group as Elder Kapp)
  • His middle name is Reed (pretty funny actually)
  • His birthday is October 14 (we get to celebrate birthdays together)
  • Great sense of humor
  • His voice reminds me of my Uncle Pat's
Anyway, we are having a great time together, speaking swedish and checking on the Northern Light forecast nightly. 

As far as major events, last Monday was just a regular P-Day with Elder Thacker, and Tuesday contained packing for Elder Thacker and handing out flyers for a fireside on Saturday (more on that later). Wednesday was fun, as after Thacker caught his train at 9 in the morning, I got to spend the rest of the day with the Delgados and hitch along as we visited some members in the outskirts of the city as well as Kliti and then the Simonis. Elder Workman didn't arrive in Ö-vik until 9 in the evening due to train problems that day, but the three of us made the most out of our time together. 

Since Wednesday night, Elder Workman and I have been excited for this transfer and have been establishing some wicked goals. Our vision for this six weeks is "No Empty Chairs"; we want the chapel in Ö-vik to be filled by the end of the transfer. 

The past couple of days have consisted of consistent contacting and tracting, and handing out flyers for the fireside that occured on Saturday. The fireside was for all, non-members and members alike, and featured President Håkan Palm of the mission presidency discussing his book "Surviving Hitler: The unlikely true story of an a SS Soldier and a Jewish Woman". Its about the story of his parents and their lives before meeting. Great presentation, and there was a less-active who showed, two non-members the Delgados invited, and Ole, as well as members. It was very interesting and I enjoyed listening. 

Sunday was a wonderful Sabbath. Edi, Virak, and Sineth were all confirmed members of the church and received the Holy Ghost, and Edi received the Aaronic priesthood after sacrament meeting. Great experience to witness and be a part of. We also had an old investigator show up to church that we had swung by on Saturday. We had just knocked the door and asked them if they would come to church, and they said they would. The investigator is named Salima, a sixteen year old girl from somewhere in Africa. Her little sister came as well! Other things that have happened have been checking up on old investigators in the area book and swinging by them, and we have gotten in contact with a few from that. Elder Workman and I are trying our best to be diligent and have a specific goal for every hour of the day. Our planning sessions have been really meaningful. 

A little cool experience that hapened also was running into two Swedish brothers that we had contacted on the street on Thursday again last night. Elder Workman and I had been doing swing-bys, and we were on our way home when the two guys came walking down the same path as us. We walked with them for a while into town and had good conversation. Definitely not a coincidence; both are very open and positive and are curious in what we do. Just goes to show once again that the Lord is putting the prepared people in our path. 

Things are going very well here, and I am excited to see the work here shoot up. The potential is out there and waiting for us. I have been studying a lot on humility recently and have learned that the key to spiritual knowledge, repentance, and an increase in faith is being humble. As we recognize our place in the Lord's plan and accept his will, we will become instruments in his hands to witness first hand the joy of the Gospel. In the way of scriptures, here are a few that I found in my studies: 

Proverbs 15:33
Alma 5:28 
Helaman 3:35

As always, have a wonderful week, and may the Lord bless you!

Jag älskar er!

Äldste Reed

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