Monday, October 5, 2015


God eftermiddag!

What a wonderful weekend we just had with General Conference! Really boosted me up and was exactly what I needed to strengthen my missionary fire. 

Lets just get right into it and cut to the chase. Decent week, with some decent work accomplished. Last Monday, we went to visit Ulf in Docksta, had a delicious lunch, then got a tour of some super cool Swedish Churches; one was built in the 13th Century!! In the evening, we had FHE with the Iguarans, and upon learning that my birthday had happened last week without their knowledge, they baked a cake and held a mini-belated celebration. 

On Tuesday we made some flyers for General Conference and made some paper slips that we handed out during the week to our street contacts. We got to share a little message with the Bustamante family that night and tried to encourage them to be member missionaries, then we had a good lesson with our friend Henrik. That guy has some serious questions hahaha. We just need him to understand the importance of being sincere and really living after the teachings of the Gospel; that is the only way he will know its truthfulness. 

Wednesday was highlighted by doing some more swing bys, and then we had a great lesson with Maarit, an old investigator with lots of potential. She is middle-aged Finnish woman who is super polite and kind, very open to our teachings. We had a great lesson about "The Seed" and increasing in Faith. She understands that these things are a process, which makes us excited that she wants to make some sincere progress in the Gospel.

We had a short district meeting in Umeå with the Assistants in the attendance Thursday morning, then did some more contacting with the Conference handouts and did some more swing-bys. Friday was spent doing weekly planning and then the usual english class. The Mongs brought Salima to it, and she had a good time. 

On Saturday, Elder Workman and I had the opportunity to go to the Karlsson's and help on their farm. With Winter coming, they had a couple tasks they needed extra hands for. We ended up pulling up some old plants and vegatables, and picked TONS of potatoes. One of their sons, Gustav, came down from Umeå and helped as well, and they currently have a woofer (farmhand I think) from the States over helping as well, named Caitlyn. We were there most the day, and then returned in the evening to make sure Conference was up and running at the Church. Of course on Sunday, we showed the other sessions and stayed at the Church all day. We caught the Saturday Morning Session live, as well as the Sunday Morning session live. It was a little sad that none of our investigators or anybody else showed up to any of the sessions, but hey, maybe next time. The Delgados were there and so the four of us had an enjoyable watching the Prophets speak together.

After watching the sessions and taking notes from the speakers, I really got lots of applicable council. My questions I had taken to the Lord had been answered, and my testimony has been strengthened. Some of my favorite talks included Pres. Uchdorf's from Saturday morning, Elder Andersen's on faith, and many more. We can never stop trying as members of this church. We must always been living after the commandments of the Lord. Our faith must be stronger than ever in this world today. The Gospel, in its beautiful simplicity, is available to all, as well as the eternal blessings of our Heavenly Father included there in. The Church is run by strong leaders; I have a testimony that Elders Rasband, Renlund, and Stevenson are ordained Apostles of Christ. I am thankful for them and for the great council that they will give us in the coming years. 

I encourage you all to take care of your "Seeds." Take Alma's council from Chapter 32 of his teachings and "nourish [nourish] them with great care." By living the principles of the Gospel, your faith will increase, your love will grow, and you will start to see the fruits of your nourished tree. Hold fast to the Iron Rod and trust in Heavenly Father.

I love you all and thank you for your thoughts and love. Have a wonderful week! "God be with you 'till we meet again!"


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