Monday, October 12, 2015

SWEDEN WEEK 28: Finnish Gypsies and Fighting the Cold

Hello alla! 

To be honest, it was a pretty bumpy week. Thankfully, the last few days were decent, but hopefully things will be better this coming one.

Monday was just a normal P-Day, not a whole lot there. Tuesday however was pretty weird. So two Sundays ago we got an online self-referral. A Swedish woman had requested a Book of Mormon so we gave her a call and got in contact with her. She lives outside of Ö-vik, so we kept in contact with her until she said she would be coming into Ö-vik on Tuesday. Elder Workman and I were way excited to teach about the Book of Mormon, Restoration, we thought it was going to be solid; then we met...This woman has a christian faith, but she basically just wanted to see what is in our church and what is in the Book of Mormon. She talked more than we did, and usually that is a good thing, but not in this case. Too put it shortly, she said we are following false doctrine, God does not have a physical body, the Revelation 22:17 argument, sorry for us because we will not be saved, the whole nine yards. We gave her a Book of Mormon and she is going to read it all, but she is not doing it in the right Spirit. She is already decided on her beliefs and is not willing to accept other things, but yet wants information and knowledge on what we believe...

After that lesson, Elder Workman and I both knew the Spirit hadn't been there. We had tried to testify and share some scriptures with her from the Book of Mormon, which she gladly read with us, but we could hardly get a word in edge wise. She wants to meet with us again and hold contact, though, she thinks we are nice boys. 

I felt pretty low coming out of that "lesson". I had not experienced someone directly telling me my beliefs are false doctrine; competely new experience for me. Directly after that, the Delgados and Elder Workman and I drove over to a help a Finnish lady who happens to be a gypsie do some fall cleaning and move some things to her storage. It was good ol' fashioned service, and it helped get my mind off the previous events of the day. That night I prayed extra hard for the Holy Ghost to be with me.

On Wednesday, we had splits with the Zone Leaders, and I went up to Umeå with Elder Featherstone. Our day was pretty good, we went over to a less-active's and made american style pancakes and had a message with his non-member friends. Later, we met up with a guy named Thomas and had a good restoration lesson with him. It felt good to share my testimony about restored truths, and I even felt to extend the baptismal invitation to him. Though he didn't accept now, he said when he feels that its true he will absolutely get baptized. 

District meeting was held in Ö-vik, and there we ended splits. Elder Workman and I and the Delgados drove out to Kramfors and had the regular visit with Kliti and the Simoni's, repectively. Kliti is doing alright and has read nearly all of Alma. We helped answer his questions and showed him how to access the chuch's websites so he can read/watch Conference talks and other things. When we got back into Ö-vik, we also had a lesson with Henrik, and watched Elder Marino's talk from Conference with him. He seemed to like it but still is not recognizing the Spirit yet. 

Friday was comprised of weekly-planning and the like, and then a fun English class where we played Scattegories. 

Saturday was a very solid, fulfilling day. We did some classic trakting, got lots of street contacts, and got in touch with some more old investigators. Though we didn't get anything too positive, we were still proud of all that we did during the day, because we were busy and trying our best. An unfortunate incident happened to Sister Delgado that night, though. We were tending to a mini-garden that the branch youth had planted, and somehow Sister Delgado's purse was lost or (hopefully not) stolen from the car. She has not found it yet, and it had some mementos and driver's license and other important cards in it, so any prayers on her behalf would be greatly appreciated. 

Sunday was rather empty in Church, but Henrik came to church for his first time! The members that were there were friendly and we think he had an overall good experience! Later, Elder Workman and I got in touch with another old investigator, and we had a lovely dinner with the Delgados. 

Though the week was a little bumpy at the start, things turned around in the end. Elder Workman was physically struggling as well as he contracted a cold on Tuesday and has been fighting it since. Despite the lows, I felt the Spirit many other times last week and am solid in my conviction to the Gospel and my testimony. I KNOW that the Holy Ghost is real and has touched my heart and mind. I cannot deny the things I have felt. They are not coincidences or self-created dillusions; the power of God is REAL and this Gospel is the message of eternal joy and salvation. 

Elder Workman and I have taken up Elder Durrant's "Ponderize" exercise and are ponderizing Alma 32:42. It has helped and given me good things to think about, I would encourage you all to try it as well if you have not.

Here's wishing you all a wonderful week filled with happiness and love! I love you all and thank you for your support and love!

Until next week!


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