Monday, October 19, 2015

SWEDEN WEEK 29: Buying Gloves and Scouting Missions

Hallå allihopa!! 

Things are getting colder up here, let me tell you. Last Monday I had to do some shopping and bought some gloves to keep the hands warm. 

This week was better than last, although just a tad slow in terms of the work. Tuesday felt like a really solid missionary day. We got some area book updating done in the morning and gathered our records together, then went out in the afternoon and swung-by some old investigators; one said they were too busy to meet during the fall/winter, but the other opened up and we set an appointment with him for Friday. We got a good amount of street contacts too as we traveled, and even had a solid conversation with a nice old woman who was walking her dog. She ended up accepting a Book of Mormon by the end of it. That night we also taught the Bustamantes as usual with the Delgados present as well. By the way, the purse has not been found, but keep praying!

Wednesday was Elder Workman's birthday! We had a yummy breakfast and later that night celebrated at the Iguarans house with the Delgados, where they fed us dinner and made the birthday Elder a cake. Also on Wednesday, we met with Kliti and got Edi to sit in with us, and talked about repentance a bit. Kliti wants to get baptized so badly, but he knows he has to stop smoking, so that is the next step.

District Meeting was held in Umeå on Thursday, where we celebrated Elder Workman's birthday again for a bit by singing and eating some kladdkaka. When we got back in Ö-vik, Elder Workman and I decided to go on a little walk and find some new neighborhoods to do some finding work in. We did find one for future reference, and as we were walking back home, we contacted a girl from a Christian background and gave her a Book of Mormon and our information. As soon as we said we were missionaries she just sported a big smile that lasted the whole conversation. We even said a prayer with her....well, she prayed in her own way as we said one, anyway. 

Friday was the start of some service projects that we helped with. In the morning, we taught the guy we got in contact with from Tuesday, whose name is Harry, and he happens to be the only registered Phillipino man in Ö-vik. Fun fact that he shared with us :) We gave him our "Seed" lesson and he liked it. Probably going to start meeting with him regularly. After that, we ended up helping the Branch President in moving in one of the Mong daughters and her husband, who just arrived from Cambodia. The man is so nice, but cannot speak any Swedish and can speak only a little, little English. He is also a non-member, but the two have been coming to Church these last two weeks since obviously the Mong daughter IS a member. Elder Workman and I moved some furniture and boxes and got our exercise in well that day. The usual English class was held in the evening, and we had a decent turn-out and played some good games with the attendees. Ole showed up as well, and afterwards, Elder Workman and I and the Delgados had great conversation about the Gospel and how it has affected our lives. Even though he isn't interested in the religious aspect of things yet, as he left that night Elder Delgado turned to me and Elder Workman and just said with a grin, "Someday!" 

Saturday was fun. In the morning, we went to the church and watched a streamed broadcasted meeting about family history held in Sundsvall with the branch. We struggled with loss of the stream and some technical issues, but we caught the gist of it in the end. After that was done, Elder Workman and I went home and did some weekly planning, then went back guessed it...the Finnish Gypsie to help her again with moving things. We brought Elder Delgado along and we moved some furniture pieces and took some more stuff down to storage. Elder Workman even walked her cute little dog. We had the youth activity also that night, and after Branch President Ottosson gave his spiritual thought, we all played Uno while eating candy and drinking tea (herbal, mind you). 

Sunday was very special. The two Brethren who hosted the Family History meeting for the District in Sundsvall came to our sacrameet meeting yesterday and held talks and then taught the second hour lesson. They also installed two new computers here to be used for Family History, which Elder Workman and I are gladly using and appreciating. No more cramped quarters in the aptly named "Vault" (this floor of the building used to be a bank before it became our current church meeting house, true story). Anyway back to Sunday. After Church services, the Delgados and my companion and I (I need to think of a cool name for our little group of four here...) drove to Kramfors and held a sacrament meeting in Edi and Besara's home. Kliti came as well. It was very simple yet very special and spiritual. Edi exercised his newly received priesthood and blessed the bread and water, Elder Workman and I passed it, and then the two of us gave talks like any normal sacrament meeting. The Spirit was very strong and everyone in that room was touched and felt God's love. Not an experience I will soon forget. The Fantastic Four drove back to the Delgados after we concluded, where we ate dinner, relaxed, and reflected on the day. 

Today, we helped out our investigator Henrik move some furniture as he makes his final arrangments to move to Umeå this coming week. We were able to load up his rental trailer with the big furniture, so we helped him out quite a bit. Hence the reason for the late emailing. 

This week taught me a lot, lots of good personal things that I need to work on. The Lord strengthens us when he sees our willingness to try, I know that. We can always have positive attitudes and be grateful for the things the Lord has blessed us with. As it reads in Alma, this time on Earth is "the time for men to prepare to meet God...the day of this life is the day for men to perform their labors." We have to always be reminding ourselves of this and make sure we are on the upward climb towards that day. 

I know this work is true and that God loves each of us. May he continually bless you all :)

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