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SWEDEN WEEK 36: Many Splits and Visiting Skellefteå

Ja hej! 

Raise your hands if you are excited for Christmas!....Nice! This week has been pretty tiring, lots of travel and things before the big transfer week and the big day this Wednesday. By this time this Wednesday I will be a father in the Sweden Stockholm mission! Very exciting but very stressful at the same time. But anyway, here is what happened last week.

Last Monday I got to eat fermented herring again with Sister Kaarina and the other Elders(it was all their first time eating surströmming). It actually tasted better this time around as we ate it in the traditional swedish dinner style. After having dinner with her, we went over and had a little meal with another member, Sis. Nordinström. After that, I went on splits with Elder Dahle and spent most of Tuesday with him in the Zone Leaders' area while Elder Bradshaw and Elder Murri were together. 

Elder Dahle and I did a couple of swing-bys in Ålidhem and got to teach a couple lessons. We met with a potential investigator for the first time at the church, named Amina. She was super nice and interested in our faith, despite being of an Islamic background. Elder Dahle and I gave a good Restoration lesson, and got Erica Bussman to sit in with us. We gave Amina a Book of Mormon and she was super excited to read it. Right after that, we met with Sarfaraz and had a good visit with him. He is going through a few hard things, but he has an insanely strong testimony and knows that his Savior will help him.Afterwards, we met up with the other two Elders at Erland Villhelmson's place for dinner. Super funny member with lots of cool stories about his family. Elder Murri and I got back together after the dinner and went to visit Magnus. Had a good spiritually charged visit with him, as usual. 

On Wednesday, Elder Murri and I got to meet a new old investigator, named Ulla. We got Bro. Karlsson in the branch to follow with, seeing as how the two have known each other for a while. We had a good visit and showed her the Christmas video, then invited her to Church. We did some tracting in Lilljansberget and got another potential investigator from it. We also had a short visit with a less-active named Roger, who came to Innebandy on Saturday. 

Thursday Elder Murri and I went on splits with the Ö-vik Elders, which meant I was with Elder Workman again in Ö-vik! Super weird to be in my old area with my old companion. We had a good though, spreading the Christmas video with a couple people and getting them to stop and chat about it. Elder Workman brought his portable bluetooth speaker and coupled it to the iPhone, so everytime we were about to contact someone he would flip the speaker on the get the video ready. We also got dinner from Subway with a less-active there, named Vesa. Interesting guy haha. To end the day in good ol' Ö-vik, Elder Workman and I hung up a couple QR code posters that will take people to the Church's Christmas page. 

Elder Workman and I took the train back to Umeå on Friday for District meeting as well as to re-unite with our comps. District meeting was fun, we "killed" Elder Dahle and Elder Workman, then went out to get Kebab pizza for lunch. Later that day, the four of us Umeå Elders picked up some furniture for the Iguarans(who are moving up here to Umeå very shortly) and dropped it off at their new house. 

Saturday was a bit crazy. Transfer calls were released that morning, and we learned that Elder Murri will be leaving to Skövde and I will be staying in Umeå to train. In the morning, we had Innebandy at the regular place with lots of the branch young men as well as some non-members and other branch members. Good turn out that day. After that, the four of us missionaries went back to the ZL's place after grabbing some things, where we had lunch and got some weekly planning in. We had dinner with Sis. Wirtala, and one of the ZL's investigators came too, named Ranja. She has been investigating for a couple years now, has a testimony of everything, just a little worried about baptism. The ZL's taught an awesome lesson after the dinner, and then the four us boogey-ed to the hospital train station. The reason being is that Elder Bradshaw and I had to go up to Skellefteå that night. The reason being for that is that the Skellefteå Elders had a baptismal service, and wanted to use Elder Bradshaw's piano skills to provide music for the service. The reason I came along is that chances were very high that I would be staying (which I am haha), so we figured that Elder Dahle and Elder Murri needed to stay since they would be having their last Sundays in Umeå(which was the case lol). So, Elder Bradshaw and I took a two-hour bus up to Skellefteå, the second highest area in the mission. We stayed the night with Elders Burton and Kendall, and got to witness an amazing baptismal service yesterday morning. The two of us stayed for church there, and we had a great fast and testimony meeting. The new convert, Therese, bore a powerful testimony, and everybody was happy to welcome her into the branch their. Elder Bradshaw got back into Umeå at 5, and after getting picked up by Elder Murri and Elder Dahle, we went back to Murri and I's place and had a break the fast dinner together. To finish the night, Elder Murri and I did some weekly planning and made plans for the upcoming crazy days.

I have a strong testimony of the power of prayer. I know our Heavenly Father listens to us and cares about our welfare. We can always turn to him when there is no one else, and he will always be there to comfort us. I know he has comforted me and given me strength to overcome my trials.

I hope you all are as excited for Christmas as I am! Have a wonderful week and don't forget #ASaviorIsBorn. Love you!

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