Monday, December 21, 2015

SWEDEN WEEK 38: Christmas Time and Language Studies


Unfortunately, we don't have a full P-Day today either, so I have to keep this one a little short...

This week has bee good but crazy haha. As you all knew, we were down in Stockholm Monday and Tuesday due to the big Christmas Zone Conference. That was a real blast and I got some really good insights out of there. One of the challenges the Assistants and President gave were, "What gift are you going to give the Savior this Christmas?" After all the festivities in Stockholm, between having lunch with the Pences on Monday (Thanks again! :D), our Norrland Zone Caroling on the street next to T-Central, and lots of flights, the four of us Umeå chaps arrived back in Umeå Tuesday night. 

Some other events of the week were meeting with an investigator couple named Emmelie and Johannes, two very inquisitive Christian Swedes who had lots of questions for us. We met with them twice this week and they even fed us a little traditional swedish Christmas dinner at one of those meetings. They love us and want to meet again soon after Christmas. 

Also got to meet with Mattias Wednesday night and discussed faith in action and taught about the Word of Wisdom, which he agrees with but didn't commit to living it (yet). 

On Thursday morning as we hopped on a bus, a man named Fernado asked us if we were with a church which of course led into a nice conversation on the bus ride into the city. Turns out he is with a group of students at the University who are studying Theology and they wanted to visit our chapel and see our church services in action. We gave him our information and got in contact with his group, and his two classmates named Ida and Nils ended up coming to church yesterday and stayed for all three meetings. Bro. Carlsson led a Gospel Principles type class and we ended up talking about the whole Plan of Salvation and answering a lot of their questions about how we see God and Jesus Christ. Really cool experience; those two definitely left with an information overload haha. 

Of course, we had some a couple awesome member dinners, the members are awesome, met with Magnus again this week, his testimony is rock-solid, and Elder Loertscher and I are just busy and trying to find time to do language study everyday haha. I can't believe Christmas is upon us, I am looking forward to spending time with members and seeing my family over Skype. I know this Gospel is true, and that we have a loving Heavenly Father. Think about Christ this Christmas; what are you going to do to show him your love and gratitude?

Have a Merry Christmas! Until the next P-Day (which is this Saturday actually :D) 
God Jul! 

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