Monday, January 11, 2016

SWEDEN WEEK 41: Cold, Cold, and Very Cold

Hello friends and family! 

Well it has been cold cold and more cold this week. To tell the truth it was a rather tough week, and not just because of the weather but the work was difficult for whatever reason. Just the Lord testing us and seeing how well we endure. We learned a lot about faith and long-suffering for sure this week, and my testimony has been strengthened.

Last Monday we did some shopping and picked up some winter gear, and the only other highlight was having family home evening and dinner with the Carlssons that evening. 

On Tuesday we did splits with the Ö-vik Elders, so I was separated from my son for a little bit while he and Elder Carrigan stayed in Umeå and I went down to Ö-vik with Elder Rhoades. There, we met with Vesa, a less-active guy who is pretty interesting but enjoys our company, organized some swing-by sheets and other electronic records on the Google Drive, and did a little bit of contacting through the city. Apparently everyone that night was going to the theater and didn't have time to talk. 

Wednesday we had district meeting with the Assistants and President and Sister Beckstrand, who came up to the Norrland zone to do interviews and were with our district on Wednesday. After the meeting we all went out to lunch and had Chinese buffet together. Yum! Other than that, we had dinner with the Lövgrens and Nils and his girlfriend, so it was really good to see them. 

Thursday we attempted to do lots of swing-bys but nothing really panned out there. We did give a Book of Mormon to an older lady who Elder Carrigan and Elder Loertscher had tracted into on Tuesday, and she seemed friendly but a little hesitant of meeting with us quite yet. She does know a few members in the neighborhood so we are hoping for some fellow-shipping there.

Friday saw more of the same as the day before, but we did attend two member baptisms this weekend for some eight year old saints in the branch. On Friday, we witnessed little Linda Carlsson's baptism, and after church on Sunday, we attended Felix Wennerlund's baptism. Very special experiences; always touching to see such young children of God make that special covenant. We did get in contact with one old investigator named Kristin Friday morning and invited her to the baptism that night, but sadly she didn't show.

Saturday was also rough. We had planned to meet with Emelie and Johannes as well as Jonathan (finally!) but unfortunately they both cancelled on us that day. Little sad, but we got to play Innebandy that morning and invited people on the street to come to church later in the day. 

It wasn't until Sunday that something different happened. As mentioned, we had the baptism after church meetings, then later we went with the Zone Leaders to dinner at the Kronbergs, but in the last thirty minutes of the day we saw some glimmer of light. As soon as the Zone Leaders dropped us off after the dinner, we just started walking and talked to every person we passed (which was only three because it was 8:30 in a residential neighborhood :( ) We talked to the first two guys, one from Holland and the other a native Swede that at least both stopped and talked to us for a bit. But then, as we were headed back home, we talked to a guy waiting at the bus stop named Martin. He has a Christian faith and had heard a little about the Church. We ended up giving him a Book of Mormon and got his number, and was absolutely willing to meet with us. He is busy this week but we are going to call him this weekend and set something up. That final minute of the night was worth the whole week walking through the face-peeling cold and facing obstacles and trials.      

I have a stronger testimony of faith and prayer after this week. Sometimes things just don't go your way, but in the end the blessings are worth waiting for and they do come in the end if we are patient and obedient and continue doing our part. 

I love you all and hope you have a wonderful week! 

Mycket kärlek!

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