Monday, January 4, 2016

SWEDEN WEEK 40 Part II: Chatty Investigators and Spiritual Meetings

Hello once again! 

Feels like I was just here a couple days ago! This is going to be pretty short but we have had some good things happen lately! 

Something fun that happened on the first day of year was we and Zone Leaders made Meatzza. The pictures will clarify :) Other than that it was just planning with the rest of the P-Day stuff. 

Saturday was highlighted by visiting Emmelie and Johannes, who LOVE talking to us! It is a little hard sometimes trying to stay focused with them, but Elder Loertscher and I are trying our best and getting better and directing the discussion. We talked a lot about Christ and how he was either the person he said he was, or he wasn't, because there is absolutely no doubt he was a real person (and of course there is no doubt in my mind that he IS who he said he was). But we had a good visit in the end, and the Spirit was felt. 

Sunday was a wonderful day for me! I felt the Spirit so strongly during all three hours, especially during the sacrament and hearing the testimonies of the members in the branch. Just a solid, strong spiritual Sunday for me, a great way to start the new year. The rest of yesterday was spent swinging by potential investigators and others. Near the end of the day however, we did get in and have a visit with two young guys from Eritrea named Fankel and Phillmoore. They can speak Swedish a little bit, don't know really any English, so the language barrier was pretty rough. They were open to listen and everything, and they have a Christian faith and believe in Christ, but Elder Loertscher and I just weren't being understood fully. Its hard as well because we don't have a Book of Mormon in their language yet. They are very willing to meet, we just need to find a way to communicate with them better so they can receive this message. 

And that was the last three days! I hope you all continue to have a great New Year, and that you all have wonderful weeks! Until next Monday! 

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