Monday, January 25, 2016

SWEDEN WEEK 43: Teaching Power and Gingerbread House

This week was pretty fun! It felt like we were teaching all the time! 

Last Monday the lesson with Kurt ended up going pretty well. He really respects Latter-Day Saints and has been to church once before who knows how long ago. He is just a friendly old guy who doesn't get out much, but enjoys talking and has a strong christian faith with good morals and standards. He ended coming to church yesterday and stayed for sacrament meeting! 

Tuesday's highlight was visiting our less-active active Miriam over at the hospital. We were able to get her home-teachers and Sis. Wirtala to come with us, and we all sat in the central hall and had a nice chat. It was awesome to kind of be the middle-men while the members talked with her and showed concern. Cool experience! 

Wednesday we mostly spent in the city and walked around, getting some street contacts and swinging by some old investigators. That night we had dinner with Sis. Nystedt (delicious) with the Zone Leaders, then the four of us headed to the church and watched the Worldwide Missionary Broadcast. Lots of great insights from the leaders who taught about how we can better fulfill our purpose of "teach repentance and baptize converts". 

On Thursday we had district meeting in Umeå and another delicious dinner with Bro. and Sis. Karlsson with the ZLs. That night we had a visit with Magnus and talked about Christ-like attributes and how we can develop them more. 

Friday was a very anticipated day! From mid-December, I had been texting this old investigator who was a little discouraged and struggling trying to find answers from the Book of Mormon and praying. After weeks of back and forth encouragement and doubt, we finally were able to schedule a lesson with him and got Erica Bussmann to follow with. We had a spiritually-charged lesson about feeling and recognizing the Spirit and not giving up. Elder Loertscher even committed him to being baptized on the 20th of the February and though he didn't accept, he didn't decline, and agreed to meet with us more from now on. Elder Loertscher and I really prepared for that lesson that morning in our studies and it definitely felt good meeting with him and being prepared. On Friday night we had dinner with the Iguarans, and then later Elder Loertscher and I were able to swing-by an old investigator and get to meet her. 

This Saturday we were able to have our first visit with Martin, the inspired contact from two Sundays ago. We took a walk together and taught some principles of the Restoration, and showed him how we pray. We got to know him better and he really is a humble, nice guy. He is going to continue reading the Book of Mormon and we are meeting with him again this Wednesday. 

Sunday was nice! As said before, Kurt came to sacrament meeting, and after church meetings, Elder Loertscher and I went over to Västra Ersboda and swung-by some old investigators and potentials. We were blessed with probably the easiest contact ever; Elder Loertscher stopped one guy and immediately he said "We can meet another time", and we got his number. Literally got his number within twenty seconds. The Lord blesses us! 

We have been talking a lot about "real intent" recently in our studies and as we have prepared our lessons. We truly have to have a desire and be willing to act in faith to the answers we receive. As we press forward, are obedient, say our prayers, read our scriptures, and act in faith, all the answers will come through the Holy Ghost. I know the promise in Moroni 10 is true. 

I hope you all have a wonderful week and that your faith will increase this week. May the Lord bless you! 

Mycket Kärlek, 


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