Monday, February 1, 2016

SWEDEN WEEK 44: Zone Training and Push-Backs

Hello everyone! 

Things are still going fine here! Just a normal week here in Umeå. Still trying to meet with lots of people but they just keep rescheduling on us...but we did have some good things happen. 

 Last Tuesday we did mostly just did tracting over in Ersboda, but we did get in with a very friendly practicer of Islam. He mostly taught us, we couldn't get a word in edge wise really. We talked about different scriptures in the Bible and he promoted the Koran to us. In turn, we invited him to read the Book of Mormon so that he could strengthen his existing love for Christ. We'll see if he becomes someone a progressing investigator.

Wednesday we had lunch with the Zone Leaders over at Sis. Raija Tegman's, after some more swing-bys in Ersboda, we were able to visit with Mattias, the first time since before Christmas. It was a very question-orientated lesson, going over Moroni 10 and talking about the Holy Ghost, but the Spirit was notably there and Elder Loertscher and I both felt at peace walking away from it. Mattias is going to decide he has a desire to receive an answer, and then from there we can see where he goes.

So everything on Thursday fell through (all four lessons), which led to lots of walking around and contacting and a few houses tracted. Good day, taught us that maybe we need to make better back-plans haha. 

We received excellent training by our zone leaders Elder Luke and Elder Bradshaw last Friday. I got some really great insights on repentance and how I can do a better job of teaching through listening. It was fun seeing the rest of the Norrland Zone and saying hi to some old faces and meeting new ones. Other than the training, we had dinner at a member's home that night and had a funny street contact lesson with an older lady who didn't believe there is a meaning to life. 

Saturday was the usual Innebandy, and after having dinner with the ZLs over at Sis. Kaarina's, Elder Loertscher and I visited Roger, a less-active who Elder Murri and I had tried to stay in contact with. The man has lots of stuff on his plate between his three children who all live in different cities, so his life is pretty hectic. He expressed a desire to come to church and wants to read the scriptures and pray. Hopefully we can continue to help him in the coming weeks. 

I have been reading a lot in Alma recently and really finding so many applications to our day. The Book of Mormon was really written for us. The Spirit will testify the truth of things to us, we just have to open our hearts and have faith that we will receive. The seed will grow by our constant care and diligence, faith, and patience. 

Have a wonderful week and continue to change and grow to become more like Jesus Christ. 

Mycket Kärlek, 


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