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SWEDEN WEEK 50: Beautiful Sunshine and Free Books

Greetings from the Sunny side of Sweden down here in Göteborg! Another week has gone by and has found me happy and energized for another great week. 

Last Monday we threw a little surprise crepe party for a YSA in the Västra Frölunda Ward at the Institute center, and Elder Williams and I's lessons fell through with some potential investigators. But, we did do some tracting in our neighbor hood that night and treated ourselves to some chocolate the local grocery store afterwards.

On Tuesday we had planned to meet with a really positive potential investigator who apparently has read half of the Book of Mormon already at the center, but he had to call it off unfortunately...However, the ZLs let us borrow their car since they were in Stockholm for MLC, so we used it to drive around and get some tracting in before having lunch with Chris and Sanna. Yummy meatballs with rice and sauce with a spicy indian twist. After them, we had apartment checks by the Hawleys, a senior couple in the Zone, did some more tracting by our place, then met with Lennart and worked on our Swedish and read some scriptures in Helaman. In the evening we went on a home-teaching visit with Bro. Bergsman and visited Sis. Liljansalo, an elderly sister who is just a little lonely. We ended the night by picking up the ZLs from the train station once they arrived. 

Wednesday was the big finding day. Lots and lots of tracting and contacting, starting off in Angered Centrum and street contacting the people there. We taught a couple street/door lessons throughout the day and gave out a Book of Mormon or two. We also got a call from a teacher at a local school to come and give a little presentation about what we do as missionaries and about our faith and church this coming Thursday. We met with Agha as well and taught him about the importance of church and committed him to come that Sunday. Elder Williams was kind enough to give me a haicut that night too. His first one ever; talk about companionship trust! It turned out good so no worries. Since being with Elder Williams we have been teaching lots of street lessons about the Book of Mormon and it has pushed me to do a better job of relating to people and applying the things we teach to them. 

Thursday was a beautiful day. As soon as a stepped outside that morning I just felt great and ready to take on the world! We had some awesome street lessons that day too! We had planned to do some swing-bys that morning, none of which panned out, but the Lord blessed us by putting people in our path. We stopped one man named Terrak who hails from the Middle East and had perfect English and taught him a couple principles of the Plan of Salvation. He really listened to us as we testified that the Book of Mormon could bless him and help him understand God even more. He gladly took a Book of Mormon in English and we gave him our contact information. Elder Williams and I both knew we were meant to talk to that man. Later that day, we met at the center with the Västra Frölunda Elders for an investigator hand-off. An investigator they had been teaching is actually in our area so they handed him off to us. His name is Mohammed and he comes from Somalia. He has been taught a good amount and has committed to being baptized. We taught him the Word of Wisdom, which he has a few problems with, but committed a hundred percent to live it and try his best to give up some things. We were going to meet him more this week but we weren't able to get in contact with him due to some issues with his phone, so this week we are really going to put a big emphasis on him. Mohammed is prepared and will definitely be baptized soon. After that lesson, Elder Williams and I did some more contacting and tracting in Bergsjön and then went to FHE at the Cammans home, where Chris and Sanna, Agha, and some other less-actives were in attendance. 

We had the transfer-ally zone training on Friday and were taught how to use the new Easter Initiative that the Church has just launched. New video, new page, please check it out and spread it with friends and family. The video really touched me and strengthened my testimony of the Savior and his resurrection. Made me think of how wonderful it is to know that the Savior overcame both Spiritual and Physical Death so that we can return to live with our Heavenly Father again. The Spirit was strong in the training and we all left with renewed testimonies and a desire to share the message of finding new life in Jesus Christ. Later, Elder Williams and I went back out to Bergsjön and had a good talk on the street with a man of Islamic faith. He did a lot of the talking, but at one point I bore sincere testimony that I have had spiritual experiences praying and testified that the Book of Mormon is the Word of God. He ended up telling us where he lived and said we could stop by and give him a Book of Mormon in his language (Serbian). To end the night, Elder Williams and I met with Cathi and Andreas, a member couple who are super friendly and funny. Cathi is from China and Andreas comes from Eskilstuna here in Sweden. We had a nice visit with them and testified about the importance of coming to Church. 

Saturday morning we met with Sonyaa, one of our investigators with a baptismal date and taught her about the Word of Wisdom over at her Dad's place, who is a member. We had porridge and cinnamon rolls together, courtesy of Eriker (the dad). We did some weekly planning later that day, some more tracting in our neighborhood then more tracting over in Fjällkåpan, where we found a cool guy from Albania who accepted a Book of Mormon and got his number. That evening we had a role-play lesson with Bro. Inge Nordås, a blind member in the ward. We taught about the Plan of Salvation and left with some good insights on how we can teach it better next time. 

Sunday was wonderful! We had a guest visit from RM Felix Sahlin, who gave a talk in Sacrament meeting about some experiences on his mission and brought the Spirit in powerfully. So awesome to see him again! Love that guy! I taught Gospel Principles second hour and then translated for Bro Cammans in High Priests. That afternoon Elder Williams and I went to Bergsjön and dropped off a bunch of Book of Mormons to some potential, potential investigators; we even got some more potential investigators on the way! We gave the one father his Serbian Book of Mormon and he was eager to read it. We had dinner with Lennart that evening and talked about plans to do a little campaign in two weeks in preparation for Easter where the three of us would go on the streets and share the Easter Initiative video with people. The evening came to a close with Correlation meeting over at the Cammans house with the ZLs. 

Jesus Christ is the Bread of Life and the Living Water. We have a blessed opportunity every Sunday to partake of bread and water in remembrance of his Atonement and in the renewal of our covenants to take upon us his name and witness of his reality. I testify that He is my Savior and that because of him I will be resurrected and can overcome spiritual death through faith on his name. I wish you all a wonderful week and can't wait to hear from you all next Monday!

Mycket Kärlek,


Äldste Stefan Reed

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