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SWEDEN WEEK 52: Glad Påsk and Long-lost Brother

Good afternoon everyone! 

I hope you all had a wonderful Easter weekend and a beautiful Easter Sunday! I think this e-mail will be a little shorter this week but I hope you all enjoy! 

Things here in Göteborg are going well, though not booming like Elder Williams and I would like. We had an okay week, work was a little harder than usual for odd reasons. But last Monday was a blast! We went with the ZLs to a place called Bohus Fästning, an old castle-like place from viking times that is a twenty minute drive outside of Göteborg. The place was closed, but we just walked around the outside and pretended to be in Middle-Earth and things like that. We also went back into Göteborg and did a bit of shopping, and that evening we practiced some songs for the Easter Concert that was held yesterday, at the YSA center with the YSAs. Fun P-Day!

So our stud-of-a-recent-convert, Lennart, led us in our little Easter Campaign over at the Partille Bus terminal on Tuesday and Thursday. We sat and talked to people that were waiting for buses and gave out some materials and tried to spread the Easter message. It was a little difficult to be honest, but it made Lennart happy and he enjoyed working with us. He treated us to lunch both days and we talked about some principles of the Gospel with him like the Pre-Earth life. Lennart is such a bold, strong example of a follower of Jesus Christ. Definitely could take a page or two out of his book. On Tuesday after being with Lennart, Elder Williams and I went out to Kortedala and tried to get in contact with some old investigators and other people in the area. 

We had two lessons set-up with some investigators, but they fell through...rough day. However, we did meet with our investigator Juha and got a baptismal date with him for the 30th of April. This lesson went a lot better and the Spirit was present. Last time we met with him it was hard feeling the Spirit, but as we taught about the Gospel of Jesus Christ he seemed to be more engaged and lively and all in all it went better. We had a delicious salmon dinner at the Ludwig family's home and got to know them better. 

As said before, we did more proselyting with Lennart at the station, but afterwards we did some tracting over in Rannebergen centrum and had some interesting doors there. About five doors had Jehovahs wittnesses behind them and one door had a woman who totally shut us down and said we weren't Christian and everything. Elder Williams wouldn't take that for an answer and bore testimony on her and though she was not having anything of it, we walked away from that door feeling energized and ready to take on the world haha! The night ended by going to Kirk's for Family Home evening, but no one showed up so we talked to Kirk and supported him since he is having a rough time. 

Friday we had an awesome Zone Conference in the Västra Frölunda Chapel. I gained so many awesome insights and it was probably the most spiritual zone conference yet! Learned about developing our relationship with Christ and being our very best missionary by looking through our spiritual eyes and not letting our physical eyes set-up limitations in our work. We also had an awesome Sports Night later that night with the Young Men and others in the Ward and played Innebandy. Super fun! 

On Saturday we taught an old investigator named Peter at the center who is going through some interesting times but is growing closer to Jesus Christ through prayer and scripture study. Elder Williams and I got mixed up and went to the wrong address for a member dinner but got picked up by the Zone Leaders so it went okay in the end. Great dinner with the Syvänens and the ZLs gave an awesome spiritual thought there. To close the night Elder Williams and I tried to find something effective to do, but because it was påskafton (a holiday in Sweden) it was pretty rough. We did do some tracting and it went alright in the end. 

Easter Sunday was spent in church, good musical numbers from members during sacrament meeting, we taught Sonyaa after church with some young women in the ward, then had a delicious fajita dinner with the ZLs and the Watsons and Hawleys (both senior couples in the Zone). I lucked out with Easter dinner at Americans both of my Easters in Sweden! Afterwards, we went to the Västra Frölunda chapel to rehearse and perform in an Easter Concert held there. There was a great turnout and it was beautiful to be able to sing in a big YSA/missionary choir about the Savior and his Atonement.

So in the end, it turned out to be an awesome week and I really grew closer to my Savior. I know he knows me and loves me and looks out for us. He has suffered the pains of all men so that he can know how to best comfort us. I know that he perfectly comforts us when we need it. 

Have a wonderful week and take care everyone!

Mycket Kärlek, 


Äldste Stefan Reed

Varma hälsningar från Sverige

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