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SWEDEN WEEK 53: Bird Poop and General Conference

God morgon från Sverige! 

Another week flown by! I had some great opportunities this week in spreading the Gospel and was richly blessed by watching General Conference this weekend. 

On Monday, we celebrated Sis. Griffes' birthday as two districts in the zone by eating lunch at Vapiano's (Italian restaurant) and then going back to the YSA center. Monday evening, the ZLs and Elder Williams and I had dinner with the Muhlemätter family. They really appreciated our visit and we enjoyed getting to know each other better. The Spirit was present and felt as we held a prayer that evening given by Sis. Muhlemätter. 

Tuesday afternoon we had lunch over at Kirk's place with the ZLs and talked about plans for helping unify the ward more. Afterwards, Elder Williams and I did some tracting over in Rannebergen before heading over to Juha's, where we set up a baptismal calendar and taught about the three Primary answers: read your scriptures daily, pray daily, and come to church every Sunday. He is accepting of what we teach, he just needs a little more drive and to act more in order to receive that confirmation by the Spirit. After Juha, we visited a less-active named Leo, where we shared a message about the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Leo is a great guy, just busy with work and family matters and trying to juggle everything. The Spirit was felt and it was cool to hear his testimony about faith and to strengthen him with our visit.

Elder Williams and I headed to an unknown neighbor Wednesday afternoon and did some tracting, where we were let in by a family from Syria. The husband let us in and we talked about the Book of Mormon and God's plan, and just listened and got to know the husband and wife. They were very friendly and welcomed us back! We left them with a Book of Mormon in Arabic and they seemed fairly interested in learning more. Cool experience! We did some contacting around Angered Centrum, and met an older lady named Tatiana! She comes from South America and has a Catholic background, but was impressed to see two young men share their testimonies about Christ and accepted a Book of Mormon. We also got her number and she was interested to visit our church next week. I felt the Spirit as we talked with her and as I testified to her that the Book of Mormon is the word of God. Got good hopes for her! We met with Agha as well and had a good conversation about the world, why so many religions and about our church. That evening we had dinner with the ZLs and Sis. Liljansalo, who had tried her best to invite a neighbor to our little dinner. It didn't pan out, but we had a good time anyway and it was nice to lift this single sisters' day. 

On Thursday, we went on splits with Alingsås, so I stayed here with Elder Falkner. We had an awesome day, met lots of people and tracted lots of doors, as well as explored Hjällbo. We had a nice street lesson with a man named Josef of the Islamic faith, met a guy named John from Chicago who had played pool with missionaries three years ago, gave a Buddhist lady a Book of Mormon, and had a long chat with a Christian priest/pastor from the Caribbean. We also taught Juha about the Word of Wisdom, which he is already following basically haha, and had family home evening over at the Camman's place where we ate cake to celebrate Andreas and Inge's recent birthdays. Pretty good day, learned lots while I was with my British District Leader Elder Falkner! 

Elder Williams and I got back together on Friday after district meeting, then had lunch over with the Wikanders with the ZLs. We talked about some less-actives in the ward and others that they referred to us to visit, so that was great! Later, we went over to Lennart's and did some language study with him, then in the evening had Sports night and played Soccer at a field in Kviberg.

We tried our best Saturday to invite people to General Conference throughout the day, tracting tons of doors and contacting people on the street. We were in Bergsjön, Kortedala, all over tracting different places. We found a few potentials and gave out a Book of Mormon or two. That evening we watched our first session of conference at the chapel, and watched three more sessions on Sunday the following day. General Conference was awesome! I got so many wonderful insights from the Spirit and was touched by many of the messages about forgiveness, family, teaching and reaching out to children, and the words of our beloved Prophet, who taught us to always be worthy of our priesthood and to be aware of the choices we make. I am so grateful for a living prophet, and that the priesthood keys have been restored to the earth. I love this church and am so grateful for the knowledge that I have. I know the Church is true

Mycket Kärlek, 

Äldste Stefan Reed

Varma hälsningar från Sverige

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