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SWEDEN WEEK 55: The Grind and Beautiful People

Hello once again beloved friends and family!

This week was a helt okej one. Got some good opportunities during the week and just continuing to progress forward with Juha and with finding here in the Utby I area. Got to meet some new people in the ward and get settled in with the new district for the next five weeks. 

Monday was pretty lugn (chill). Elder Williams and I spent some time with the other missionaries in the Zone, looked around in the Nordstan mall with the Zone Leaders and did a bit of shopping. Got some Max hamburgers for lunch which is always nice. 

Tuesday was spent a lot in the company of others, specifically members and the Zone Leaders since Elder Featherstone was headed out to Skellefteå the next day. We had lunch with a member named Gyula, a convert who is originally from Hungary and lived in Ö-vik for a while and knows a bunch of missionaries and others that I know as well! Cool connection there! He is a stud and was really a golden/prepared person to receive the Gospel. Really good guy! Later, Elder Williams and I taught Juha about the Ten Commandments and some other commandments, and emphasized obedience bringing blessings. Afterwards, Lennart was throwing a party of sorts for those missionaries who would be transferring out of the zone, so we were there with the VF missionaries and the Zone Leaders and the Watsons. Fun time, had some korv med bröd (hotdogs essentially) and then swedish pancakes for dessert. That evening we and the ZLs were invited to mutual with the Young Men, where we played Killer ball, Volleyball, and Basketball. Fun times! 

Wednesday was transfer day! Elder Williams and I and Elder Halterman sent Elder Featherstone on his way from the Airport that morning. The three of us stuck together for an hour waiting at Central Station for Elder Heiner to come in from Malmö, then Elder Williams and I went to get Pizza with Zene, our Brazilian member in the ward. She has a lot of things on her mind with college and her husband and other stuff, so we shared a short message about how keeping the commandments will allow us to prosper in the land, as Father Lehi shared with his sons. Later, we helped out our investigator Agha by carrying furniture back to his apartment from a store. We rode the bus back together and just talked and built our relationship with him. He has been calling us a lot lately and is starting to show more of a desire to read out of the Book of Mormon and study more about Christ. He is a good guy, just wants to do good, but struggles with his natural man to overcome his addiction to cigarettes. He has accepted the Gospel really, he just has to make the changes necessary in his life to live after it. 

Thursday we had our first district meeting this transfer, got to see some old faces like Sis. Hong and Elder Treat, and even Elder Richards, who is now serving in Kungsbacka in the VF district. We had a good meeting setting up a vision for the transfer of what we want to accomplish. After, we got lunch at Wrapped, then Elder Williams and I headed out to Angered and did some finding work tracting and contacting before meeting Juha. We met a funny guy named Leif who believes in reincarnation and is from Denmark. He apparently lived in Tucson, Arizona for a while, so shout out to my parents! Our lesson with Juha went well; more commandment teaching and bearing testimony about the Book of Mormon. His desire is there, he just needs to commit more and put forth his works with his faith. We have faith that he will make his date though. He just has to put in the work to gain that testimony. He is willing though, which is awesome. Did some more tracting after that then went to Kirk's for Family Home Evening. Talk about an intense one. Coffeey, one of the boarders at the Cammans place started a heated discussion with Kirk which kind of turned into Bible-bashing. Good turn-out, Agha was there as well as Chris and Sanna.

On Friday Elder Williams and I did some work over in Bergsjön, tracting a little and the like. We also swung by a Nigerian family in our ward and got to meet the kids, who are the coolest ever! Their dad, Rex, works a bunch and struggles coming to church because of it, and he is a single parent. The Kids are studs and are super nice and funny! Elder Williams and I just talked with him and I got to know them since I hadn't met them before; Rex (son) is 17 and is smart guy who likes geeky stuff like me, and his two sisters, Godgift and Favor, are pretty funny! We watched the Easter video with them from this year and they appreciated the message. They are doing well and reading their scriptures and saying their prayers, just want to get them to church more! Super fun meeting them! That evening we had to pick up the ZLs at the train station, who had MLC in Stockholm all day, so we got their car for the day; sadly, we didn't end up using it because they left us with a quarter tank of gas, so that was a bummer haha. 

Saturday was a straight Angered day. Elder Williams and I had lunch at McDonalds with our favorite member Inge Nordås then shared a message about prophets back at his place, then went out and tracted a couple of buildings and contacted in Angered Centrum. Pretty much the day, our feet and legs were tired when we got back. 

Church on Sunday was great. Agha came for sacrament meeting and Elder Williams taught about sacrifice in Gospel Principles class. I assumed my standard role of translator by translating for Chris during Sacrament then Kirk during High Priest's. After Church, Elder Williams and I did some weekly planning ("Weekly planning is the best!"), I am apparently turning into a Utah Mormon according to Elder Williams, and then we had dinner/correlation meeting with the Cammans and the ZLs. Afterwards, the four of us visited Jules, a less-active in the ward from the UK. She has an pretty interesting past and an insane life-story, can't really share too many details here, but she is a character. 

And that sums up the week! I have been thinking a lot about improvement and trying to set more goals for myself in efforts to become a better missionary and disciple of Christ. I know that through faith and obedience we can achieve the potential that Heavenly Father knows we have. Reading from Leviticus and Deuteronomy and 2 Nephi lately I have been seeing a correlation in messages, specifically if we keep the Lord's commandments we will prosper and be blessed. Something to always ponder is how well we are keeping His commandments in our own lives. Always room for improvement! 

I love you all and hope you have a rewarding week! Take care and talk to you all real soon! 

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