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SWEDEN WEEK 56: Street Preaching and Chapel Clean-up

Good Morning from "Göteborg, Göteborg denna underbar plats!"

Elder Williams and I had a solid week out in the field of labor, both the physical one and the spiritual. The work is still chugging along, trying to meet with more people, and still contacting and finding all the time. 

Last Monday Elder Williams and I got our hairs cut thanks to Sis. Hong, then browsed around some shops in Nordstan and walked around the city. In the evening we had a mini-party with Sadik, the Zone Leaders' investigator and Lennart, and had some homemade Falafel! Sadik is the man and cooked us up some yummy food. Had a good time! 

On Tuesday, we went out to the Hjällbo neighborhood and did some contacting and tracting there, teaching a couple lessons at doors and such. We shared a full Restoration lesson with one muslim man at his door, and met a Native American woman who had her faith in the Earth and in American Indian beliefs. Interesting stuff. After our time there, we went to Juha's place and ended up ditching what we had planned on teaching and simply read the Book of Mormon with him. He expressed that he wasn't feeling ready to be baptized on the 30th, and so we pushed the date to the 28th of May so that he has more time to read the Book of Mormon and come to church a couple more times. He is still struggling with reading daily and coming to church, still not sure why entirely. We decided that we are going to read a chapter with him every time we visit from now on and then pray immediately after with him asking if what we read is true. It has felt good the past two times we met him this week, and we are continuing to see small progress with him. After Juha, we went to the Church for the mutual activity which we were in charge of. There was some miscommunication however, but in the end we ended up playing Volleyball with the YM and YW and then made falafel for everyone since we had lots of leftovers from Sadik. 

Wednesday afternoon we went out to the Bergsjön area and tracted over in the Atmosfärgatan apartments. Had another door discussion with a muslim man, bore testimony and invited to read the Book of Mormon then left. About all you can do sometimes. We had lunch with the ZLs at Bro. and Sis. Cederberg's home, an older couple in the ward, and got to know them a little better. A visit with Lennart was after that, and Elder Williams and I got to learn some new Swedish things with him. That evening we decided to swing-by Sado, an old potential investigator from last transfer that we gave a Serbian Book of Mormon to. We were able to get in and have a decent visit with him, we mostly listened to what he had to say. We bore testimony about a couple principles from the Restoration and the Plan of Salvation, and invited him again to read the Book of Mormon which, which he hadn't done yet. Just was a peaceful visit, and though he wasn't all that interested when we first came, after we talked we ended up getting his phone number and agreed to talking more about what happens after death next time. 

Thursday was an Angered day. Did a bit of tracting and ran into a Christian man from Syria and taught about Joseph Smith and the Book of Mormon. Taught Juha again and went over the Godhead and the manner of prayer after reading a chapter from the Book of Mormon. Juha has found a job and is doing pretty well. I definitely feel those are little blessings from the Lord that have come to him since we have been teaching him these past couple months. We had a delicious soup dinner with Bishop Tittus' family that evening with the Zone Leaders and Elder Williams and I shared a cute message in relation to D&C 14:7. To close the night we had the weekly family home evening at the Camman's home. 

Zone training occurred this Friday at the YSA Center. Good teaching about being bold in our teaching and helping investigators live and understand the commandments better so as to help them on their journey towards enduring conversion. The ZLs and Elder Williams and I were invited to lunch by Bro. Koch and Sis. Lund in the ward at Marcos Restaurant and had a good time with them. Good food too haha! We went out to Hjällbo again and contacted/tracted some more, giving out a Book of Mormon to a nice African man and bearing testimony to a Swedish woman that God loves her and is real and that he will answer her if she asks. Sports Night was a bit of a bust, just Elder Williams and I and two South American young men. The four of us had a fun time though and played soccer, basketball, and some variations here and there with those. 

Saturday was the Chapel Cleaning Day where we cleaned up the grounds and did a bit of manual labor. I got to mow the grass with the classic push mower and swept up the parking lots. Nice to help out in beautifying one of the Lord's houses. The four of us missionaries then met up with Kirk and helped him out by loading some wood into his van and then pulled out some bushes in his backyard. After getting home and cleaning up quickly, the four of us then went to dinner with the Markmann family. They have a cute little family of three daughters, Bro. Markmann is actually Danish, and they will be buying some hamsters soon. In the evening, Elder Williams and I swung-by a man who we have been trying to track down, but turns out he was the wrong guy; still able to teach him a bit and gave him an Arabic Book of Mormon. Nice guy! Then, went down to the Central Station to renew our bus cards, and Elder Williams got to talk to a nice Muslim guy from Syria on the bus ride down. 

Sunday was Stake Conference, which was held in the Västra Frölunda Chapel and broadcasted to ours. Lennart was going to be ordained an Elder and given the Melchizedek Priesthood yesterday, but the lack of a stake high priest leader forced us to post-pone it. After getting home and having lunch, we did weekly planning and then went to Kirk's for correlation meeting with the ZLs. 

We had lots of great opportunities to teach this past week and it was definitely a step forward in boldness for us as we bore our testimonies and shared of the truth that we have to others who at first were ready to shut the door or keep walking. Its amazing the difference it makes by asking somebody the simple question of, "Why?" "Why don't you believe in God?" "Why would you not be interested?" It has been a little uncomfortable at times, but at the same time freeing once you step out of your comfort zone and go a little further with people. Its those times that we have been able to teach and share our message more fully with others. I recently read Jacob 5 recently, and this verse stuck out to me: 

72 And it came to pass that the servants did go and labor with their mights; and the Lord of the vineyard labored also with them; and they did obey the commandments of the Lord of the vineyard in all things.    

The Lord is with us in this work. 

I hope you all have a wonderful week and may the Lord be with you each day!

Mycket Kärlek,   

Äldste Stefan Reed

Varma hälsningar från Sverige

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