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Sweden Week 58: Party Weekend and Last-minute Delivery

Hello once again one and all! Friends and family! Dearly beloved! Exalted ones! My brothers and sisters! Alright I'll stop...

Anyway, this week has been full of things, especially the weekend, but I'll get to that in a little bit. This past P-Day was a blast! I will leave most of the talking to the pictures, but basically Elder Williams and I and some other companionships in the zone took a ferry to an island off Gothenburg's Southern Archipelago and had a blast. Apart from that, Elder Williams and I made a few necessary watch purchases then had dinner with Lennart that evening. A Monday for the books! 

Tuesday was back to the grind, tracting around in Bergsjön, swinging by an elderly less-active member, and having lunch with Sis. Zene Lundgren at the church with the Zone Leaders. Also, we visited Juha and had a really good lesson about baptism and the importance of covenants. He finally read a chapter from the Book of Mormon on his own! We visited Agha as well, talked more about the Plan of Salvation and why there are so many churches. Ended the day by swinging by some people in Angered and picking up some street/door lessons too! 

We went on a hunt for a less-active that Kirk referred to us on Wednesday morning, and discovered that two Serbian women are living in his apartment while he is in America. The search continues on the other side of the world I guess. Other events of the day were having our weekly lesson with Lennart, where we had some good discussion about Adam and Eve actually and strengthened our testimonies together. We went out to Angered afterwards to meet with Jack, but he fell through on us for some unknown reason. We ended up having dinner with Chris and Sanna instead then did some more tracting and got a couple more door lessons. 

Thursday, more Bergsjön work. Elder Williams converted over to the short-sleeve shirt due to the gorgeous weather we have been having lately as a side note. More door lessons, new buildings tracted, then had a lesson with Juha and got our member friend Gyula to follow with. We taught Juha about tithing and fast offering and committed him to living those commandments once he becomes a member. He was a little more shy this time around, we think due to the new face. Our biggest concern with Juha is just getting him feeling comfortable with the ward and building relationships with others and not just the missionaries. Slowly but surely. The night ended with FHE at the Cammans place, which was probably the best one yet. Biggest turn out in attendance since I have been there. Lots of less-actives and we all had some good discussion and uplifted one another. Good stuff

Friday was the start of the weekend craziness. We had district meeting that morning followed by a Cinco de Mayo celebration with the Västra Frölunda district. Elder Williams and I then got back home and had a good weekly planning, area book updating session, getting things ready for Specialized Zone training this week. We helped out Kirk in his garden with the Zone Leaders, then got back home. Poor Kirk threw out his back and need help lifting some logs, so it was good service for him. 

Sadik, the Zone Leaders investigator, was baptized this Saturday, and we held a lovely service for him here in the chapel. Sadik has been investigating for eight years and is now a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. The Zone Leaders have done great work with him and it was awesome to be able to wittness the process first-hand a little bit. Elder Williams and I got lunch with the Alingsås Elders before heading back out and going to Angered. On the way, we had an awesome street contact where we gave a Book of Mormon to a Swedish woman named Carolina. She seemed genuine and sincere and was eager to learn about the message we have. Hope to hear from her soon! We stopped by a friend of Elder Falkner and I's when we were on splits, Terry Bright, and had a short visit with him. He has read a little in the Book of Mormon but wants to read more before posing questions. The finish the day, we had a nifty hot pot dinner with Cathy and Andreas and the ZLs. Yummy Chinese food and great company! Fun night! 

Sunday was super fun as well! Between a beautiful sunny day, spiritually uplifting meetings at church, Sadik's confirmation, and dinner with Bishop's family, it was definitely a fine Sunday. Not to mention, SKYPING THE FAMILY! Happy Mother's Day once again to all those wonderful mothers out there, especially to the best one in the world, mine. :) Great day, what more can be said. 

Here is a good scripture for you all 1 Nephi 13 37:

 37 And blessed are they who shall seek to bring forth my Zion at that day, for they shall have the gift and the power of the Holy Ghost; and if they endure unto the end they shall be lifted up at the last day, and shall be saved in the everlasting kingdom of the Lamb; and whoso shall publish peace, yea, tidings of great joy, how beautiful upon the mountains shall they be.   

Enduring to the end is the key to exaltation. And thanks to our Savior Jesus Christ we have the opportunity to reach that goal. The Gospel of Jesus Christ is real and a true treasure and blessing in my life. Its the guidance that allows me press forward with a bright hope of the future. Our Heavenly Father wants for us all the blessings of his Kingdom. We are heirs to that divine reward. May you all continue to press forward with steadfastness in Christ. 

Mycket Kärlek,


Äldste Stefan Reed

Varma hälsningar från Sverige

Mailing Information

Elder Stefan Reed
Enebybergsvägen 38
182 46, Enebyberg

PICTURES(Going to be a lot):
Köpstadsö P-Day!

Köpstadsö P-Day!

Köpstadsö P-Day! 
Group Pic!

Köpstadsö P-Day!

Köpstadsö P-Day!

Köpstadsö P-Day!

Köpstadsö P-Day!

Elder Williams lookin' like a straight boss! 

Köpstadsö P-Day!

Köpstadsö P-Day!

Köpstadsö P-Day!

Köpstadsö P-Day!

Köpstadsö P-Day!

Köpstadsö P-Day!

Cinco de Mayo Celebration

Sadik's baptism! 

Sunny Selfie! 
Elevator selfie of the week

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