Monday, May 16, 2016

SWEDEN WEEK 59: Helping Alingsås and Chugging Along

Hello Friends and Family!

Well it has been another one of those weeks where we started off normally then had a crazy weekend. More like just busy weekend really. Anyway, we had another exciting P-Day this last Monday; this time we took a sightseeing tour of Göteborg by boat, then looked around Nordstan with the other missionaries. That evening we went out to Bergsjön and met a few interesting characters, specifically a man named Michael who talked to us for 20 minutes straight about the Christian/Islam situation and how he thinks Donald Trump will restore America to its former glory. Also met a woman who knows a member in our ward and was actually super friendly and referred us to where an elderly member in the neighborhood lives.

On Tuesday, Elder Williams and I went out to Bergsjön and saw Rex Sr. on the bus ride there, talking to him for a bit. We did a little bit of tracting in Bergsjön, looking for less-actives in the neighborhood we had been at Monday night, then went out to Angered and did lots of finding work there. We got in contact with one less-active and are planning to meet him soon, and did lots of tracting until meeting with Juha. We were able to get Magnus to come with us again, and the lesson turned out alright. We read 2 Nephi 2 together and talked about Agency and pressing forward to the end, and commited Juha to reading a chapter every day from the Book of Mormon. Magnus gave us a ride back home, and we talked on the way home on how it is apparent that Juha is just lacking self-motivation. Elder Williams and I have taught him nearly everything from the lessons; it is up to him now to keep committments and receive that personal witness by putting in the work on his part. Sadly, he did not come to church yesterday, which is concerning. We are going to have a firm lesson with him this Tuesday and see what happens from there. Once we got home, we ate a little bit then went to the church for PEC. 

Elder Williams and I got up early and did a nice 6 mile run from our place to the ZLs place and tired our legs out, but it felt good doing the exercise. Guess who came in and I got to see on Wednesday? ELDER BRADSHAW! The Assistants did workovers with the Zone Leaders, but the six of us had lunch at the restaurant Marcos, then later had dinner at a members place together. Between that, Elder Williams and I met with Lennart for our weekly Swedish lesson, then we went out to Kortedala and tracted some buildings. We ran into a woman of the Jehovah's Witness faith and had a nice door discussion with her, then continued on until dinner at the Persson's place. Delicious lasagna! Afterwards, Elder Williams and I headed home and hosted the Proselyting Office Elders at our place for the night since we had...

...Specialized Zone Training on Thursday! It was held at the Västra Frölunda Chapel, and the teaching this time was based around Chapter 8 in Preach My Gospel: Using Time Wisely. I gained lots of great insights about things that I could be doing better with Weekly Planning as well as focusing on the doctrine of Repentance in helping people understand the Atonement. After the training, Elder Williams and I boogey-ed over to Bergsjön to meet with Rex and his family with Lennart, who has been asked by Bishop to Teach Rex Sr. Swedish. We walked Lennart over to their apartment, and turned out that Rex had to leave to take care of some emergency, so it was just us three and Rex's three kids. We had a good visit anyway though, and read a scripture about the Doctrine of Christ with them. Super cool kids, I love them! As usual, we had FHE at the Cammans place, but it was just a small group of Elder Williams and I, Kirk, Agha, and Jimone (member from Nigeria in the Ward). 

We had splits scheduled with Alingsås for Friday, so we met them at the Partille train station, then Elder Falkner and I had a language lesson with Lennart before going back to Alingsås. Double-dose of Lennart for me! Elder Falkner and I had a pretty decent day, walking all over the city contacting people along the way and swinging by old investigators. One Swedish man who was very interested in Theology stopped us and began asking us about the Book of Mormon, and was surprised when we offered to give him one. He gladly accepted it and said he would read it. That evening we had dinner with the Magnusson family, who have super cute kids with one due any day now! 

Saturday was the annual "Familjedagen" (Family Day) event in Alingsås, which is organized and sponsored mostly by the church. It was held in a local park in the area and the program of events included some musical numbers by local folks, a parkour group, a cheerleading group, as well as a couple tents around where things like a lottery and genealogy with computers set up were available. Elder Falkner and I got there way early and helped the ward members in charge set up the tents as well as other things. Elder Treat and Elder Williams came in from Utby and helped out as well, and the four of us along with the Västra Frölunda Sisters and the Watsons helped out in the tents and ran a few things. Super fun time, just pretty cold and long haha. Elder Williams and I got a ride back home from a member in our own ward, Thorsten Ludwig, and after quickly changing and showeringm, we headed down to the Institute Center for our Interviews with President Beckstrand. Got a ride home from the ZLs and had dinner. Long day. 

Sunday was refreshing. I did something in every meeting yesterday haha! I was asked to bear my testimony during Sacrament meeting, then I taught the Gospel Principles class, then in third hour I translated for Jimone in Elders Quorum. The life of a Missionary :) After Church and some needed lunch, Elder Williams and I held our weekly planning session for the upcoming week, then went over to Kirk's with the Zone Leaders for dinner and correlation meeting. And there you have it folks.

Something that we can always think about is the infinite sacrifice of our Savior Jesus Christ. I felt the Spirit strongly as I read verses 21-24 from 2 Nephi 9. Thanks to Jesus Christ, we have been given the ability to repent of our sins so that we may be made clean. Repentance is not an option however, it is a requirement for entering our Father's Kingdom. As we exercise the Atonement in our lives and repent of the tiny little mistakes as well as sometimes, sin, we will be blessed with the cleansing power of the Spirit and will continue on the straight and narrow towards exaltation. 

I love each and everyone one of you and wish you a phenomenal week!

Mycket Kärlek,  


Äldste Stefan Reed

Varma hälsningar från Sverige

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Elder Stefan Reed
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Elder Falkner and I on the boat!


Going along the river

Going along the river

Nice ships!

Nice ships!


Listening to the commentary

Our smokey bathroom(sometimes our members fireplace comes through our bathroom, and this time we had actual smoke plus the smell haha)

Few pics from the Familjedagen in Alingsås(Elder Treat and I maned the tent seen in the first picture where Bro. and Sis. Hudin are counting up the questionnaire entries)

Few pics from the Familjedagen in Alingsås(Elder Treat and I maned the tent seen in the first picture where Bro. and Sis. Hudin are counting up the questionnaire entries)

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