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SWEDEN WEEK 60: Busy Schedule and Transfer Time

Good Afternoon from Göteborg!

Elder Williams and I's time has come to a close. We have received the transfer calls, and were told that Elder Williams will be transferring to Hägersten to be companions with my one and only, dear son, Elder Loertscher! On my end, I will be remaining in the Utby I area and will be receiving Elder Matthew Cragun, second son of Elder Jonathan Downing and "brother" to Elder Charles Bradshaw. He will be coming from the Karlstad area.  Elder Cragun and Elder Williams are actually in the same group so they know each fairly well. I am looking forward to getting him and can't wait to see what miracles we can make happen here in this area! 

Last Monday was a pretty fun P-Day. Elder Williams and I hung out with the Alingsås Elders and the Trollhättan Sisters, checking out some shops in Göteborg and eating Sushi together. We participated that evening in a little street contacting blitz with members of the Västra Frölunda district. I was paired up with Elder Hatch and we had a super fun time going up and down some Gothenburg streets preaching the Good Word. We met some cool folks that night, like a man from China, two American woman eating outside of Wrapped, and a father concerned with seeing his family after this life. Good day overall!

Tuesday was a bit of a tract-down-the-less-actives day. Elder Williams and I searched around Angered for some less-actives, then went out to Bergsjön as well. The ZLs tipped us off to one recent convert named Donald who had moved from Malmö, and we swung-by and had an awesome visit with him. Donald is originally from Nigeria and was baptized by Elders Hemmingsen and Rassmussen down there, and has since moved to Göteborg and lives here now in our ward. It was nice to get to meet him and he gladly accepted to come to church this Sunday. Other than that, we taught Juha as well and read 1 Nephi 11 with him. He had actually read on his own from the Book of Mormon and is now more interested in reading it, his desire having grown from reading about Lehi's dream of the Tree of Life. Another step in the right direction! After him, we did some more less-active swing-bys and taught some people on the street as well as a bit of tracting. 

We started off Wednesday by walking over to Kortedala and did some swing-bys over there, then came back to the Church and had lunch with the Zone Leaders and Sis. Zene. After a brief calling session, we headed out to Lennart's and had our weekly language lesson with him, and helped him out with some technical issues with his new iPhone. We headed over to Bergsjön after that and got in a discussion with a street contact about the Love of God and feeling the Spirit. After that, we had dinner with Elder Heiner and Elder Treat (on splits) at the local Max. 

Thursday was pretty hectic. The Watsons came over for apartment checks in the early afternoon, then after getting a lift from them we hurried over to Juha's and taught about Prophets and read some quotes from one of President Monson's talks. Juha agreed to be interviewed Friday for his scheduled baptism on the 28th, and we committed him to praying to know if Thomas S. Monson is a prophet of God. Afterwards, we had a quick street discussion with a cool guy named Achmed, he almost accepted a Book of Mormon, then we drove with the ZLs over to the Muhlematters for dinner. Flygande Jakob and a nice testimony meeting afterwards with their family. To end the day, Elder Williams and I had a quick visit with a potential investigator and invited him to Church, then we had FHE at the Cammans Home and read Mosiah 4 together and celebrated Sousanne's birthday by eating chocolate cake. 

Friday was also busy! District meeting for the last time with this transfer's district, then Sis. Bateman's funeral. Then, lunch with the ZLs and Endai and Birgitta in the ward at a yummy restaurant called "The Golden Days". Then, the four of us went over to Juha's so Elder Heiner could interview him, and Elder Heiner found him worthy. Juha told us later that he felt ready and was read another chapter from the Book of Mormon with him. Then, we had arranged to meet with Rex and his kids at Lennart's place so Lennart could teach them Swedish, but they didn't show up so we had an extra visit with Lennart and helped out with some technical problems and learned some more Swedish. 

As stated, we got transfer calls, and those happened Saturday morning as usual. The four of us missionaries had lunch with Bro. and Sis. Falck, yummy yummy Chinese food, then Elder Williams and I visited with Inge Nordås, who just suffered the loss of his cat Mysan. We had a good visit with him and he really enjoyed our company, and to lift his spirits we read Mosiah 24 to him. After his visit, we traveled down to the Västra Frölunda Chapel and witnessed a baptism there. After the service and during the refreshment stund I got to know Phillip, an investigator who is working with the VF Sisters, and we had a fun time talking and getting to know each other. I felt good putting myself out there and going up and talking to him. Always good to get out of your comfort zone :) 

Sunday was great but also a bit sad. For one, it was Elder Halterman and Elder Williams last Sunday in the Utby Ward (Elder Halterman will be going to Södertälje, and Elder Heiner will be receiving Elder Richardson here), so they got to bear their testimonies to the Ward, and secondly, Juha didn't show up to Church. Because of this we are going to have to move his baptismal date again. He makes these small steps but he still isn't fully ready for the commitment of coming to church every week and making this a part of his life. We are going to work extra close with him this next transfer. However, Bibi, the guy we met with on Thursday, came to the last hour of Church and I escorted him and stayed with him for Elders Quorum. Bad news is he lives in the Västra Frölunda area so we turned him over to them...Oh well...After church, we had communal lunch with the ZLs at their place, then after doing some weekly planning and packing back home we went out to Bergsjön and contacted a few people there, meeting a Syrian couple who took some Books of Mormon. 

I will be sad to see Elder Williams go but I know he is in good hands with my son (hopefully ;)) and I know he will do well in Hägersten. I share with you all the message we shared with Inge this last week: 

Mosiah 24:15
 15 And now it came to pass that the burdens which were laid upon Alma and his brethren were made light; yea, the Lord did strengthen them that they could bear up their burdens with ease, and they did submit cheerfully and with patience to all the will of the Lord. 

As we are patient and submit to the Lord's will, we will find abundant peace and hope. The Savior will ease our burdens as we turn to him and exercise the power of His Atonement in our lives. Our love for Him will grow and our love for our fellow man will also increase. I know that this is true. 

I wish you all a great week and hope to hear from you all soon!

Mycket Kärlek,


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Yummy Yummy Sushi

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Waiting at the bus stop with Elder Williams

Selfies with Lennart

Selfies with Lennart

The Västra Frölunda and Trollingby District

Our Beloved Trollingby District

Our Beloved Trollingby District

Some sort of family/neighborhood event in Bergsjön centrum

Some sort of family/neighborhood event in Bergsjön centrum

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