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SWEDEN WEEK 62: Summer Days and The Grind

Hallå hallå!

Greetings from Gothenburg once again! It has been a hot, long, tiring week for Elder Cragun and I. I would be lying if I said it wasn't one of the more rougher ones. We did lots of work and suffered a few disappointments, but we learned a great deal by the end of it.

To get into it, Monday was fairly chill, took care of the normal P-Day routine then went down to the center and hung around with some other missionaries. Elder Richardson and Elder Cragun wanted to check out the city, so the three of us took a walk around and got some ice cream at the end. Our proselyting for the day consisted of some tracting and contacting in south Bergsjön, were we met an Eritrean mother who accepted a Book of Mormon.

Most of the other days this week consisted of much of the same, lots of contacting and tracting in the Bergsjön and Angered areas. Highlights from Tuesday were getting the car while the Zone Leaders were in Stockholm for MLC (Missionary Leadership Council), met with Juha and had a really good lesson about the Holy Ghost, language study with Lennart, then played Rugby and American football(sort of) in the rain with the Youth in the ward.
Had a fun start on Wednesday by attending a pancake party hosted by a YSA from Frölunda ward with other missionaries in the Frölunda district. Later went out to Bergsjön and had a street discussion with a brother named Claudio and ended up getting his number, and also swung-by Rex's family and had a good meet with the three kids. We closed the day with a dinner at the Hindborg's home and had a good time with Bro. and Sis. Hindborg, then got back home and made a few calls.

Aside from the usual, we met with Juha and talked about the priesthood, then gave a Book of Mormon to a previously tracted lady. We did lots of walking that day through Hjällbo and Angered, and tracted some more buildings, finding a very sincere Christian man named Sunne. The Spirit was present as we bore testimonies about the Book of Mormon to him and invited him to read and pray about it. He gratefully accepted the book and said he would study it. Very positive man, special door for sure. Also, we ended up giving a Book of Mormon to a ten year old Muslim girl who thought our name tags were cool. She was smart as a whip and we talked to her and her friends for a bit. We even exchanged high fives at the end haha!

The transfer-lly zone training was held at the YSA Center on Friday, where we received training on teaching and adding emphasis to the temple as part of goal-setting with investigators and others we work with. Got to see some familiar faces who are new to the zone, like Elder Luke and Elder Perkins, as well as meet new ones. Elder Cragun and I had a wonderful weekly planning session after lunch and getting home; one of the more effective ones I have had on my mission. We had some great discussion about how we have been doing so far and how we can express more charity and love in what we do. We made some calls later that day as well as walked around the Utby neighborhood and contacted some people.

Saturday was much like Thursday, but we got to meet Agha and boost his spirits, then went out to Hjällbo and spent a good chunk of time tracting and contacting there. We went out to Bergsjön late afternoon and met a new guy named Herman, who hails from Eritrea and has lived in Karlstad, Elder Cragun's previous area. We gave him a Book of Mormon in his language and he was excited to read it, being Christian himself. Super nice guy, even fed us some traditional food from his country. Don't ask me the name of it because I couldn't pronounce it anyway haha. As we later tried to swing-by some less-actives, we contacted a man named Tesfai which turned into an hour and half long discussion out on the street. A very knowledgable man with a rock-solid faith and belief in God and Christ, explaining his beliefs and perceptions in detail to us. He went through and explained his story of how he was saved, speaking eloquent English for it not being his first language. We did get his number and ended on a good note.

Sunday was alright, the Spirit was felt during fast and testimony meeting and Elder Cragun and I taught a good lesson on Tithing for Gospel Principles class. A convert that was baptized here four years ago and her husband came to visit and were super cool. Other than that, Elder Cragun and I and the ZLs broke our fasts and had dinner together, we gave a blessing to Sis. Zene, and then later went to Kirk's for corelation meeting. Kirk arrived back from the States yesterday from attending his son's wedding, but was happy to have us over and gave us some yummy cake. 

Despite the hard week, Elder Cragun and I have gotten closer and have talked a lot about Charity lately. I was reading through the talk by Elder Hallstrom entitled, "I Am a Child of God" and realized that it is as we lose our identity as children of God, we distance ourselves from Him and are more prone to fall into the traps of sin. As we remember our divine potential and who we really are, we will choose to be valiant so that we can live with our Father in Heaven again. Don't forget who you are!

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Ice Cream with the Bros, Elder Richardson and Elder Cragun

We eat good food here

The New Göteborg Zone! Selfie!

Super funny sign; gives you a good idea of what work is like in Hjällbo

Red Velvet cake at Kirk's last night! Yum!

Red Velvet cake at Kirk's last night! Yum!

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