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SWEDEN WEEK 64: Knowledge Overload and Feeling Good

Oh folks it has been a whirlwind of a week! Some much has happened (as usual) and there just isn't time to write even a hundredth part of it down haha. Elder Cragun and I really felt good about the outcome of the week, we learned soooooo much. We events like Mission Tour with Elder Timothy J. Dyches of the Europe Area Presidency on Wednesday, the Fair Mormon Conference in Kungsbacka on Saturday, and a fireside in Frölunda where one of the speakers from said conference spoke just last night. Also, we talked to the "One"s that we needed to each day that the Lord put in our path. 

On Monday, the "One" was a man by the name of Peder who hails from Morocco. We were walking down the streets of Gamlestaden and passed a man working outside on his car, and we simply started talking to him after saying hi. I'll admit, he wasn't a golden investigator or a prepared guy per-say, he was very solid in his Christian faith and told us multiple times how he knew everything already and didn't need Joseph Smith or the Book of Mormon. But still, we had a good chat with him anyway and we walked away a little frustrated haha but it was meant to be I think. 

We met with Juha on Tuesday and taught him about Missionary Work in the Church, and kept it pretty basic with him. He has been reading a few chapters from the Book of Mormon on his own, but still kind of at a stand still in terms of progression. We also did some service for him by going to his place Friday and cleaning his balcony of bird poop, which he really appreciated haha. On Tuesday we also checked out an area called Eriksbo and ran into a Polish man by the name of Stefan (hehe). He expressed to us his concern of the outlook of the world these days and how there is so much wrong. He is a Christian himself but isn't very strong in his faith right now. We listened to him and talked to him, and just had a very natural conversation that led into our message of the Book of Mormon and how we can know that God does exist and truly love us thanks to it. Though he didn't accept the book, he was glad to meet us and said we were nice and gladly took our card. That evening we had some missionaries from other areas stay the night at our place in preparation for Mission Tour the following day, so we hosted Elder Benson and Elder Thacker from Karlskrona in the Malmö zone (that's right, Elder Thacker my previous comp :)) and Elder Luke and Elder Holt from Jönköping. 

I learned tons from Wednesday from both President and Sister Beckstrand about recognizing the Spirit and being Seekers of Him, as well as from Elder Dyches about being a Master Teacher. It was basically a Zone Conference with the Malmö Zone. After the Conference and lunch, my companion had been specially selected by President B. to be interviewed by Elder Dyches, so they had a little one-on-one meeting while I waited outside in the hall. From what I hear, it was super good :) We also had dinner with the Zone Leaders and Bro. Cederberg that night, then celebrated Sis. Banks' birthday over in VF. 

Thursday was solid. We had a street contacting session through the Svingeln/Olskroken area and found a woman who gladly accepted the Book of Mormon, and sat on a bench and talked to a man named Hassan from Iraq. We got to take the Zone Leaders car after dropping them off at the Station to head up to Stockholm, then went to Kirk's for FHE. Good chat about the Spirit there as well. 

With our use of the car, we went out to a farther area called Surte and did some tracting there. Unfortunately we didn't have the most success due to the Sweden-Italy Football game going on and no one wanted to talk. We also found another tracting area in Angered in the Lövgärdet part. The day concluded by picking up the ZLs and then getting dinner together. 

We had another awesome lesson with Sara and Staffan this Saturday, teaching about the Plan of Salvation. Everything went super well, the Spirit was present, and Sara is still loving learning. She and Staffan have read up to 1 Nephi 5 together, and they have even talked about baptism! At the end of the lesson, they bring that up and Sara expressed how she feels that this Church is right and that it feels good. We were a little speechless haha! I left that lesson feeling so good inside, with those warm, peaceful feelings that come from the Holy Ghost warming my soul. Sara is prepared by the Lord and such a blessing. We met with Inge and read some Book of Mormon to him, and then went to the last hour of the the Fair Mormon Conference in Kungsbacka with the Zone Leaders and heard some good talks about Joseph Smith and the translation process of the Book of Mormon, and its coming forth. Just soaking up that knowledge. 

Sunday was the big knowledge overload day. We had a few guests from the Fair Mormon Conference who spoke attend our church meetings and one of them by the name of Marvin Perkins gave an excellent talk about Spiritual Anchors. He also took the four of us missionaries and Kirk aside during third hour to impart his knowledge of race in the scriptures. My mind was blown! We also were treated to listen to Daniel Petterson give a fireside in Frölunda and talk about the similarities of Muslims and Mormons. What a privilege to hear from these treasure troves of knowledge. It was a crazy weekend to say the least hahah! That always seems to be the case here. In other news, Elder Cragun and I passed out a bunch of flyers to the Utby neighborhood about the Midsommar celebration this coming Friday this past week, Sara and Staffan came to church yesterday, we met with Sven-Andersson yesterday and read from 2 Nephi 32 and things are going super well.

My thought for the week is just the simple principle of trusting in the Lord and following his path. Just like Samuel: "Hath the Lord as great delight in burnt offerings and sacrifices, as in obeying the voice of the Lord? Behold, to obey is better than sacrifice, and to hearken than the fat of rams. " (1 Sam 15:22)

The Lord has outlined his path for us, and we have but to obey and follow. We can't let our pride get in the way, and lead us to think that we should do things differently when the Lord knows best. He has given us the tools and the means to follow Him. I hope you all have a great week! Talk to you again real soon! This Saturday even! 

Mycket Kärlek,

Äldste Stefan Reed

Varma hälsningar från Sverige

Mailing Information

Elder Stefan Reed
Enebybergsvägen 38
182 46, Enebyberg

Feeding some goats in Eriksbo

Rainbow as we left Frölunda (lots of rain this past week by the way)

The Lake by Kirk's place

FHE at Kirk's!

Our special guest from Sunday, Brother Marvin Perkins. Look him up, stud of a man.

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