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SWEDEN WEEK 65: Utby Midsommar and Rainy Days

Hello Hello Hello! 

We have just had a blast over here in käre Göteborg! This past weekend was fun-filled bonanza, I don't really know where to start! 

Basically, our actual proselyting days were Monday-Thursday, and the weekend (excluding Sunday) was off due to the Midsommar Holiday. P-Day consisted of some rainy shopping (lots of drizzles and downpours this past week actually), then Elder Cragun and I finished handing out flyers to the Utby neighborhood. 

Tuesday was a solid working day though! We had a bit of a combined companionship study with the Zone Leaders discussing all the scriptures and info Marvin Perkins had given us, then we headed out to lunch at Kirk's. Afterwards, Elder Cragun and I did some solid street contacting in Angered Centrum and found a lady by the name of Jillian who had a bunch of questions for us about our church and liked our answers. We got her number and gave her a Book of Mormon, and are actually going to meet with her tomorrow! Super cool contact! We also had some run-ins with what we called the local "rift-raft", some drunks and the like, and talked to a bunch of them because they kept stopping us and wanted to talk haha. For me, it is sad to see people in that condition, their minds and lives just aren't what they could be. I think of the Savior and how he was amongst people of that sort as well, and I realize that it is a privilege to be in such a position that I am a missionary doing this same work for all of God's children. We had dinner that evening with the Muhlematters and a discussion about Scriptural Heroes.  

Wednesday went by super fast and was a little rougher. Our first contact of the day was an atheist man from the Middle East who was very opinionated in his ideology. Kind of shut down some of our other plans for the day because we talked with him for a while. Plus rain made it hard to contact outside as well. We met with Lennart and had a language study with him, then went out to Hjällbo and taught Sara! This time we focused on the Gospel of Jesus Christ and got a baptismal date for the 16 of July with her! She is very excited and still loving everything! She and Staffan came to the Midsommar Celebration sponsored by the ward on Friday and they came to church yesterday as well. They are so awesome! 

We spent Thursday having District meeting with the other Elders (minus the Zone Leaders who were gone on workovers) and had a good bonding time, then we headed out to Hjällbo and spent the bulk of the day out there contacting. In the evening, the ZLs and Elder Cragun and I helped some members of the ward decorate the Maypole in the rain, then we went to the Camman's home for dinner and root-beer floats. 

Friday was Midsommarsafton, the big day where all of Sweden gathers around fields and dances around the Maypole while singing traditional, childish songs with accompanying actions. Nearly all of the Göteborg Zone came down to Utby and we celebrated there, helping out with games, giving ice cream to the children at the end, and taking lots of pictures and dancing and singing of course. The weather was great, no rain and plenty of sunshine. After the celebration there, all the missionaries as well as some others gathered at the Falck's house (a family in our ward) and had some Taiwanese food and conversed with each other. After that, we all moved to the YSA center and played some board games and things and chilled. Everyone was tired and a little sun-burned by the end of the day haha. Elder Cragun and I hosted the Karlstad Elders that night from the Malmö Zone, who got permission to join our festivities and we had a blast with them. 

Saturday was basically an extra P-Day, since it was also a Swedish Holiday, the actual Midsommarsdag. Elder Cragun and I and the Karlstad Elders (Elder Moulton and Elder Nelson) walked around the vacant streets of central Göteborg, took some pics, then joined up with other missionaries and ate lunch and played some games together. More chilling haha. The Frölunda Sisters had a baptismal service for their Nigerian investigator, Phillip, and we gladly attended and had a nice time there. To finish of the day, we got back home and did some weekly planning. 

Sunday was exciting as usual, always many things to do. Earlier this week, we were called by a member in Hong Kong who was seeking information about the Church here in Göteborg since she would be coming to Sweden on a business trip and would be attending our ward. We held contact with her during the week and got her the info, and she was able to make it to services here yesterday. She had a good time and was very grateful for our help. As said, Sara and Staffan came, and an old investigator and his brother visited as well and came to our Gospel Principles class and loved it. We had lunch with the ZLs after meetings, then went to Bergsjön and had a home-teaching visit with Rex and his family and Mattias Renman, a counselor in the Bishopric. We also visited our lonesome friend Sven-Anders and then did some tracting in Angered before going to Kirk's for correlation meeting. While tracting, we were let in by a Kurdish Muslim man who was very friendly and nice and we had a good conversation with him. He was very respectful and let us share a super short message, and we left him with a Book of Mormon; though he said he was firm in his faith, he said we are welcome back anytime. Just a peaceful, friendly conversation and felt super natural. 

In my studies of the Book of Mormon and 1 Samuel I have come across a lot insights on the Holy Ghost and how necessary he is for our relationship with God. Without His Spirit we would not have pure knowledge and truth on this earth. It is through that divine revelation that we are blessed and are led to follow Jesus Christ. As we live righteously and are obedient, we can be assured that the Lord will communicate with us through his Spirit, as King Saul unfortunately could not figure out. I love this Gospel and this Church. Have a great week and keep enjoying your summer!

Mycket Kärlek,

Äldste Stefan Reed

Varma hälsningar från Sverige

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Elder Stefan Reed
Enebybergsvägen 38
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-Decorating the Midsommarstång

Midsommar in Fjällbo Park

Midsommar in Fjällbo Park

Me and my comp!


Me and my comp!

Midsommar in Fjällbo Park

Midsommar in Fjällbo Park

The After-Party


Group Pics!

Group Pics!

Group Pics!

Saturday Morning with the Karlstad Guys!

Göteborg City Streets

Göteborg City Streets

Our guest from China, Sister Ng!

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