Monday, July 4, 2016

SWEDEN WEEK 66: Big Transfer and Seeing Celebrities

Holy Cow I'm leaving Göteborg! 

I think this is the first time I have come to the close of my time in an area and I have found myself wanting to stay another transfer. All my past areas, it felt right to leave when I did, but with this one I just want to stay because the Lord is truly preparing people here and I want to continue being a part of it. I know however that Elder Cragun and his son (yes, that's right, Elder Cragun will be training) will take good care of Utby 1 and that they will find continued and increasing success here. It has been a precious blessing to see the Lord's hand here and I will cherish many memories made here. 

So where am I going you might ask? I have been assigned to go down to the land of Skåne and serve in Lund with an old friend, Elder Dickson (my second district leader back in Stockholm). I will also be "killing" him since this upcoming transfer will be his last. I have heard awesome things about Lund and its super dedicated ward, having had a companion who served there as well as other mission friends who have had nothing but good things to say about it. Going to be an adventure! 

For events during the week, there has been lots of things going on due to the news that Elder Cragun would be training as well as some others in our zone, plus the last week of a transfer is always busy as a rule haha. We had a fun time on Monday browsing the Midsommar sales at Nordstan, as well as checking out some other places and even happening to see Bruce Springsteen coming out of a hotel/bar. Turns out he had a stop in Gothenburg for his tour this past weekend. In the evening Elder Cragun and I taught Sara about some commandments which she was more than willing to accept, including the Word of Wisdom. Already she has made huge progress by going from 10 cups of coffee a day to just half a cup. Incredible how the Lord is preparing his children! 

Tuesday we spent out in the greater Angered Area visiting Agha and Juha and sharing messages with them, then unfortunately got blåsted by a potential investigator. We did happen to contact a very nice lady (the first contact of the day actually) who was interested in what we said about the Book of Mormon and liked the idea of eternal families. We got her number and gave her a Mormons Bok. Elder Richardson and I went to ward council that evening, and at the end we celebrated Lennart's birthday by having cake and pear soda. Perks of going to ward council haha!

Spent the day with Elder Treat on Wednesday, who also had a birthday that day! Elder Cragun and I and the ZLs as well as Elder Treat and Elder Falkner went to Lennart's who hosted a little party for Elder Treat, and there we ate smörgåstorta and sang to him. Afterwards, I followed with Elder Treat and the ZLs to a little lunch in honor of the missionaries who would be leaving for home soon (includes Elders Heiner, Treat, Bradley, and Sister Banks) hosted by the Watsons at their place. Elder Treat and I then traveled to Alingsås and had a dinner with a member family there. Coincidentally, the family had picked up a cake from their local grocer using a free coupon that they had had lying around since they knew the missionaries would be coming over, but they had no clue that it was Elder Treat's birthday. Knowing I couldn't let it go unnoticed, I spilled the beans of his birthday to them and after some quick work with candles we had a genuine birthday cake and sang to him. Super funny! Definitely some promptings from the Spirit there hahah! After the dinner and fun time, Elder Treat and I did some contacting in downtown Alingsås then headed home for the day. 

As you might have expected, the weekend was pretty crazy haha! Elder Cragun headed up to Stockholm Thursday evening for his "Train the Trainers" meeting on Friday, so I got paired with the one and only Elder Bradley since his companion will also be training. Before all that happened though, we had district meeting at the center as usual, had a mass funeral for the four missionaries heading home, then Elder Cragun and I got home and made preparations for splits. Once Elder Cragun and Elder Johnson were safely on their train, Elder Bradley and I went and taught Sara with Staffan and together we read 2 Nephi 31. Bradley was warmly welcomed back to Kirk's FHE that evening (Elder Bradley served in Utby for 6 months) and that wrapped up the day.

Elder Bradley and I had a whole Friday together since our companions didn't get back until 8:30 that night, and we had a blast! Lunch at IKEA with some other missionaries, then going hard in the paint contacting in Angered areas, meeting with Agha, and visiting Inge. Tons of fun, one of the funnest days of my mission, shame that Elder Bradley is headed home. 

Transfer calls on Saturday of course, then Elder Cragun and I, once again reunited, taught Sara some more commandments that morning. Not much else that day other than weekly planning then some tracting over by Fjällbo park. Was both Elder Heiner and I's last Sunday in the Utby ward yesterday, we both bore our testimonies in Sacrament meeting. We taught Sara with Kirk and Valentina about Prophets during second hour and then went to High Priest's and translated for Kirk during third. We spent the rest of the Sunday with the ZLs, having correlation meeting at Kirk's then dinner with the Svahns out in Stenungsund. In the middle of that we did a bit of split contacting in Angered Centrum and Elder Richardson and I talked to some drunk people. 

Sorry about the super lengthy e-mail folks, I'm sure I've bored you all half to death haha, but it really has been a blast serving here in Utby in the wonderful city of Göteborg. This place really does have a special feeling to it. I have strengthened my testimony of so many different principles here and have learned lots, but I think the main take away is that we are truly sons and daughters to a divine Father in Heaven. God posses a fullness of love, justice, and mercy and truly watches out for us. As Jesus taught to both the people of Jerusalem as well as to the Nephites, "seek ye first the kingdom of God and his righteousness and all...things shall be added unto you". Heavenly Father loves each and everyone of us. 

Take care till next week! Next stop, Lund! 

HAPPY FOURTH OF JULY! God Bless America!

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Paparazzi! Bruce Springsteen sighting!

Paparazzi! Bruce Springsteen sighting!

Chatted with our Frölunda buddy Oscar on a bus!

Peace and Love Agha!

See you, Juha!

So much Star Wars Cereal!

Fun times with Bradley

FHE at the Cammans

Sara and Staffan


Bishop Tittus and Bro. Renman!

The Svahns!

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