Monday, July 11, 2016

SWEDEN WEEK 67: First-Week Fire and Old Sweden

Greetings from the Southern Land of Skåne! 

I feel like I am in Sweden again! Lund is a beautiful city with so much old, rich architecture and history, and a myriad of sites and places to see. Our district here comprises of the two sets of Elders in the Malmö area and the three companionships in Lund, which includes Elder Dickson and I and then Sis. Bourelle and her greenie Sis. Wagner, and Elder Adams and his greenie Elder Pack. Transportation includes riding bikes often and then the general city bus system as needed. Elder Dickson and I are having a jolly old time, talking about old times in Stockholm and reminiscing on our missions. It was a bit sad leaving Göteborg, that place just has a different feel to it. Great things lie in store for us here in Lund though, I know that. 

To catch up on what happened in the days before the change, we can go back to Monday and Tuesday. Basically, hung out with other missionaries at the YSA Center for a bit, ate some hot dogs in celebration of the 4th, and walked around Göteborg a bit. Also went to a shopping outlet with the ZLs so Elder Heiner could get his last couple Swedish clothing items before heading home. The evening was spent at Kirk's, grilling up some hot dogs and brats and talking about America. Good 4th! Tuesday was the big transfer day for me and a couple others. In the morning, we drove out to Alingsås with the ZLs to FSY (similar to EFY, big event for youth all over Sweden and other nearby places) and there with other missionaries in a small choir perfomed the number "Come Thou Fount" to open the morningside devotional. Cool time, got to see some familiar youth faces from other areas I have served in. Other events of the day were finishing packing and final transfer preparations, said good-bye to Lennart and Kirk and Valentina, and then headed to the train station where Elder Cragun and some the other trainers in the Zone headed to Stockholm and Elder Linchenko and I headed to Skåne together. Nice train ride, played some card games and talked a lot, then we got into Lund where Elder Linchenko caught another train to his area (Kristiansstad). I was welcomed by Elder Dickson and Elder Bentson, and we headed back home with my stuff and had dinner. 

The three of us were in a tri-pan until Elder Bentson left to transfer to Alingsås at around 12:00 Wednesday, and after that it has a been a rush of work here in Lund. Elder Dickson and I have done lots (I mean lots) of street contacting these last couple days, finding interesting people to talk to like Indian and German tourists as well as a British man who took a Book of Mormon and a Belgium couple looking for geocaches. We attended Ward Council Wednesday night (super effective and efficient), taught a practice lesson with a YSA member, and got a language lesson from another on Thursday. 

I have already gotten to meet a handful of YSA's in the ward, one being a super awesome RM who served in Japan and went with us on a teach with an old investigator named Bert. The Ward mission leader is very dedicated and on top of things, expecting nothing less than hard work, and one of the counselors of the bishopric set me up to give a talk in two weeks. Other people include a recent convert named Stig who is the most enthusiastic fellow I have met haha he absolutely loves the Gospel and making new connections as he continues reading the Book of Mormon. We had a cool experience on Saturday where we taught two guys from Syria who had met missionaries in Helsingborg and are new investigators now. Lots of good things happening basically haha. 

Sunday was a blast, all the classes were taught super well, good talks given, and members were friendly and welcoming. Its scary how organized this place is, its almost mechanical hahaha. Very well run ward, to say the least. Elder Dickson and I were kind of having a slow day after church, but we decided to go out to a neighboring city in our area called Dalby and swing-by a less-active there. As it turned out, he let us in and we had a nice short visit talking about the Holy Ghost and where he is at right now. He is working on discovering his personal spirituality right now and trying to learn more about Jesus Christ, and we shared some scriptures from the Book of Mormon and testified of the Holy Ghost revealing truth. We left feeling upplifted and grateful that we had swung-by, it was the right time to do it. 

I'll just wrap up here by sharing the spiritual thought I left with President Beckstrand:
"As I have been reading about the Savior's ministry to the Nephites, I have marked the relationship of Christ to the Holy Ghost, and how the two relate to each other. I pondered this scripture from 3 Nephi 28, verse 11: "...and the Father giveth the Holy Ghost unto the children of men, because of me". The Holy Ghost is essential and required in order to receive a testimony of Jesus Christ, and at the same time, because of Jesus Christ enabling us to repent thanks to His Atonement, we are able to receive the Gift of the Holy Ghost. Pretty cool I thought. It really is because of Christ that we enjoy all these amazing blessings."

I hope you all have a great week! Here back from you all real soon! 

Mycket Kärlek,

Äldste Stefan Reed

Varma hälsningar från Sverige

Mailing Information

Elder Stefan Reed
Enebybergsvägen 38
182 46, Enebyberg


Found this cool Handball tournament going on in Göteborg! Partille Cup!

Ran into some American kids!

4th of July at Kirk's!

Saying good-bye to Prince

Good luck with Training Cragun!

Good-bye times before the train

Lennart's good-bye

Bye bye to the Cammans

Elder Dickson!

Quick shot of a church in Lund (stay tuned for more and better pictures)

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