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SWEDEN WEEK 68: Following Guts and BYU Assault

God Förmiddag!

Let's just get right into things here! 

First P-Day in the Malmö zone last week! Went over to Malmö to a castle-turned-museum called Malmöhuset, lots of really cool art exhibits and old Swedish furniture and paintings as well as cool rugs and other stuff. Had an aquarium there too, plus we walked over to a neighboring technical museum and walked in a submarine. Fun time! That evening was correlation meeting with our very dedicated ward mission leader; talked about goals and mission plan and other things of the like. 

Tuesday turned out to be a funky yet super fun day. We had some service planned with a member in the morning but that fell through, however the rest of our activities held out. We met with Stig in the afternoon and had a fun lesson about D&C 4 with him, he ate it up haha! Later, we met up at the center with Samuel, a YSA who is working on his mission papers, had a lesson about Moroni's promise, then went out contacting with him for a short bit. Elder Dickson found one guy named Aron who is friends with another YSA and got his number and gave him a Book of Mormon. YES! Later that day we had song practice at a members house in preparation for the anniversary of a member couple in the ward that will happen this coming week. 

We did get in some service Wednesday morning with the other Elders and the Sisters over at the Ahlström family's place, doing some landscaping on their property and painting their playset. I got to paint some boards white; my first time painting! After being fed lunch and coming back from that, we did studies then went over to the center and did some swing-bys of less-actives nearby. Later had language study with Hannah, another YSA in the ward, and then ward council followed by some contacting in the city to finish the night. 

Super effective morning on Thursday! Got lots of phone calls made and set up stuff for the coming week, it was like Christmas came early! We then went over to Stig's since it was his birthday and ate some cake together with him and one of his non-member neighbors! We had a good chat on Jesus Christ since this man is also a Christian and shared some other things regarding our belief in continuing scripture and revelation. It was a pleasant conversation, though not sure how much the man wants to actually investigate, he was pretty set in his beliefs. After that, we headed over to Hjärup to the Schanner's for dinner and shared a message about D&C 14:7 before eating some yummy dessert. The evening closed with some contacting and a visit with some YSA bros who were grilling some korv outside. Fun day! 

The transfer-ally zone training was held Friday in Malmö; we received some great training on continuous personal revelation and being guided by the promptings of the Spirit. For zone lunch, we ate at a popular Chinese buffet called "Miss Asia", and I got to talk with Elder Thacker who is currently training in Karlskrona as well as Elder Higgins. Upon arriving back in Lund, Elder Dickson and I headed home and did weekly planning, then later had a language lesson with yet another YSA, Emma, and contacted a bit before; we had an interesting conversation with an agnostic woman named Matilda, and found a cool couple that had investigated the church previously. 

Saturday was packed with stuff. In the morning we met up with a man named Sergio who is married to a member in the ward and went out to his bicycle repair shop to help him fix up and repair bikes for his business. We were accompanied by a friend of his nephew who comes from Chile and can't speak Swedish or hardly any English as well, named Joaquin. We had a fun time getting to know each other and left more knowledgeable on the workings of bikes, and even had lunch at Biltema together. We then hopped over to Hjärup to help our ward mission leader move some furniture, then hurried to the Institute center for a quick meeting with the Elders quorum presidency on home-teaching. THEN, we hurried over to the church to meet with an elderly Swedish couple who had contacted us yesterday to meet up and help them with some family history. The wife loves family history and while I helped her search for some documents on FamilySearch on one computer, Elder Dickson chatted with the husband about the church. Super nice couple and eager to meet again and do some more. Also might be coming to church next week for the Family History class alone haha. Yet after all of that, we went back into the city and did some contacting and talked to some awesome people, ran into some American members by an outdoor concert in Stadsparken, then on our way home decided to get some pizza and ended up meeting three more awesome people. I learned that Spiritual impressions can come in the form of pizza cravings haha. Zahra, Jonathan, and Sara. Remember them.

So to add a little more clarification to the week, we had been running into BYU students all throughout the week due to a Study Abroad group coming through and visiting different European countries, including our own Sweden in the city of Lund. So, all 60 of these students with a few faculty (we ran into the teachers Saturday night) attended our ward yesterday, so meetings were packed and the chapel was full. On top of that, Joaquin, our new friend from Saturday came to church and I sat with him during all the meetings and luckily we had members in the ward who can Spanish so they translated for him. Super cool! Crazy but fun Sunday! Elder Dickson and I and the Sisters went over to a member's for dinner after meetings, then Elder Dickson and I ended the night by doing some contacting and ran into a Muslim from Ghambia. And that was the week in a nutshell haha! 

So as you can see, things are just busy and fun over here in Lund. Elder Dickson and I have been talking about weaknesses and trials and why some of us have a hard time acting on righteous desires lately, and we came to the conclusion that it takes active faith, meaning action is included in the process of hoping and desiring. There was a part of Preach My Gospel that I read through recently that said: "You will find more people to teach as you testify and allow them to feel the power of the Holy Ghost".  
As we bear our testimonies of restored truth, that is when we will find success. Not only will we help others, but we ourselves will feel successful as we strive to share of our knowledge. 

Have a great week everyone!

Mycket Kärlek, 

Äldste Stefan Reed

Varma hälsningar från Sverige

Mailing Information

Elder Stefan Reed
Enebybergsvägen 38
182 46, Enebyberg



Beautiful Paintings and rugs

Beautiful Paintings and rugs

Don't touch that!

Tekniska Museum exhibits

View from the Institute balcony (you can see the Lund Cathedral in the background)

Crops and other buildings shots

Crops and other buildings shots

Crops and other buildings shots

Crops and other buildings shots

Outdoor concert!

Sister's spotted us contacting

Dinner at Simon's!


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