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SWEDEN WEEK 71: Blessed Members and Broken Things

Good Morning one and all! 

Here I am once again with another e-mail about my past week in Sweden. Things are going well, Elder Dickson and I are seeing our relationships strengthen with members and the Lord blessing us as we bear sincere testimony to people we meet. It truly does have a better effect as you speak from your heart and own personal experiences. On a different note, we realized that out of the seven days this past week, six of them we ate pizza for one meal or another, whether it was frozen or fresh from a pizzeria, or fed to us at Zone Training haha. Pretty crazy! 

Anyway, we had the Volleyball tournament this past Monday in Malmö which was a big success. My team made it to the championship game but lost 22-25. We had a big come back in the middle of that game let me tell ya! I think our MVP was Elder Fawcett, he was a one man team. After all those festivities Elder Dickson and I got back to Lund and met with two new people, two Swedish teenagers named Nikolina and Alma. They both had lots of questions and wrote things down, almost seemed like an interview haha. Both our very curious in learning about what we belief and all these things about religion and God our pretty new to them. 

We had lunch with the Anyanwus and the other missionaries on Tuesday, then did some less-active swing-bys in the afternoon followed by a super great lesson with a Chinese woman named Mia. We got the perfect member to follow along, and it just went super well. The Spirit was there and we really focused on helping Mia understand that God is someone that loves her and that she can form a personal relationship with thanks to the blessings of the Restoration. Definitely was the biggest blessing of the day. On Wednesday we got to meet with a YSA and really bear testimony to her as we talked about weaknesses and how we can be changed thanks to Jesus Christ. It was cool how she opened up to us and we left really feeling that we had made a positive influence for her. Also got to visit the ever-enthusiastic Stig, and after ward council, we visited our investigator Bert with a member friend of his. Pretty bold lesson, we left him with the commitment to simply pray to Heavenly Father and ask him if he needs to be baptized. Haven't heard from Bert since that visit. 

Thursday was little rough, we went out to the middle of nowhere to visit a less-active, but it didn't really pan out, and one of our potential investigators no-showed on us. We did however get pizza for lunch and taught another one of our YSA friends named Hannah about Faith and answer some of her questions as she is preparing to serve a mission next year. We also got to share a message with another YSA, named Matilda, and after that we did some contacting and swing-bys. I tried to fix my bike brake that day and only made it worse, and later some of my spokes broke on the front wheel, so the end of the day didn't end on such a good note haha...

We were uplifted Friday by having Specialized Zone Training in Malmö, where we received some great training and teaching on obedience and expectations, and finding the balance of abiding both the Spirit and Letter of the Law. The Spirit was there and helped me recognize some things I can work on, and after the meeting I felt more courageous and peaceful. Always nice to see the Mission President and his wife and the Assistants. 

Saturday was service day with the Ahlströms; I finally finished painting the inner roof of their playset haha, I was so proud! It was a bit of a bummer later that day, both our planned lessons with positive potential investigators cancelled on us, but we did have some great street contacts in the evening. Sunday was relieving as I was able to take the Sacrament and be uplifted by the lessons taught. Later that day we had one street contact where we talked to a woman who was obviously stressed by the toils of her life, caring for her sick Mother and working a tiring job. She was agnostic and was previously a Muslim, but after treatment by others of her faith she gave up with it. We testified to her of peace and that God can help us with the difficulties we face, however she was hesitant to meet with us. In the end, we gave her a Book of Mormon, and she was moved by the fact that is was free, breaking into tears as we walked our seperate ways. Elder Dickson and I just kind of looked at each other and said, "Wow". We knew that we had helped her, that those were tears of gratitude, that had been swelling up in her. We walked away feeling good in our hearts, knowing we had done our part. 

It is so powerful the affect our testimonies have. We don't always see those affects just in the moment, but we can feel the peace and comfort from the Holy Ghost reassuring us that what we said was true and right. I am so grateful for the testimony I have, that I can say I know God lives and His son makes it possible for us to reach our divine potential. I wish you all a great week and a continued great summer!

Mycket Kärlek,

Äldste Stefan Reed

Varma hälsningar från Sverige

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Elder Stefan Reed
Enebybergsvägen 38
182 46, Enebyberg


Volleyball Tournament! Second Place team #ThirdString!

Volleyball Tournament! Second Place team #ThirdString!

Elder Dickson and I's favorite picture from the past week

Our Wonderful Assistants! Elder Bradshaw and Elder Halterman. I love these two Elders so much!

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