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SWEDEN WEEK 74: Being Guided and Flying Away

Good morning friends and family! 

Another week has passed us by. Elder Dean and I have been amazed by how many people we have had the chance to talk to on the street. The status of the work here is still on the climb, however we have not been able to meet with many of the people we had planned to due to them cancelling appointments on us. Such is the life of a missionary sometimes. 

We had a fun start to the week by playing capture the flag with other zone members at Pildammsparken in Malmö. We had a blast running around in the trees there, and its been fun seeing my son Elder Loertscher again and getting to meet new missionaries as well. A couple of new missionaries are being trained in the zone so its been cool to see the Sweden Stockholm mission change for me after being here for over a year. We had the usual correlation meeting that night, then the next day was spent out and about street contacting and trying to get in contact with old investigators. We had a nice dinner at our member friend Simon's with the other missionaries which was a nice relief to a hard working day. 

On Wednesday we explored some neighbors in Lund that neither of us had been to yet and did a bit of dedicated tracting time both in the afternoon and in the evening after ward council. It still amazes me how efficient and dedicated the bishopric and other members of the ward council are here. They truly have a desire to help and support and build the Kingdom here in Lund. People of the day were comprised of a faithful Catholic father who we had a nice chat with about the Restoration of the Priesthood, as well as an agnostic Swedish student who was very accepting of a Book of Mormon. 

We did some more exploring out in the Lomma area on Thursday and found a woman from Slovakia named Jaroslava who is seeking to define the higher power that she has felt. She took a Book of Mormon from and we got her e-mail, and she was happy to talk with us about God's plan and finding guidance and peace in this life. She is studying at the university here and had just arrived to Sweden a week ago upon us meeting her. Its neat to see the people that come from all over the world to Lund to study social economics or civil engineering or what have you. We also got the chance to meet with a less-active that Elder Dickson and I had met my first week in Lund and have a nice peaceful chat about Christ at the Botanical Garden. He is close to coming to church and to reading from the Book of Mormon which he hasn't really done before. Very nice man with a strong faith in Christ. We met with Mia that night as well at the YSA center (our dinner plans got changed due to Bro. Saffer having an operation that day) and brought a convert member along to teach about the Word of Wisdom. Mia accepted to try living it and said that she was thinking recently about her physical health and things that she could change. The bad news comes in with the fact that Mia is moving to Ottawa, Canada this week and will be staying there for four months before coming back to Sweden. We are going to stay in touch with her possibly via Skype and make sure she finds the church there so that she can attend church and continue meeting with missionaries. She gave a great closing prayer to end the lesson and just expressed gratitude for us, calling us wonderful people. It is so special to hear those sincere prayers of sincere investigators. 

We had a great Zone training in Malmö handling teaching skills and doubts this past Friday. Elder Dean and I also met two Italians and gave them a Book of Mormon, and ended up getting to know another recent convert named Victor who hails from Peru and just arrived back in Lund after visiting Stockholm. On Saturday, we did some weekly planning and had an awesome experience with the Spirit (I'll get to that one in a minute), and got to do some tracting with our member friend Simon since our lesson with a new investigator cancelled. 

Sunday was wonderful as usual and an uplifting experience in church, which was followed by an awesome dinner at the Nilsson home with the other Elders and other members in the ward. Once Elder Dean and I got back into Lund (the Nilssons live out in the country haha), we swung-by an old investigator that coincidentally Elder Workman had worked closely with and got let in and answered some questions that he and his sister and other roommate had. They mentioned to us that they had actually been talking about Mormons that week and then there we were in their home Sunday night haha. Though they weren't too interested in progressing or making commitments, we left an English copy of the Book of Mormon with their Bulgarian roommate who was curious in reading it, and left with a word of prayer. Maybe one day they will be more interested in experiencing the blessings of living the Gospel. 

So to close, I wanted to relate a neat experience we had Saturday afternoon. As usual, Elder Dean and I had planned the night before what we would do the next day, and we decided to go check out this neighborhood we hadn't been to before to do some finding work. Saturday comes and we go out and talk with people on the way as usual as we head to this neighborhood. We get there and weren't sure where exactly to go, but we ended up meandering through a bit and decide to tract a random building. Nothing happens on the top floor, but we get down to the next floor and I recognize the name on one of the doors as one of a members' in the ward. After hearing audible voices behind the door it was apparent it was in fact the home of a member, so we decided to just knock and say hello and offer to help in some way because why not. We ended up getting let in and shared and short message and learned that this active member who is a single mother with children who are not so active in the church, had been having a bit of a stressful week, had had physical problems with her back, and had been praying and seeking comfort and help. And then what do you know, we showed up! The three of us all knew her prayers had been answered. She asked us for a blessing and we gladly gave her one, after which she thanked us with tears of gratitude and joy. The Lord truly does look out for his children. He uses us to help one another. The Spirit had guided us to visit that normal, active single mother who just needed a little extra help from her Heavenly Father at just exactly the right time, and Elder Dean and I didn't even know it. We were just doing the work of the Lord and we suddenly found ourselves placed in the path of someone who needed us. The Holy Ghost truly does guide our paths whether we recognize it or not. He will always guide us to "do the will of [the] Father" (3 Nephi 27:13) as we live after the Gospel of Jesus Christ. I have an undeniable testimony of the power of the Holy Ghost and that he guides us to do the things that are right. 

Act on the promptings of the Holy Ghost immediately and you will be led the right way. 

Mycket Kärlek,  

Äldste Stefan Reed

Varma hälsningar från Sverige

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First two pictures taken in Pildammsparken

First two pictures taken in Pildammsparken

Saw some LARPers over in Stadsparken

A short view of the ocean over in Lomma

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