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SWEDEN WEEK 76: Answered Prayers and Marriage Season

Good afternoon one and all! 

The work in Lund is continuing to be led by the hand of the Lord. Elder Dean and I have had some great experiences with the Spirit recently and have seen ourselves guided to the places and people that we have needed to be at at just the right time. 

Before I get into some of those experiences, last Monday Elder Dean and I took it easy here in Lund and did some window shopping at the local Nova mall, got a bite at Max Burgers, and went to a second hand store and checked out the famous Domkyrka. Pretty easy day. The FHE at the Schanner's place didn't turn out, but we are going for it again tonight with Siv there, so it should be good. Last Tuesday we planned to do some member swing-bys and contact, and we ended up tracting into a guy named Leonard who hails from Zimbabwe, has a Catholic background, and was a Carmelite Monk for seven years! He was very receptive to the message of the Restoration and was really impressed by the fact that two young Americans go around talking about Christ in Swedish. Going to be a solid investigator we believe. Later that day we also ended up getting let in while tracting and met a man named Sassan who had some interesting views on God and religion in relation to human biology. We left him with a Book of Mormon and invited him to read 2 Nephi 2. 

Wednesday was really cool, probably holds the highlight experience of the week. We decided to do some more member swing-bys and felt that we should stop by one member who I had met with Elder Dickson during my first week in Lund who we hadn't seen for awhile. We bike over and knock on the door, she opens and is happy to see us but tells us that she has a guest over and can't take a visit right now. We offered help with anything and she said she was fine but would let us know if anything came up. She closes the door, and Elder Dean and I kind of look at each like, "Well, oh well...that was pointless I guess". We leave and start biking again, when suddenly she calls us and asks us if we can come back and share a message with her and her friend. She said she felt a nagging that she needed to invite us back. So we of course pedal back as fast as we can, super excited, and end up sharing a message about faith and healing (checkout Alma 15), as well as teach her non-member friend from Peru, named Bruno, about where the Book of Mormon comes from and the Restoration. He wasn't super interested, he thought it was all a bit comical actually, but the member shared her testimony with him combined with ours and the Spirit was there and it felt right. We left having strengthened her testimony of acting on the promptings of the Spirit (as well as ours), and felt great. The Sisters actually saw her later that day in town and she told them all about it and they said she was just glowing and felt super uplifted. The Holy Ghost truly does guide us all. 

Other happenings of Wednesday was the usual ward council, was well as teaching our investigator Bert that evening. Slower progress with him right now. Thursday was a fun-filled day, lots of contacting, taught a bunch of lessons. Elder Dean and I ended up going on splits halfway through the day with the other Elders so that he and Elder Gergetz could practice some music at a wedding rehearsal for a wedding that happened this past Saturday (more on that in a second). Elder Pack and I some lessons together that night, including one to our investigator Siv. Really great lesson about Baptism and the Gospel of Jesus Christ; we were soooo close to setting a baptismal date with her. The Spirit was in abundance that evening. She came to church yesterday and had a wonderful experience, so things are looking up for Siv right now. Also, random highlight of the day was being stopped by a college student on the street asking us if we had dropped a planner of notebook recently because they had found one on the bus and recognized it as belonging to missionaries! She had found my lost planer! Turns out this student lives very close to us, so I was able to get it back the next day. The Lord watches out for his missionaries haha! 

Friday was district meeting, really good one on using the scriptures in teaching; had a surprise visit from our two studly Assistants, Elder Bradshaw and Elder Halterman. Did some weekly planning that day and swung-by a member whose name we didn't recognize but turned out was an active member haha. Whoops. 

Saturday consisted of two major events: Service with the Ahlströms in the morning and early afternoon, then the wedding reception for Malena and Joshua in the evening. Malena is a daughter to a family in the ward and Josh is an RM who served in Sweden about 5 years ago and hails from the UK. Elder Dean and Elder Gergetz got picked up early to practice some musical things, and Elder Pack and I stayed together for most of the day, contacting a bit in Lund before heading over to the reception ourselves. It was held next to a beautiful castle in Trolleholm, and there were tons of guests ranging from familiar Swedish members that I have met (including the former Elder Sahlin and my mission "Grandpa" Hemming Svensson), to lots of relatives on Josh's side from the UK. Fun night, turned out to be a beautiful reception and the newly-wedded couple was stunning. Eternal marriage is a wonderful thing and brings some much happiness into so many peoples lives. 

After the usual church meetings, Elder Dean and I were invited over to dinner by Sis. Holmin, where we had a very pleasant crayfish dinner. We ate out in her very large garden where everything was very peaceful and quiet. We closed the evening by swinging by an investigator and contacting a little as well. 

I can't express to you all how much I know that Heavenly Father loves us. He truly answers our prayers. Elder Dean and I saw how our prayers were answered during the day as we would stop and offer a prayer together then within the next hour have it answered by meeting Leonard, or Sassan, or evening being able to get my planer back. Heavenly Father loves us so much and is aware of our needs and concerns. As we include him in our lives, we will see the blessings of joy and peace and security that come. 

Well, gtg, but I look forward to writing you all again next week. Have a blessed week! 

Mycket Kärlek,


Äldste Stefan Reed

Varma hälsningar från Sverige

P.S: Our mission is looking to collect ideas for object lessons in relation to principles of the Gospel, so if you know of any or have any friends who know of any, send the ideas my way in an e-mail with a description about it. Thanks! Love you all! :)
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Exterior shots of Domkyrkan

Exterior shots of Domkyrkan

Together outside of Domkyrkan

Down in the Crypt

Inside of Domkyrkan

One of the many beautiful University buildings in Lund

American products found at our local ICA Kvantum. WHOA!

The Wedding Reception

Following the Bride and Groom out for pictures by Trolleholm Slott

Cutting the cake!

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