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SWEDEN WEEK 77: Spiders Everywhere and Sweaty Diligence

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It has been a week of much finding work and laboring in the Lord's Lund section of the Vineyard. We are continuing to work with our investigator Siv with the incorrigible Christian Schanner, we were finally able to meet with potential investigator, Baofeng, and have been teaching plenty of street lessons to the Swedish people. This will be a short one due to time, so don't be too upset. 

We were very eager to have our little FHE with the Schanners and with Siv, but unfortunately it didn't pan out. Elder Dean and I and the Schanner family waited and waited, and had to end up doing the FHE without her. It was precious though the prayers that were offered in Siv's behalf by one of Christian's little girls, and though her presence was missed, we were able to learn that her car had some issues which resulted in her not coming. We did however get to meet with her this last Friday with Bro. Schanner, and had another Spirit-filled, testimony-strong lesson about faith and repentance as we read 2 Nephi 31 together. Siv has strong faith and is so close to the waters of baptism, it's just commitment to that step that is missing. Unfortunately, she also called us afterwards during the week and let us know that she wouldn't be able to make Stake Conference due to something that happened that she will tell us about when we meet this Wednesday. We are praying for her and hope to see some more progress soon. 

Wednesday evening after an engaging ward council about the ward's new mission plan, Elder Dean and I got the relief society president to join us on a lesson with Baofeng, someone that we had met the first week of this transfer. It was quite an emotional meeting, as Baofeng expressed many of her concerns and questions and trials that she was going through. We couldn't do more than bear testimony of the Savior and his Atonement, and share our experiences that praying does work and that God loves each of his children. Having Sis. Hearth along was an inspired choice and she helped greatly in connecting with Baofeng when we were at a loss of what to do. 

This weekend was Stake Conference for the Malmö stake, and we were able to attend the general session Saturday evening held in the Malmö chapel as well as the general session on Sunday held at the Scandic Star Hotel here in Lund. Lots of wonderful talks centered around the Europe area's goals of being Spiritually and Temporally independent, taking a friend, and finding an ancestor to take to the temple. A strong emphasis was also placed on missionary work and on the members and missionaries striving to work together to teach the people of Sweden. Being a part of the Lund ward where this emphasis is already in place gave me encouragement that this ward is on the right track. 

I have been pondering and reflecting on the attribute of diligence recently and have been uplifted by many great conference talks and scriptures as I have studied this subject. We each have a conscious effort each day to choose to stand up and be an example, or to sink down and be apathetic with our beliefs. While at times we may choose something that gives us temporary joy but can lead to eternal consequences, including even sin, when we choose to be diligent and obedient we may suffer temporary embarrassment or discomfort but in the end we will receive eternal life for those righteous efforts. 

 "For behold the field is white already to harvest; and lo,he that thrusteth in his sickle with his might, the same layeth up in store that he perisheth not, but bringeth salvation to his soul; " (D&C 4:4)

Lay up righteous works each day and you will be protected from the temptations and evils that surround us. I know that through faith in the Lord Jesus Christ and repenting of our transgressions, we will receive forgiveness and be made clean. That power is real and has had affect in my life. I love this Gospel and the peace and joy that it gives me. Have a great week everyone! 

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One of the many interesting signs that we see on doors here. Translation: "This apartment is protected by a Pitbull with AIDS". We found no such pitbull after knocking the door and talking to its uninterested owner. :)

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