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SWEDEN WEEK 78: Burning Quadriceps and Tri-pan Triumph

Tjena! Hur är läget?!

Family and friends, I just want to say first how much I love all of you and for how grateful I am for each of you. I have been truly blessed by the Lord with encouraging, kind, loving people. Thanks for all the wonderful birthday wishes; it made my morning and made me feel great seeing those! 

With that aside, lets get into the week shall we? 

Elder Dean and I had a blast last Monday playing some Lasertag over at the Laserdome in Malmö. I have to say though that those Swedish kids that we ended up playing against could be a little mean at times, they were ruthless haha! Due to the two and a half hours of squatting, ducking, weaving, running for cover, crouching, and other physical exertions, our leg muscles were incredibly sore for the next 2 or 3 days. Made for some funny moments tracting last week going up and down stairs; little biking even was rough haha. 

Most of this week was spent again on finding work and getting a hold of old investigators and old potential investigators. Tuesday consisted exclusively of that with a visit to Stig's thrown in there, and part of Wednesday as well. We got to teach Siv once again this last Wednesday and were able to give her a Priesthood blessing to help her with the opposition that she had been facing recently. She acted in great faith in allowing us to do so, and stood as a testament for me of the level of trust and faith that these people put into missionaries and members of this church. It was a touching experience. She has been doing better than ever since, and had a great time at church yesterday. We are looking forward to teaching her tomorrow. 

We were blessed with a phenomenal Zone Conference on Thursday up in Göteborg at the Västra Frölunda Chapel with our Malmö Zone as well as the Göteborg Zone. The Spirit was felt in abundance. I felt like Ammon upon meeting Alma and his brethren, minus the fainting part haha (give Alma 27:16-18) as I saw old mission friends and companions, some of whom are going home this coming Wednesday. I really thought about all the beautiful friendships that I have made since serving and how these are relationships that will last for the eternities. Anyway, enough mush, long story short, Zone Conference was great and strengthened my testimony on faith and the Restoration of the Church. 

Due to the fact that Elder Gergetz will be training a new missionary here in Lund, he stayed in Göteborg with the Zone Leaders there to head up to Stockholm the following day for the Trainer's meeting, so that meant that Elder Pack traveled back with Elder Dean and I and stayed with us for basically all of Friday. We had fun being a Tri-pan and ended up talking with a ton of people on the street and teaching more than normal together. We had thought the fact of three missionaries stopping people on the street would be a little too intimidating, but turns out that wasn't the case and we ended up meeting lots of cool people and got a couple phone numbers out of it. Almost felt like we were a group of college roommates at times haha! Elder Gergetz arrived safely back that night, and the following day Elder Dean and I did weekly planning and had a great lesson with our investigator Bert, making plans and setting goals for helping him overcome some of his addictions. We had the help of Stig with us and he provided great encouragement in the lesson. 

Sunday happened to be both the Lord's Day and my birthday; on a funny side note, I told President upon his calling me last night the fact that it was the Lord's day and he said that since my birthday fell on his day then I am right up there with him haha! Sacrament meeting was extra spiritual yesterday and great talks and musical numbers were given. Both Siv and Bert came to church, as well as some other unfamiliar faces which was great to see. After meetings, Elder Dean and I swung-by a few investigators, and visited the Sister's investigator Maria at the hospital and had a good visit there. I guess not the most exciting birthday, no special meals or cakes or anything, but it was a beautiful day and I felt good inside so that's what counts :)

In regards to transfer news (what you all have been waiting for), my time in Lund has come to a close and I will be headed back to the city of Stockholm to serve in the Gubbängen area as Zone Leader with Elder Weaver, son of beloved Elder Bradshaw. Elder Dean will be receiving one of my former companions, Elder Murri, and Elder Pack will be headed to Alingsås. The Sisters are doubling out, Sister Bourelle is going home to Canada, and Sister Weaver is spreading her wings to double-in and open a new Sister area in Eskilstuna. There will be a new set of Sister's doubling in to Lund, so no lose on missionaries here :). For those interested, Elder Johanson from my MTC group will be replacing Elder Bradshaw as the new Assistant to the President to be with the lovable Elder Halterman. I am both excited and nervous for what awaits in Gubbängen, and don't feel adequate at all for the new leadership responsibilities. I know however that the Lord will guide me if I work my hardest and ask Him for help. 

I love Lund so much, I am sad to leave this area. I have had unforgettable experiences here and my testimony has grown and been strengthened like never before. I feel clean and close to my Savior as I work here, and I hope that I will continue to be diligent in my new area. The Holy Ghost is so real I have no doubt about that. I have felt the love of Jesus Christ lift me up and fill me, and have felt a greater increase of love for others in the past twelve weeks. This work is divine and is led by the Master. May we all act in faith and take the needed steps to have the Spirit with us more abundantly in our lives. 

I love you all so much. Until next week...
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What happens when you leave a glass of chocolate milk in the freezer

Quick glance at Folkets Park, a small place near our house.

"Oh my Atlanta!" Elder Cragun!

YESSS! The old Umeå crew! Love these men so much! Special shout-out to Elder Bradshaw and Elder Luke who will be returning home from completing very honorable missions. Thanks for your service and safe travels!

Temporary Tri-pan from Friday

Lund Chapel. I will miss you.

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