Monday, October 3, 2016

SWEDEN WEEK 79: Welcome Back and Getting' Jacked

Tjabba allihopa! 

Well, I am back in STOCKHOLM! Feels super great to be back and see all the old and the new in Sweden's Capital. The week has gone by super fast and I am still trying to keep up with everything. My new companion, Elder Weaver, is a complete and total stud. He comes from North Ogden and is the oldest in his family as well. He loves hunting and anything outdoors, super awesome humor, and has a super ripped bod. Our apartment, nicknamed "The Treehouse", is equipped with a bench press and weight set-up and Elder Weaver has a couple bands and things as well, so needless to say morning workouts have been intense. Never had more fun working out in my life haha. 

Anyway, Monday and Tuesday was spent back in Lund; P-Day was spent hanging out with other missionaries in Malmö and getting Subway, then having FHE with the YSAs at the Institute Center. We were planned to have a lesson with Siv at a member's place on Tuesday, but Siv unfortunately couldn't find her way, so Elder Dean and I share a message with the members about recognizing the Spirit. I was a little bummed because that was going to be my last time seeing Siv, but I called her Wednesday morning and was able to say good-bye in the end. Other events of Tuesday was dinner with the Rönndahl family and the Sisters, and some last minute preparation things for transfers the following day.

Took a train up to Stockholm Wednesday afternoon with Elder Pärkka (good missionary friend going to be ZL in the Södertälje Zone), leaving Elder Dean behind to wait with Elder Richards until their companions arrived. Elder Pärkka and I had a fun train ride, getting to know each other better and studying scriptures together, so the four hour ride went fast. Arrived with all my bags to Stockholm Central and got picked up by Elder Weaver and the other set of Gubbängen Elders, Elder Muortonen and Elder Wilson, and we took my stuff back and had dinner. That evening we helped out with a program the ward does here called "Sträk ut din hand" (Reach out your Hand), where members go out and visit less-actives or other members in the ward. I went on splits with one of the counselors of the bishopric and we visited a new convert named Nassi who is a pro soccer player. Nice opportunity to meet the Bishop and some other ward members and get set off on the right foot.

Thursday through Saturday were pretty similar; Had a lesson or two set up and the rest of the time contacting or making calls. Sports Night on Thursday (remember that thing that we sometimes went to when I was in Stockholm?) was fun, still getting wrecked in Basketball though. Our District is full of awesome missionaries, bunch of new people for me to meet as well. Weekly Planning was good, set up some good goals for our companionship and talked about the area and the zone. Member dinner thrown in there with the Ternström family Friday night, super nice young family. Visited a member with special needs who lives at an assisted living place on Saturday. Also, we met with one of our investigators named Jeff. American guy who has a rough situation with family affairs right now, but has been exposed to Mormons his whole life and is at a point right now where he is very receptive to our message. He has lots of trust in Elder Weaver, and is deeply interested in learning more and in changing his life. 

This weekend was of course General Conference, which was super awesome! The Spirit warmed my soul continually as I listened to the inspired talks that were given. We watched the Saturday morning session Saturday evening at the Gubbängen Chapel, and Jeff came, and then watched the Priesthood and Saturday Afternoon sessions on Sunday at the Chapel. We then took Jeff along to dinner at a member's and watched the Sunday Morning that evening at the member's place as well. 

So many inspiring and insightful talks from this past Conference. I noticed themes around the power of the Book of Mormon, sincere prayer, the truthfulness of the Plan of Salvation, and ministering to others with the love that our Heavenly Father has. I am so grateful for living prophets in our day. I am grateful for the Holy Ghost which testified of truth to my heart and strengthened my testimony of this Church. I know that when we take our thoughts and questions to God in prayer with faith that we will receive, He will give us abundantly. 

Have a great week everyone! 

Mycket Kärlek!


Äldste Stefan Reed

Varma hälsningar från Sverige

Mailing Information

Elder Stefan Reed
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The awesome Bishopric in Lund

Couple of Pictures from Malmö. Note the Turning Torso in the first one

Couple of Pictures from Malmö

Yummy Yummy cake at the Rönndahls.

Snagging one last selfie before taking the train to Stockholm

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