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SWEDEN WEEK 82: Fairy Godmothers and Divine Help

Elder Weaver is a STUD and Elder Murtonen is okey, oh yeah, money

The above is courtesy of our dear Elder Murtonen who happens to be emailing on the computer adjacent to me. :) 


Hejsan hejsan! 

Things are going very well for Elder Weaver and I over here in Gubbängen. Lots of awesome experiences from going on splits with the Jakobsberg Elders as well as one of the Stockholm Elder companionships. Biggest news is that we finally got to meet with our investigator Hanna and set up a baptismal date with her for the 5th of November! The Lord takes care of his prepared children in the missionaries absence, that's for sure. Also, Jeff now has a baptismal date for the 19 of November. Plus, we meet a super positive guy from Chad that we are now teaching. As an extra extra bonus, Elder Weaver and I helped out with the technical set-up for Sisters Conference Wednesday morning in the Gubbängen chapel and then Elder Olson and I helped clean up afterwards with some other missionaries.  

Last Tuesday we had to take care of some miscellaneous things like renewing Elder Weaver's residency permit at the Migration Office and some administrative things, but we did get some good contacts in like meeting a couple from Kenya who took a Book of Mormon and a man named Divine who also took a Book of Mormon.

We went on companion exchanges with Elders Olson and Hatch on Wednesday, and Elder Olson and I had a good day here in Gubbängen swinging by some less-actives and doing a good bit of contacting, where we found the man from Chad named Dieudonné in Farsta. Dinner with the Arnegårds was upplifting and good too, as usual. The next day we ended the exchanges at the Jakobsberg districts District meeting, which was equally uplifting and spiritually uplifting. Elder Olson is doing a stand-up job as District Leader. The main event of Thursday was meeting Hanna (finally!) and getting that dop ("baptism" in Swedish) date. We were a little unsure of what exactly we would teach, but as soon as we asked her about the Book of Mormon and how it is going with reading, she told us that she knows it is true and that it gives her peace and comfort when she reads it. We checked what else she had been taught and came to the conclusion that she was definitely ready for baptism. We didn't even suggest the date, Hanna and her husband proposed it themselves. Hanna's gentle and slightly shy and timid nature just ebbs the Spirit, you can definitely tell that she has a strong faith and believe in this Gospel. 

This Friday we also went on Splits, this time with the Stockholm I Elders, Elder Larson and Elder Martineau. I went into Stockholm's area with Elder Martineau and had a total nostalgia trip, being back in my old stomping grounds. Elder Martineau has tons of greenie fire and moved fast, and we had a solid day. It was especially weird when we got back home and I flipped through their areabook, reading teaching records that I had written nearly a year and a half ago. Fun times, good memories. I came to the realization that I had been trying to deny that I really am pretty "old" in the mission. :) While I was away in Stockholm, Elder Larson and Elder Weaver met with Jeff and got a baptismal date with him as well as mentioned earlier. 

Elder Weaver and I reunited Saturday after some cleaning of both the Täby and Gubbängen chapels (got to see my old Bishop from Stockholm Ward and some other familiar faces), and had a lesson with the guy that Elder Olson and I met on Wednesday. So the whole story is that Elder Larson and Elder Weaver happened to run into him when they were on splits as well, and Dieudonné took that as a sign from God that he really needed to meet with us on Saturday like Elder Olson and I had arranged. We were able to get a new convert (Naasi) to follow with and we had one of the best First Lessons I have ever had with an investigator. Dieudonné came to church yesterday and loved it, and is eager to read from the Book of Mormon and strengthen his faith in Jesus Christ. 

Sunday was great, Hanna also came to church and Elder Wilson and I taught Dieudonné more about the organization of the church and the priesthood during Gospel Principles hour. Dinner at Pablo's was yummy, and overall it was an uplifting Sunday. 

I have been reminded of the scripture in Alma that talks about how "the Lord did pour out his Spirit on all the face of the land to prepare the minds of the children of men, or to prepare their hearts to receive the word" (Alma 16:16). I know that that is true, because the Lord has taken care of Hanna and has been preparing her for quite a while now, and has done the same with our new friend Dieudonné, who knows that the Lord has answered his prayers about where he can find His Church. Don't take for granted those opportunities that you feel the Spirit in your life. That power is real and is inspiring and guiding people all over the world. I am so grateful for the Holy Ghost. 

Have a great week and stay warm, wherever you may be!

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Our dapper Assistants getting ready to play the role of Butler during Sister's Conference Lunch

The Arnegårds and splits with Elder Olson

District meeting at the Clubhouse in the Office

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