Monday, October 31, 2016

SWEDEN WEEK 83: Splits Galore and Sacrament Epiphany

Hola amigos!

"Trick or Treat!"

Every week goes faster and faster, its insane. Superb week all in all. It felt like Elder Weaver and I were apart this past week due to going up to Borlänge to do workovers with Elder Baquedano and Elder Fawcett, then doing splits with our trusy troopers, Elder Murtonen and Elder Wilson here in Gubbängen. Things are just going really well and I am coming to terms with the fact that I am "old" in the mission. I guess struggling to stay awake in personal study despite following the morning schedule is a sign of that haha.

Lots of good things happened this past week. The four of us "Gubbie" elders went back to help the older couple in the ward with cleaning their apartment and got lots done there on Tuesday. We also have taught Dieudonné a couple more times this week as well, teaching him about the Gospel of Jesus Christ and the Plan of Salvation. Biggest concept that he struggles with right now is Priesthood and understanding that it is only this Church that has that authority. Other than that he is super willing to learn and meet, came to church again yesterday and has incredibly strong faith. We also have taught the man Jeff a couple times as well. He is now reading from the Book of Mormon an hour and a half each day! Sadly, hasn't shown up to church these past few weeks so that is the next step. 

Hanna is our shining star! Elder Olson from Jakobsberg interviewed her for her baptism last Friday and she so prepared and ready! Saturday is going to be a glorious day for her and for everyone else! Her quiet and humble demeanor just fills the room with the Spirit as soon as she speaks. The beautiful thing is that the language of the Spirit can be understood and felt by all.

Splits were fun this past week, I got some of my fellow brothers a lot better. In Borlänge, Elder Baquedano and I paired up and had good times doing a good contacting stund in Falun, then teaching two of their investigators that evening. Elder Baquedano hails from France, and has often been compared to Harry Potter due to his looks. Going on splits with Elder Wilson in our area was also equally rewarding. Its such a blessing to get to know someone better, because your love for that person increases greatly. Elder Wilson and I also had a good contacting stund and found a kid from Kenya who was very interested in getting a Book of Mormon. Elder Wilson is from Firestone, Colorado and is an experienced piano player and runner. Got lots of great reminders on diligence and boldness from both of those exchanges.

I have also been gaining some wonderful insights on members from all the district meetings that we have attended as well. Each member truly is precious and has different talents and skills that can be incorporated in this great work. I know I have much to work on when it comes to strengthening my relationship with the members in the units where I serve, and I also know that working together will accomplish miracles. Yesterday in sacrament meeting as I was listening to the talks and singing the hymns, I was really having a hard time tuning out the distractions of crying children and shuffling toys, the people sitting next to me fiddling with the translation headsets that weren't working, the speakers going over their allotted time, everything just seemed wrong in my head. Finally, as we sang the closing hymn, "Så rikt har du välsignat mig" ("Because I have been given much"), the Spirit reminded me that everything in the church is not perfect. We are all imperfect people. Everything will not always go according to plan or go just the way we want it. But that is the beauty of this Church; the beauty that we as Zion can perform this great and marvelous work with all our imperfections and human weaknesses. The Spirit once again filled my heart as the thoughts filled my head. I am grateful for that knowledge and grateful for a merciful and loving God. 

Have a great week everyone! Happy Halloween! 

Mycket Kärlek,

Äldste Stefan Reed

Varma hälsningar från Sverige

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Elder Stefan Reed
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Taking the train from Borlänge to Gävle

Went to the Mall of Scandinavia last Monday

Went to the Mall of Scandinavia last Monday

Oh no, Disney Store!

District meeting with the Uppsala/Gävle/Borlänge District

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