Monday, November 7, 2016

SWEDEN WEEK 84: Spiritual Fiesta and Early Winter

Beunos días! 

It has been a great week to end the transfer on! We had a wonderful baptismal service this past Saturday for Hanna, we are continuing to meet with Dieudonné and help him find an answer in regards to being baptized, and we were able to complete Stake Reports in a timely manner! It has been amazing to see how much the Lord has blessed Elder Weaver and I here in Gubbängen. 

In the way of news, Elder Weaver and I will be staying together for another five weeks (this transfer is a week shorter due to Christmas coming up shortly after), but sadly our beloved Finn, Elder Murtonen will be leaving the ranks and heading down south for the winter to the Helsingborg/Landskrona area. We are going to miss him a ton...Elder Wilson will be getting Elder Cotton, a fairly new Elder who is leaving his first area. Not a whole lot of big changes in terms of the mission overall either, pretty simple transfer this time around.

In the way of events, last P-Day we checked out the Natural History Museum over by the University with the other Elders and some other missionaries, as well as tried swinging by some less-actives but instead met a cool guy from Serbia named Nikola. 

Had some fun exchanges with the Gävle Elders this past Tuesday. I got to be with an Elder from my original MTC group, Elder Perkins, going out to do some good old tracting in Gävle. Gävle is a nice city, reminded me a little of Umeå and has that little Norrland feel just being farther north and all. Got to meet an Finnish woman who accepted a Book of Mormon from us. Due to snow in Stockholm and people running around on train tracks in Gävle, Elder Weaver and I faced some difficulty with travel, but we eventually made it back to Stockholm okay. That is another thing, SNOW IS HERE! Crazy to see that stuff again.

I got to have a cool teaching experience with Elder Wilson teaching some old investigators, a Colombian family who is looking for the truth and enjoy the teachings that the missionaries bring. They have investigated for 4 years now and are just wanting that perfect church experience and feel that haven't gotten it yet with our church. We taught the Restoration and answered some of their questions, and they definitely felt the Spirit. They are really positive and I am hoping the other Elders focus on them because they seem pretty prepared. 

Other events of the week were Stake Reports and getting final preparations ready for Hanna's baptism. We got to teach Dieudonné on Friday and watch the short Restoration movie with him as well as a Mormon message from Elder Holland on the Book of Mormon. Dieudonné has been reading through a ton of the Book of Mormon lately and is almost to Helaman. We also got to have a dinner with a Swedish non-member family and have some "English conversation" together. This was a return of a favor; the Mom had contacted us for help with her daughter's english assignment. We got to teach the Restoration to them and are planning to have continued contact with the Mom. 

Transfer calls went out on Saturday, little weird to be the one delivering the info to the other missionaries, and then after District Meeting and Elder Larson's Funeral, Elder Weaver and finished Stake Reports and had Hanna's baptismal service that evening. The service was conducted in Spanish by our Ward Mission Leader, Walter, and we had a good turnout by almost exclusively Latino-members. Dieudonné came too! Hanna loved it and many tears were shed. The confirmation yesterday also went well. So grateful that I could witness this process a little and see the beginning of Hanna's new life. A step closer to building an eternal family. 

The language of the Spirit can be understood by everyone. As Elijah experienced, it is "a still, small voice". The Lord loves all of his children and communicates that eternal love through the Holy Ghost. I am so glad that Hanna has received this gift, to guide her on her path back to Heavenly Father. 

Have a great week! 

Mycket Kärlek,

Äldste Stefan Reed

Varma hälsningar från Sverige

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Splits with Elder Perkins

First snow in Stockholm

Hanna's Baptism

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