Monday, November 14, 2016

SWEDEN WEEK 85: Apocalyptic Snow and Loving People

God eftermiddag mina damar och herrar! 

Winter has come early this year! That just means more julmust and pepparkakor sooner so I'm okay with that haha. It has been crazy over here with snow, however. Last Wednesday, Sweden got hit with TONS of snow, especially the greater Stockholm area, and America got hit with a new President. Crazy day! Elder Weaver and I are surviving and doing well and continuing to move on as always. Hanna is doing great, Dieudonné is still having a hard time accepting Priesthood and the decision to be baptized again, and new missionaries in the zone are awesome. 

Not a whole lot happened last Monday other than saying goodbye to some departing missionaries from the Zone at the YSA Center. We were able to meet with Jeff after a week and he is falling back into old habits, but doing okay. We had to drop his baptismal date due to different reasons, but are going to continue helping him and be good influences for him. He needs lots of temporal and spiritual help. Our dear Elder Murtonen took his train to Helsingborg on Tuesday morning, so we took Elder Wilson along with us for the morning and did studies and lunch together before heading to Stockholm C to pick up his new companion, Elder Cotton. Elder Weaver and I headed to Fisksätra and swung-by a couple of less-actives and later that evening did a over-the-phone Stake Report with our Stake President. 

Wednesday was the day of the Apocalypse. The snow came down the previous night and continued most of the day, shutting down tons of busses and delaying tons of trains. Elder Weaver and I helped out the outgoing and incoming missionaries at Stockholm C, and did our best to contact despite the weather. Swedes just seemed confused and panicked all day due to the results of the Presidential election and the amount of snow that was coming. The four of us Gubbängen Elders had to walk to a different train station in order to catch a train to get to Jorgé and Hanna's for dinner. We made it safely and had a great time with them, their family is doing awesome. They want us over every week from now on! Getting home was crazy for Elder Weaver and I; some of the tunnelbanas were delayed so their was a huge pile-up of people packed at one station waiting for trains to come. 

Thursday's plans didn't entirely turn out, but we did lots of contacting and topped it off with Sports night in the evening. Got to see one of my old comps, Elder Thacker, who is in Hägersten's area in Stockholm South now. District meeting with the new district on Friday; got a brand new missionary being trained named Elder Harris who is in the Stockholm area. Got to meet with Dieudonné as well but didn't turn out so well, but were are working with him. We got to have a great dinner with the Del Gaiso family Saturday night and learned how we can help the ward members more and got some great insights on things we can do. We were even able to give a blessing to the wife. Earlier that day we also ended up helping clean the church with Bro. Henretta, who was originally going to clean it all by himself due to the originally assigned family not being able to. Luckily we happened to stop by the church as he was in the process and were able to help him out. 

Normal day yesterday, Church as usual with some solid classes during second and third hour. Dieudonné came once again and we also had some other non-members that were there. The relief society put on a little fika afterwards and we were to talk to some members and clean up the dishes afterwards. Dinner at Pablo's with the Hägersten missionaries as well to end the evening. 

I ran into some awesome examples of faith in my study of the Book of Mormon recently. I noticed how both Abish and Aaron stretched forth their hands to raise King Lamoni's wife and King Lamoni's father, respectively. They didn't just ask God to lift raise them, but they acted in faith and stretched forth their hands because they had the faith that they could raise them back up. I pondered these stories and was strengthened by the knowledge that we can accomplish miracles as we act in faith. Give Alma 19 and 22 a read this week. 

May you all have a great week! Enjoy the fall weather those of you who can! Haha! 

Mycket Kärlek,


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The District of last transfer
Day of the Snow!

Day of the Snow!

Day of the Snow!

Walking to the Saltsjöbanan Wednesday evening

Packed like chickens at Skärmabrink

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