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SWEDEN WEEK 88: Personal Worth and Gratis Våfflor

God Jul allihopa!

It has been a week of growth for me personally, and I have learned lots of things and been reminded of much more. The week went pretty quick, did splits with the Assistants and Jakobsberg Elders, were part of a big kick-off activity at the YSA Center on Thursday to promote the Christmas Initiative, and got some good member dinners along the way. Things are going well for our new investigator Katrennada, and we got to show more members the Christmas Initiative video. 

Got to spend some time with some other missionaries last Monday browsing around shops in Gamla Stan, then later in the evening taught a guy who we thought was a non-member but turns out IS a member from Ethiopia. We also visited the Thijssen family and invited them to participate in #LightTheWorld. We went on splits with the Assistants on Tuesday and I went to the office to be with my good friend Elder Johanson. We had a good day contacting in Åkersberga and were able to teach one of their investigators, Margereta. 

Next day, we went on splits with the Jakobsberg Elders and I took Elder Black to Gubbängen. Elder Black arrived into the mission just a couple weeks back, so very fresh missionary but has the drive and the diligence. Had fun getting to know each other and contacting a ton in Södermalm and in Farsta. Also, had fun at dinner with the Del Gaisos, showed them the initiative, then went with our ward mission leader, Walter, and visited another family in the ward, spanish-speaking. Just one of those Spanish nights haha. 

Elder Weaver and I met back up at the Jakobsberg/Täby District meeting Thursday morning and learned some great ways to use the initiative more effectively in contacting. Also, it was Elder Halterman's "funeral", so it was fun being able to be in on that. The rest of the day consisted of the Christmas Initiative kick-off activity at the Center and then Sports Night. The activity went super well! A bunch of missionaries from our zone as well as from the Stockholm South zone got together and did a big contacting blitz trying to get people to come to the center and get some free waffles. The Halls (Stockholm YSA couple) and some other missionaries stayed at the center and welcomed the people we brought in as well as cooked the food and taught people about what we were doing and why. They had a nice set-up of tables and chairs and in the background played the LightTheWorld video on loop. Elder Weaver and I went hard in the paint, cheerfully inviting to get some free waffles to celebrate the World-wide Day of Service, and managed to find a tourist from Greece as well as a couple youths and a couple from Spain. A couple companionships were even able to get some potential investigators out of it. 

Had our normal District meeting with the Stockholm crew on Friday where we got even more ideas of how to spread the Christmas Initiative, then did some weekly planning back home and later taught Swedish to our friend Bro. Divine. Got to visit a lot of members on Saturday, first Jan in Fisksätra, then celebrated Bro. Morales Birthday at his family's place, and then went to the Arnegårds for the first time in a couple weeks due to their mini-vacation to the States, and even got Katrennada to come along! We were able to finish teaching her the Plan of Salvation and got some good testimonies from the Arnegårds to support us. We finished the evening by going to Farsta and ended up teaching two Persian teenagers, showing them the Initiative video, and getting their numbers. 

Sunday was different than the normal ones since our meeting block was bumped to 14.00 instead of the usual 11.00 due to Stockholm South Stake having their Stake Conference. Church went well, Dieudonné was able to come again and I was strengthened and upplifted by the testimonies of the members. Afterwards, we went to Pablo's for dinner and the Hägersten missionaries came bringing 6 non-member friends. It was a Turkish party! And that was the week! 

As I have been looking at the advent calendar each day and studying examples of how Christ served others in the New Testament in correlation to the theme of each day, I have felt a special closeness and comfort to my Savior. I have felt a greater love in my heart and my eyes have been more open to look for opportunities to serve each day. It doesn't cease to amaze me how personal the Savior was with all people, from the simple touch of his hand, to his willingness to bless and heal the one, to his submissiveness and humility towards the Father. 

"Take my yoke upon you, and learn of me; for I am meek and lowly in heart: and ye shall find rest unto your souls". (Matthew 11:29)

As we continue to help our fellow brothers and sisters this Christmas season, our own difficulties and burdens will be made lighter. I have already felt that peace as I have focused more on serving as the Master did. 

Have a wonderful week! Talk to you all again real soon! 

Mycket Kärlek,   


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Stockholm getting lit up for the season

Stockholm getting lit up for the season

World-wide Day of Service Kick-off Waffle Activity

World-wide Day of Service Kick-off Waffle Activity

Täby/Jakobsberg District (minus the POEs)

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